Isotope Mini Comic Award Goes to… ‘Quick Step’ by Max Riffner

This is a little overdue, but hey we’re busy. This past Saturday The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics was awarded to Max Riffner for Quick Step.

Always an exciting event, I stopped by the store hours before the award ceremony and the energy was already gaining momentum. Some of the iFanboy faithful attended the party and the awards ceremony and confirmed it was indeed the comics event of the year so far.

You can read Quick Step, buy it and read about Max’s experience over on his site. Congrats Max!
It can be said now officially that with Mouse Guard the upcoming Mice Templar and now Quick Step, Mice are the new Zombies.


  1. I was there and it was a blast. The two previous winners of the award were also there and super cool. Quick step sold out before the night was over so I didn’t get a copy which was very sad but my buddy, I expect more soberish, found some book for me to buy. The next morning it turned out to be a small Nightwing trade by Dixon and McDaniel that I’d never even heard of. Isotope never ceases to amaze.

    Also for those of you wondering what the store looks like I just found out it’s actually drawn into one of the Losers books, the part where they’re in San Francisco I don’t remember exactly when that happens.

  2. I had a look at Quick Step on the site, just thought I would glace at the winning entry… and read the whole thing (well, it’s not that loong). Nice book! I can’t argue with two things, and are high on my agenda of things:

    1) Mice, here, there and everywhere. Mice are not just for books on the Holocaust, it’s nice to see people getting over a conceptual hurdle I don’t think Spiegelman ever intended. More Mice! Mouse Guard, Dancing Mice…but I’m biased. Many of my best friends are mice, and boy can that mouse dance in Quick Step!
    2) Dancing with a partner — Another wonderful thing. Quick Step really get’s to that point in a wonderful way. Another conceptual hurdle we need to get over — dancing two by two!

  3. I sent them a comic I drew years ago. How do I know if they got it? If they hated it?

  4. Dave – just email James at: – tell him you’re an iFanboy member and I’m sure he’ll be glad to get back to you with his thoughts…