Image Comics Releases Their Own App for iPhone, iPad, and Touch

Today Image Comics announced the release of their new app, dedicated solely to Image Comics, including the imprints Top Cow, Shadowline, and Skybound, Robert Kirkman's new imprint.  With the right digital device, you can read Chew, Savage Dragon, and even Paul Grist's Jack Staff.  Many of these titles, most notably Kirkman's hits Walking Dead and Invincible have been available for a long time on the regular comiXology service, but now they're in the dedicated app. There are also around 30 free comics for your downloading and reading pleasure available right now, so you can do plenty of sampling.

The comiXology app is damn near ubiquitous at this point, as they've produced apps for Marvel, DC, BOOM!, and even a special Scott Pilgrim app.  For the most part, the books on these apps aren't exclusive, so you can find them in some other places as well.  The Top Cow books, for example, on the Image app are available in most of the other digital apps as well, as discussed by publisher Filip Sablik in the latest Taste of Comics podcast, including, our parent company.  So while it looks like game, set, match for comiXology, it's still very early in the game, and even as a bystander, it's really interesting to watch. 

An interesting facet of the Image app, as opposed to the others is that Image books are all creator owned.  The terms of when things are released, and how close they are to the actual day and date retail releases seem like they can be more fluid.  It's much less complicated than it is with DC and Marvel.  If an Image book isn't selling in retail stores, there's nothing to stop them from bringing it to the digital platform, because they only have profit to gain.  I can't imagine this is anything but good for current and potential Image creators.

One that that's clear, in the months since I've had my iPad, is that reading comics on an iPad is a glorious experience.  For one thing, carrying a stack of comics when traveling is a lot of weight per your entertainment minute.  A heavy backpack full of issues or trades is a pain to lug around, but a single device, that's just wonderful. Plus, you can plug your headphones into the iPad and it's just you, music, and comics.  That's the case with any of the comic apps.  My experiences over the last few months have completely sold me on this method of consumption, and I don't think there's much turning back.


  1. Where’s the Android love?  If I recall correctly, recent news indicates that Android growth rates put them on pace to absolutely dwarf the iPhone install base in the very near future.

    I plan on buying an Android phone next week and would love to grab a bunch of comics apps (not to mention a Revision3 app @RON), but there aren’t many on the platform. 

  2. It’s got a hidden early McKelvie gem in it written by Image publisher Eric Stephenson called Long Hot Summer.  I found this at Fanexpo last year and really enjoyed it. 

    Quite surprised to have seen it in the app though.

  3. @stuchlach speaking from experience, reading comics on a phone isn’t the same experience as it is with the ipad. I’ve tried to read my comics on the comixology app with my iphone, and it just pales in comparision to the Ipad. To echo Josh’s thoughts, the ipad is an amazing device for reading comics. I find myself much more absorbed in the comic when I’m reading it on the ipad. I think there’s something about being able to just flick the screen to turn to the next page or panel.

     Good stuff. Hoping Image adopts day and date digital releases.

  4. @stuclach If the Android apps are going to actually support Flash, you can possibly read them through their web interface.

    Everything but the Marvel books are at for purchase and reading.

  5. I agree. I love reading comics on my Ipad.

  6. @RocketRacoon and @gobo – Thanks for the responses.  I plan on buying a tablet next year (after competition drives up the quality a bit).  I’ll check out

    I’m eager for to show up on Android, too. 

  7. Had the Ipad for a few weeks and absolutely love it. More comics please. 

  8. Does anyone know if the Comixology app has the same stock as the dedicated image/marvel/dc/boom apps?

    Ideally I would like to have all of my comics in the one app, rather than have to jump around three or four different apps.  

  9. @gavestmor

    It does. Just get the sole Comixology app. 

  10. @stulach– They have some good readers for Android but your biggest hurdle is the screen size. I tried the ACV reader that gets stuff from Robot Comics (seems to have lots of obscure IDW stuff) and its a pretty solid free app. The only real problem is that it has to zoom you through each panel because of the screen size. Because of the way Android is designed, you have to install each comic as an app on your phone’s internal storage and not your memory card, which takes up a HUGE amount of space(3-6 mbs per comic), so you’re forced to read and delete. 

    Overall comics on my android was a fun one time experiment that really isn’t good enough for a long term solution for me. When i get my iPad in the next few months i suspect i’ll only read new comics that way and save print for collections and trades.