Ink Panthers Live w/ Josh Flanagan Sunday, August 22

If you're in New York City, come out of the LIVE Ink Panthers show at Bergen Street. Comics this sunday, August 22 from 11AM-2PM.  Sure, cartoonists Mike Dawson (Freddie and Me, Ace Face) and Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison, Too Cool to be Forgotten) will be there joined by Josh Flanagan (me), but there will also muffins and mimosas. 

Are you not familiar with the Ink Panthers Podcast?  This is a terrible tragedy.  Mike and Alex host one of the funniest podcasts out there, and shunning expectations, almost never talk about comics.  But you wont' miss them. 

Sunday, we've got some special guests planned, and if all goes well, you might even have a laugh or two. 

For more on the incredible Bergen Street. Comics, check out their website. They're located at 470 Bergen st. Brooklyn, NY 11217

You can also follow Ink Panthers, Alex, and Mike on twitter.  Bergen Street Comics too!


  1. Looking forward to this! Plus, a great excuse for anyone in the area who hasn’t been there yet to check out Bergen Street Comics! My LCS, a fantastic shop, and Tom, Amy, and Tucker are awesome.

  2. Josh is looking a little Paul Krugman-esque in that photo.

  3. I really wish I was coming out for this. It should be a lot of fun! The Ink Panthers podcast has been a favorite of mine for a while.

    Man, I wish southwestern Ohio was closer to Brooklyn. 

  4. @zenman – Accusing him of looking like an economist. What a horrible insult.

  5. This Fanther will be missing it (going to be away). TIPS is really funny, and one of the highlights of my week.

  6. I was going to say that Josh looked Paul Giamatti-esque in that photo. Seems better than an economist.

  7. I read the "Live" the wrong way and thought it was nice that Josh was taking in a homeless band. Needless to say I also misinterpreted what "Ink Panthers" were also

  8. I love Josh’s look of fatherly contempt.


    "Alright kids, that’s quite enough. Knock it off."

  9. I’m sorry but…..oh man that is a funny picture of Josh.

  10. I would go to this, it’s a great podcast, but I live on the other side of the country, damn.

  11. Im a very sad Fanther, because I cant make the show. I live all the way in Illinois. 🙁