In November… Avengers vs. Thunderbolts!

This is why we can't have nice things. Always with the fighting, these people.


  1. who drew this? steve rogers looks like a slightly blond version of cable lol

  2. I wish they would wait a little longer to have a meeting of these two teams. Don’t get me wrong though. I will definitely be picking this up. I’m loving Thunderbolts. I think it’s one of my top 5 books.

  3. It bugs me that the title doesn’t sync up with the characters.

  4. This should be a lot of fun. I just read the last two issues of Thunderbolts and it was a blast to read.

    Wonder if this is a crossover, a single issue of either series, or a mini? 

  5. @TNC  This smells of crossover.

  6. They should have had Luke Cage in the middle punching himself in the face and groin.

  7. I’m actually rooting for the Thunderbolts here.  I’ve had enough of these pesky Avengers.  Hopefully it’s just a story in Thunderbolts rather than a crossover.  I won’t be buying any Avengers comics.

  8. @wang – It kinda looks like Pasqual Ferry, a little…

  9. These two teams have a long history of "vs." crossovers.  The first time was during the first year of the Thunderbolts title.

  10. YAWN …

  11. Will read it. don’t spect to be amaze by it.

  12. Why?

  13. Sweet the classic team-ups/fights between these two teams are back. I’m pumped.

  14. Steve versus Crossbones…I’m there.

  15. Don’t have CrossBones firing on the promo if he’s gonna miss from that range!

  16. @conor: thanks for stealing my joke. This should be rife with conflict. The returned fighting their killers.

  17. The Thunderbolts team has just been established, this is to quick or shit’s  gonna hit the fan like next month. WTF?!  I should forget about character building arcs in this series.

  18. I think it’s Greg Land

  19. I’m pretty sure its Kev Walker the artist on Thunderbolts, he has been killling it lately.

  20. Dam. I am not reading avengers, and I have no plans to read it. So i guess if its a cross over I will only be getting half the story.

  21. Damn I get annoyed when there’s just a picture but now creative listing. How will I know if i want to be excited about this!?

  22. I’m guessing this is related to the rumor that Thunderbolts is being "cancelled" soon. Probably a move similar to what happend with (Agents of) Atlas; the main series was cancelled and/or put on hiatus while the "-Vs. X-Men/Avengers" (and Hercules backup stories) were being published.

  23. If Thunderbolts is cancelled I will be furious, it’s just about the only thing Marvel is doing right now that I completely love. Didn’t Ifanboy just have up who the next artist is going to be on Thunderbolts and the first printing sold out of the first issue of the new run? 

  24. Well, it is Jeff Parker. That guy’s like Kevorkian when it comes to series.

  25. Of course his teammates fight. Why else would they put him on two teams? 😛

  26. Great Art — but, like Wingman said — that is the worst Steve Rogers I have ever seen.

  27. Flipped through a few Thunderbolts and I can’t get over Kev Walker’s pencils. I’ll definitely be picking this up in trade.

  28. There’s a checklist somewhere. New Thunderbolts lineup? Fight with Avengers.

  29. They’ll kiss and make as always.

  30. Also is Cap Asian in that drawing? 

  31. Is Thunderbolts ending? I can’t find either Thunderbolts or New Avengers on Marvel’s subscription page! o.0

    What awesome re-numbering do they have in store for next month?