It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Queer!

Okay, like it says in this Los Angeles Times article (registration required), Superman is not gay, but he’s definitely becoming a symbol to many in the gay community. If not, what’s he doing on the cover of The Advocate?

While I’m not necessarily trying to court controversy, this kind of thing always sends shockwaves through the traditionalists on the internet message boards. To me, the subversion of popular culture is always the best way to get your message across, and I have no doubt that Warner Bros. knew what it was doing when it handed the reins to Bryan Singer, especially after the social undertones you could sense in the first two X-Men films. I do think that, in this social and political climate, this idea could kill a movie with this kind of press. More likely however, those who disagree will simply ignore the press and enjoy the movie, regardless of subtext.


  1. A hysterical site, it’s not porn, it’s images of Superman, being a jerk.

    As far as the story goes, I’m just going to enjoy the movie. Overtones, Undertones, Supertones, whatever. I think this will be a great film.

  2. Supertones.

  3. Superman has always been a bit of an outsider, I remember reading that Siegel and Shuster thought of him as the ultimate immigrant. Where people go wrong I think is embracing the alien in his nature, the outsider. Superman is not the alien in us, he’s the best in us. The way some immigrants try to be more Americans than Americans, like voting when they become citizens 🙂

  4. I fall in the “simply ignore the press and enjoy the movie, regardless of subtext.” croud

  5. This is my opnion of the press. Every time i see/hear them do a story about something i know intamitly They always get something wrong. It may be just some minor detale to most , but it leads me to believe that maybe everything they do storys on is at liest a little off.

  6. Wow. Everyone on this board is so cool. I can’t wait for this movie and I only PRAY that it is better than X3. It broke my heart just a little that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as X1 and X2. I’m couting on Singer to pull out all the stops for Superman. The trailers give me goosebumps!