Video: Image Founders Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Easily one of the highlights of the San Diego Comic-Con this year was the panel on Friday morning that featured all 7 original founders of Image Comics, for the first time, like ever. And now you can watch it on YouTube! Ah, the internet!

Watch as they sit awkwardly! Listen to Todd MacFarlane babble! Hear Erik Larsen simply speak! Learn about what While Portacio brought to the table with Photoshop. See Marc Silvestri make awkward jokes about Jim Lee and Todd MacFarlane! Gawk at Rob Liefeld. And Jim Valentino was there too.

Seriously though, this is completely worth the watch – it was the best panel I attended. The tension was palpable and whether you like Image or any of the comics these guys did, what they did with forming this company was the single most important event of the ’90s for comics and its fascinating to hear what they have to say about it.


  1. I was hoping someone would post some audio of this. This is SOO much better.