Incognito: Bad Influences #1 has a Supremely Badass Variant Cover

Incognito is coming back, with Incognito: Bad Influences #1 in October.  If this variant cover by Sean Phillips doesn't wow you, then you've been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid, because this right here? This is the business.


  1. That is incredible.

  2. Perfect. THATS A LOT OF CENTS!

  3. That. Is. Amazing. Love it.

  4. OK, that’s floopin’ cool.

  5. Now thats a great comic cover. Its refreshing to see someone design type on a comics cover without all the amateur-hour special effects.

    Does each comic come pre-distressed? OMG that would obliterate the world of THAT GUY at the comic shop who looks through the whole stack for the one mint gem and be the ultimate in revenge for everyone else who has to wait on said guy to pull your comics. =)

  6. Awesome.

  7. I want to go to there!

  8. is that the Hood? can the hood be in this book? or is that not the hood? i need these questions answered

  9. hahaha, that is freaking awesome.  So cool.

  10. Dang!

  11. @Roi: I was going to say the same thing! I totally thought that was the Hood. Great cover!

  12. This is a beauty!

  13. This may be the first time I give in and by a pricy variant!

  14. oen of the things i love about Phillps work, and this, for me at least, dates back all the way to his time on Uncanny, was the amount of character he could put on someones face. You wouldn’t even have to read the bubble to get what was going on, how the character really felt. this character is wearing a hood (is it the hood? it’s an icon book right?) and you can still make out his clenched teeth, and you can tell what’s going on with him.

  15. This is great. I haven’t bought many variants, but I plan on seeking this one out.

  16. This is Lazarus. It says so on the cover. 

    The character design is pretty much the same as about 100 other pulpy characters. 

  17. @Andrew: I was thinking the same, but I have decided to pray to the comics gods that Incognito gets the same hc treatment that Criminal got and adds the variants. Please gods!

  18. Damn, I despise variants (speculators still suck), but this one is SWEEEEET.

  19. Very cool, been waiting for Incognito to return!

  20. The only think that would make this issue better was if those rips were real and if each page of the comic was yellowed.

  21. Drool!!!

  22. That is one amazing cover. I’ve never asked for a variant in my life but this week that changes; getting my order in early

  23. Very very cool!

  24. That is gorgeous. I love it. Reminds me of the 100+ covers of the Doc Savage pulps.

  25. If "The Hood" was in this, I would read it.

    Alas, it is some other near identical Hood.

  26. Is Bendis writing this with the Red Hood involved?

    Joking aside, gorgeous looking cover.

  27. Oh, please release the Sean Phillips cover collection. PLEASE! Also, rlease this as a poster.

    I will give credit, once again, to the unsung hero of the book, Val Staples. The colors on these books have been fantastic.

  28. Yes, yes, and more yes!

  29. That is truly badass. 

  30. This will be the first time I make a special order for a variant cover. That is just too good.

  31. Well, now I guess I should go and read the first series.

  32. hey, i just re-read incogneto last night… in bed… with a lovely cup of tea.

     But anyway, yeah, that is  Lazarus and if you don’t remember Zack and Xender from the original series were weren’t twin but actually clones of that dude. 

  33. I like how it has 350 cents.

  34. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more pulp.

  35. I just read the first trade and it was awesome! Can’t wait to read this one in issues.

  36. Love this cover, not a fan of the title. Idk is Incognito worth trying again?

  37. @SpiderTitan

    Reread the series.

    I think most people found it better on reread. 

  38. Oh, man. My knees are shaking.

  39. I will be picking up this pulp.