“I’ve read the screenplay,” Mr. Moore said. “It’s rubbish.”

As we get nearer and nearer to the release of V for Vendetta, some attention is being lavished by The Paper of Record that the creator of the story isn’t behind it. Alan Moore has been at odds with DC Comics for some time, as well as Marvel, and he’s let it be known that he’s having nothing to do with the movie. I still want to see the movie, and the trailer looks great, but this does give me pause.

I do find myself wondering how much of this is sour grapes, and how much of Moore’s opinion is unbiased. He’s never seemed particularly protective of his material, rather he almost seems to have a disdain for a lot of it. I remember hearing him say that The Killing Joke was not some of his best work, but if you’ve read it, you know it’s an incredible Batman/Joker story, if not the best.

For a bit more research on this, consider this video, and see and hear the man himself.

I’d like to close by saying that there is nothing this man can do to stop me from thinking he’s the greatest writer comics have ever known.


  1. My love for Mr. Moore knows no bounds, but I don’t think his opinion in this case is unbiased.

    Of course, every other adaption of his work has been crap, so…

    Regardless, I am really excited for this movie (I’m actually going to go see it!) and the early reviews have been quite good.

  2. Moore has done alot for comics, that being said his actions in the last decade or so have been that of being enigmatic, esoteric and aloof, just for the sake of being so. Personally I feel from what I have seen and the respected talent surrounding the project to call it trash out of the gate is unfair, especially from a guy who claims to not watch many movies. I’ll be there opening night despite what Jackson Poll… i mean Alan Moore has claimed.

  3. I think if you really ever listen to him speak, then it really takes the edge off the “image” of Alan Moore. He’s very interesting, and much more funny and gentle than he appears. He just really feels he’s been wronged by the major publishers, and he has a case for feeling that way. But he’s got that appearance, and that reputation, and it colors what he says, and the way his quotes read.

    There is an immense sense of humor in his works which is often overlooked, and it helps to keep that in mind when considering his comments.

    I’m going to read Killing Joke again very soon I think.

  4. I didn’t think that ‘From Hell’ was too bad. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a decent film. I have to admit to only watching it once and while wrapping Christmas presents, but it made the 2 hours go by pleasantly.

    As for Alan Moore, he comes across to me a little like Harlan Ellison, he is outspoken and tends to polarize people as love him or hate him regarding his personality (his work stand on it’s own usually).

    When you add in the fact that comics are by and large work for hire and were even moreso in Moore’s heyday then it just stokes his fire that his work and characters arent his to control, I can understand the frustration, but it is what it is. As someone who has worked his whole life for a corporation that owns everything I’ve done I know the feeling, but I could have gone out on my own too, to more risk. You take the good with the bad.

  5. From Hell, wasn’t bad, but it was only remotely related to Moore’s work. It selectively used bits of Moore’s ideas, but not a lot. It was OK. I bought it, and I’ve watched it a few times, but it’s hardly the tour de force of the graphic novel.

    I admit, I’ve never seen LEOG, but I don’t think I’m missing anything.

    I hope Watchmen never gets made.

  6. LOEG is not very good. No, not very good at all.

  7. I just managed to make time to watch the mini-doc all the way through, and did anyone else see that part about his script?!?

    The man is a mad mad genius.

  8. What was the project Moore did for, I believe Marvel, that was mentioned on the podcast a while back that wasn’t picked up? It’s one of his long treatment scripts

  9. Twilight of the Superheroes, actually for DC.


    this will lead you to the actual proposal, but has lots of information.

  10. Alright, I saw it, and I’ll make a mention on the podcast. Briefly, they made some changes to the story which I don’t particularly mind. I think they got one thing quite wrong, but they did get the look of the V mask very right.

  11. talk about V for Vendetta here: