Clearly They’re Going for the Addiction Angle: Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.

Thanks to Derek for the tip.

And now, as if we could stop it, discuss. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a great choice. He’s super screwed up but he can act his ass off, and even though I don’t necessarily see it right off, I’m a big fan of the guy, so I’ll go with it.


  1. Robert Downey Jr. is a fantastic actor. His versatility is totally underrated and I have enjoyed watching him in just about every film he has done, even the stupid ones. I’m just not sure he’s Tony Stark. That’s not to say I am panning the choice, it’s just not a name I expected to see attached to this role. My eyebrow is raised in an intrigued fashion, is what I’m saying.

    Now I am really curious to see if Tony Stark is going to be an addict in this film. I doubt it, but it’s an interesting layer considering Downey Jr.’s personal history.

  2. This guy is Tony Stark. Except for the not being a billionaire industrialist. Good choice.

  3. Robert Downey JR would totally sell out Captain America.

    He’s a brilliant actor. It’s a great choice.

  4. i like downey jr. more than tom cruise and i think that was the rumor a few years ago

  5. This is the best news I’ve heard about this movie. I wouldn’t have thought about this choice, but it makes sense. It’s really the only time besides casting Bale as Batman that they chose an ACTOR to play the part of the super-hero. This bodes well… or at least better than Jack Black as Green Lantern.

    I’m a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan and this is brilliant casting

  7. You need to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    BRILLIANT performances from Downey Jr. and Crazy Val Kilmer.

  8. This could turn out to be an inspired choice. He’ll be great as Tony Stark, and though I have some trouble picturing the action stuff from Downey, it’s really moot: when he’s Iron Man it’s all about the armor anyway.

    This could end up being really good–I think Iron Man could translate better into film than most superheroes, since it’s so tech-based. F/X are an organic part of any Iron Man story, really, so it won’t seem incongruent to the story or sore-thumb-y.

  9. I like him, but I don’t like it. I have a hard time un-gaying him in my mind.

  10. Dude – check out “Two Girls and a Guy” – amazing performance by Downey where both his girlfriends catch him (they don’t know about each other)

    great flick.

  11. I actually think Marvel was thinking Tom Cruise for Iron Man, take a look at the Warren Ellis/Adi Granov series from way back (the ones that took forever to get out). Maybe it was just for inspiration o maybe it was just before Cruise became Crazy Man.

  12. I shall netflix it.

  13. This makes me more excited than favreau (sp?)as director. it took about 30 secs to picture downey jr in a boardroom scene, kicking ceo ass, then jump cut to a bendis virtual reality armor interior. half closed eyes rolling from screen, jacked into the suit. and as long as favreau makes the armor that flat granov/mcniven synthetic look, i will be happy. looking VERY forward to it. keep our flawed marvel characters miserable until they put on their hoods.

  14. I totally agree with you Conor. I just saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I loved it. Really interesting things done in that movie. Just loved the dialogue. Although, I think that his best role was in Wonderboys. Love that movie.

    Anyways, I think he’s an amazing actor and I’m really excited about him and Faverau on this.

  15. When I read this last night I got very excited. He’s a great actor. This is going to be awesome!

    Another movie he was really good in, and very ungay, was “Good Night, and Good Luck”.

  16. I was gonna mention Wonderboys as well. I think it’s my favorite movie he’s in. As well as Michael Douglas’ best, and Holmes-bot.

  17. Ooh ooh, I forgot about Goodnight and Good Luck. He kicked the ass in that.

    You know what, I bet Downey would have been a really good choice for the Joker.

  18. The H man is back in the US(SR)…. I like Robert Downey. He’s a good actor. BUT, he’s not what I picture Toney Stark looking like. His features are to round. Puffy cheecks, roundish noes, doe-boy eyes. I would prefer someone with chiseled, heroic fetures (like me; just kidding). I’m sure his acting wont be a shortfall. Eric Bana? Maybe some unknown. The guy who played the punisher?

  19. Although, he won’t have any difficulty identifying with the whole “recovering alcoholic” thing.

  20. This is great, RDJ was my number one choice for the role, he was great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Scanner Darkly (which i think have been his last two films?) so hopefully Iron Man will continue in that vein.

  21. Cool!!! I guess I sort of see Conor’s point but, its an awesome idea!!!

    Glad to see so many of you warm to the idea of Downey in IM’s role. Finally this is starting to gather steam for me. Gave a rats ass before, now Im craving to see Downey tear that role apart. This will be… his vindication… or something.

    You know who needs a nice villian or hero role?

    Edward Norton……he would kill in any Marvel role…..any!

  22. “Edward Norton……he would kill in any Marvel role…..any!”

    Especially Layla Miller.

    There were a lot of people saying Ed Norton would be good as Tony Stark… I can kinda see that, but I much prefer RDJ, he has the right personality for it.

    And people have been mentioning the alcaholism quite a lot (Understandable since Downey Jr. is known for being heavy drug user, now supposedly clean) although Favreau (noone knows how to spell it!) has announced that they will not be covering the alcaholism angle in the film.

  23. I think that Robert Downey Jr would make a much better Wonder Woman than Iron Man.

  24. TVGuide talk has an amusing podcast, not IFANBOY quality but pretty good. They were horrified by the choice for some practical reasons. First, good luck building a franchise around a guy who’s track record for being clean is….not so great. And second, imagine the insurance costs on Downey.

  25. you don’t make history without taking some risks…

  26. Edward Norton would’ve been the Greatest Daredevil….But nooooooooo, they had to pick Ben Affleck.

  27. Ooh, that’s interesting. Ever since Daredevil came out, I’ve been thinking (every once in a while… not, like, every day) “Ben Affleck is an awful choice for DD… but who would be better? Hmmm,” and never coming up with anyone.

  28. Some pictures from the set have leaked out: