Isotope/iFanboy Events Are Kind of a Big Deal


We wanted to make sure everyone knew about the iFanboy/Isotope/Dave Johnson Tiki Tour on April 2nd.

And why not promote the 100 Proof Hex Party while we're at it on April 3rd.


For more on WonderCon festivities, go here.


  1. Josh, don’t bother with this foolishness.  You’ve already regaled us with april foollery……..haven’t you?

  2. Wait I didn’t know Mark Millar was promoting your party….

  3. I’m moving to San Francisco so I can attend this.

  4. What’s the rent running you on the Moon based billboard?  More or less than Times Square?  (Is that Times Square?  If so, how the hell does that Red Lobster stay in business?)  Additional semi-rhetorical question?

  5. Wish I could afford to go to wondercon. oh well.

  6. is that obama in a fashion ad?

  7. @Gramercy Dude I think you are right