It’s Official: Bryan Singer to Direct ‘X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past’

A quick update to the story that broke last week: Bryan Singer has officially signed a deal to direct X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past.

He had previously been serving as just a producer of the film with director Matthew Vaughn set to return to direct the sequel to the excellent X-Men: First Class. But then Vaughn dropped out and now Singer is back directing the latest film in the series that he helped kick off in 2000.


  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That works.

    • Yea they picked the second best man for the job (it could be FAR worse).
      Still a little annoyed that Matthew Vaughn directed two of my top 5 superhero films of all time and won’t be doing EITHER of the sequels but hey-ho.

  2. Yea!

  3. YES!!!!!!!

  4. Gotta say, pretty disappointed with this. I find Singer to be a pretty boring filmmaker (X1, X2 and Superman Returnzzzzzzz….). My excitement for this film has definitely decreased.

  5. Avatar photo brettthemonster (@brettthemonster) says:

    X2 was great, but X1 was boring. Pretty bummed about this whole thing. Vaughn is a much more exciting director. Oh well. It has to be better than The Last Stand.

  6. singer and fassbender what’s not to like.

    people seem to forget he directed The Usual Suspects.

  7. Big fan of X1, X2 and of course The Usual Suspects.

  8. YAAAAAAY! Let’s all get drunk tonight in celebration!

  9. I loved most of Vaughn’s films but First Class was rough. I am perplexed by the love for that film.

    • I gotta agree with Cronin. It’s not a bad movie but apart from Fassbender Nazi hunting I didn’t think there was a whole lot to like (or dislike) about the movie.

  10. With the time travel involved, how cool would it be if McKellen and Fassbender got to share a quick scene?

  11. nooooo

  12. In the last 6 months I had the misfortune of watching X-men, X-2, Superman Returns and Valkryie once again. The rose tinted spectacles have well and truly been shattered. Really unimpressed. He does have a writing credit for First Class which I enjoyed in parts but other than that I’m less than impressed.

  13. Well, I thought that X-Men, X-2 & Valkyrie were enjoyable, well made films.

    I agree, Superman Returns wasn’t all that but c’mon, this is the guy who made ‘The Usual Suspects’.

    I suspect those less than impressed or otherwise will be lining up to see this film, regardless.

  14. Well now I’m pumped for this movie. This guy should have stayed as director in the first place for all the X-Men movies. He was busy with the show House but if he just decided not to do ‘Superman Returns’ he could have done X3 and it might not have been such a train wreck. I know people loved the first ‘First Class’ movie but I bet it would have been much better if Singer got a chance to direct it. (He hasn’t done any directing in the last 3-4 years so he could have done that movie too)

  15. Days of Future Past will work far better here; as part of the purely mutant driven world of the films; than the X-Men comic books. While the X-writers traditionally act as if the mutant books are their own separate world and continuity; the fact remains that they exist in the broader Marvel universe. Meaning that all relevant powered humans have been killed or subjugated. A world largely ‘wiped free’ of meta-humans would be conquered by Skrulls, pissed off Shi’ar, or just plain eaten by Galactus about thirty seconds after the bulk of mutants were killed or imprisoned.

  16. Bryan Singer can make good films if someone else does the writing. “The Usual Suspects” is good, but overrated, and I don’t think Singer wrote it. “Valkyrie” is an excellent, underrated movie that I don’t think Singer wrote. Quite frankly, I found “X1” to be cheesy and “X2” was only a bit better. Evidently, good Hollywood screenwriters have been reluctant to lend their talents to the “disreputable” genre of superhero movies. Marvel had a difficult time finding an established writer to take on “Iron Man,” according to the “behind the scenes” video to “The Avengers” blue-ray. I think the possible material rewards of superhero flicks now attract better writers, so let’s hope someone talented writes a script for Singer’s next X-Men movie.

  17. I thought X1 was great, especially given the budget. It’s easy to overlook now, but they had the incredibly daunting task of bringing Wolverine to live action, and they absolutely killed it. The guy has the goofiest hair and costume, and they made it cool somehow.

    It was not a perfect movie by anymeans, but they did so many things right….Prof X, Magneto, Wolvie…even Rogue, who was heavily retooled, were fantastic representations of their comic character counterparts.

    And when they got bigger budgets, they blew the doors off w/ X2.

    I’m excited.

    Yes, Superman Returns was horrible, but it was BIG horrible…It’s like Iron Chef…You can make a nice meatloaf, but that ain’t gonna win it. The squid in lemongrass sauce could taste like shit, but that will win over timid anyday. GO BIG, and he did…

  18. I want The X-Men properties away from Bryan Singer/Fox and in the rightful hands of Marvel Studios. But until that happens, I’ll see the movies with a mild, distant interest. Because this is all we’re gonna get for a long time, and it’s better than nothing.

    When it comes to these five (soon to be seven) films, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, X2, and First Class are only the best things about a weakly executed, narrow minded, and flawed franchise. This material has the potential for game-changing superhero filmmaking.

    • Especially funny that you mention that just after the deal with Lucas Films estimated at 4 billions. I know that Star Wars has a humongous potential for return on investment but Disney could easily shed the dough and buy back all the franchises from Fox and Sony to revert everything to Marvel Studios.

      Then we could have Spidey and the Avengers and Wolverine like it should be…

    • @KillTheG1mp: Considering the Raimi Spider-Man films made almost almost a billion dollars EACH just in theatrical release, Disney would need a lot more than 4 billion to buy back all those rights.

    • And it’s not like Marvel loses money if Sony or Fox put them out…they still rake in cash. I’d love to see them back with Marvel as well, but there is just no incentive to buy them back.

    • @bub648822: Make no mistake, Marvel would LOVE to get those rights back. The money they make from the license fee versus owning the movie and participating the profits does not even come close to being comparable.

  19. I think this is a much better choice, x1 and x2 were much better than first class.

  20. I’m with Ron Richards. X-Men and X2 were good, but “those aren’t my X-Men.” When everything in an X-Men movie is grey…or white…or silver, it doesn’t really have any real resonance with the characters from the books. I am not a purist. They want to change things form the comics that’s fine. X-Men: First Class may not have been perfect, but it felt like “MY X-men,” the ones I read in comics in the 90s, the ones in that first Saturday morning cartoon (not counting the pilot done by the G.I. Guys). The first X-men movies were simply overly-sterile feeling to me. I am not happy about this news.

  21. His jumping of X-3 and his SNORE on Superman has left me less than enthusiastic for this turn of events. I mean we’re stuck with this now, we have to go along with it, but where as prior I was psyched to see this on opening night, now I can wait a week or two or even for Netflix. Sorry, I don’t feel the love for this compromise.