In the footsteps of ‘Buffy’ comes ‘Angel: Season 6’

This should come as no surprise, but hot off the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 from Dark Horse Comics, comes the 6th season of Angel, in comics form, published by IDW.

Due to publish in November, Ain’t it Cool News has a 5 page preview to check out.

This should be welcomed with open arms by fans of the show, of which I was not. Not that I didn’t like it per se’, but I just never watched. Conor did, so maybe he’ll like this. But while Buffy has been successful in comics, I wonder if Angel will be as successful? Probably not, but any success in comics, even small, is usually something to be proud of.

Meanwhile, is it just me or is Joss Whedon getting very comfortable in comics these days?


  1. I was introduced to Angel in a peculiar way. The first episode I ever watched was the two part series finale. It was the same year I started watching Smallville and Angel followed it on the WB. I had watched the Smallville finale and kept the television on in the background while I did the dishes. At the time the second part, the finale episode, aired I made sure the dishes were done so the show had my complete attention. It was fantastic. Finally, a television show got how to write an ending to its story.

    It has been my experience that television shows tell the worse endings. Maybe it is because news that the show is ending arrives too abruptly for resolution to all plot to develop or because a lot of shows go on long after they have “jumped the shark.” I don’t know what it is, but a lot of the finales to my favorite shows have been very disappointing. Not Angel. I wasn’t even a fan of the show when it wrapped up, but the beat it ended on sat very well with me. Even though I had never seen a previous episode I knew what the whole series was about and there was no need to go further in the story. Things resolved as well as it could for those characters and it wasn’t a forced happy ending. I immediately sought out the rest of the series.

    When I heard that following the success of Buffy Season Eight, they were going to produce an Angel Season Six I had mixed feelings. On the one side it was such a satisfying ending that I would hate to have that mucked up by a less than satisfying comic book take on the characters. On the other hand, if there is another scene produced beyond the finale in the television series, I must see it. So, to conclude, I can’t wait to read this comic!

    One question- I am assuming that Angel Season Six takes place a year ahead of Buffy Season Eight. Is that right? I doubt there is going to be a crossover in the near future, but I wonder if the books are going to reflect events that take place in the other books. I feel like the even
    ts in Angel would echo around the Buffyverse.

  2. Looks awesome! Can’t wait for this one! It’s better than watching Bones, that’s for sure. And for sure Whedon couldn’t do any Angel TV-movies with the level of special effects that would be required to continue the story.

  3. I’m all over it.

  4. I’m in, of course. Inner monologue is kinda weird for Angel.

    I miss Wesley. And Fred. And Cordy. God…

    Great, now I’m sad.

    Whedon giveth, taketh away, and giveth s’more.

  5. I think Buffy fast forwarded a year and a half so they could interact.

  6. This is awesome. Now all we need is a Firefly comic and were set!!

  7. A Firefly comic would open up the possibility of Bendis writing himself, which would be weird in a “non-Forture and Glory” sense.

  8. Sounds great. I’ve only seen season 1 on Angel, though so I won’t be reading it any time soon.

  9. See, I loved these shows, but I’m going nowhere near this one. I thought the ending of Angel was perfect, and I liked each character exactly where they left it. Any more would ruin it. In fact, I daresay this was the show that taught me that sometimes liking a show means wanting it to end instead of going on forever.

    Why I don’t feel the same way about Buffy, I have no idea.

  10. I feel the same way Jimski. For me, the situation in the Angel series always seemed to be finite one. It felt like, this is just his time away from Buffy. As good as it was, it was just an extension of Buffy’s universe, and they did wrap it up well. Buffy the series kind of left me feeling like that can’t be it. The comic confirms it, things could only have grown from there.

    Whedon is a champ though. I love that starting with Firefly, his works have found a way to survive using other mediums.

  11. It’s funny – I think you guys might be right. At first I was really looking forward to this series, but that final scene for Angel was absolutely perfect…

    I dunno, I might want to just leave it there.