I’m Not Entirely Comfortable with Wearing a Death Threat

But I can admit it’s funny, and well done, and I’m sure the man has a good sense of humor, but I don’t think I can roll in the Dan DiDio Must Die apparel. However, were I forced to choose, I’d probably go for the ringer with his full head.

Thanks to Vito for the tip.

There’s a level of fandom that’s going too far, and I say this as a dude who does two weekly comic book based shows, and has a superhero tattoo. But, for some reason, wearing the face of a comic book publisher seems like too much. Unless you work in the DC offices (or even Marvel really), you’re just looking at a day filled with “Who’s Dan DiDio?”, followed by what will surely be an unfulfilling explanation, and finally a dismissive, puzzled ending to the conversation.

But I must just be too self aware.


  1. Not to mention it’s in horrible taste.

  2. Pardon me for my ignorance– I’ve only been back in comics for a fairly short time (9 months or so)– but what exactly is the beef that these t-shirt wearers have with Didio? Is it one specific complaint?

  3. I guess I should have been more explanatory. Part of the campaign for the Countdown series was a teaser image of “Jimmy Olsen must Die,” referring to the impending demise of a character we’ve know for decades. But who is, we’re discovering, newly irritating.

  4. This shirt is in bad taste, but I think when my iFanboy/intern t-shirt arrives (which I ordered last week) I will probably get similar reactions.

    This is how I see it going:

    What’s iFanboy?

    An awesoome comic book podcast I listen to every week–and they do a cool video podcast weekly.

    [weird look] Why does it say ‘INTERN’ on the back?

    Because there is this guy who works with them Gordon Strain, and see, he’s their intern, and he does funny promos for their sponsors, and goes to comic cons and does shots with booth babes…

    Booth Babes?

    The girls at comic-cons that where revealing clothing to attract guys in to the booth for whatever comic or movie they are promoting. They dress like a sexy alien or Snowwhite…

    Why am I friends with you?

    [end scene]

    This doesn’t mean I won’t wear the shirt proudly and regularly, but I think the line between this and the Didio shirts isn’t that far.

  5. Please, Josh. Never again should the phrases “Dan Didio” and “full head” be so very close together.

    I saw some similar merchandise aimed at Bendis (and very close to his area at Artist Alley too) when I was at WWPhilly.

  6. Steve, I can hardly disagree with you. But fear not. I figure we’ll be internationally famous within 2-3 months. After that, it’s only a headline-making cocaine fueled tirade away from lifelong infamy.

    But you’ll never have to explain who we are, and the shirt will be worth money.

  7. Yes soon iFanboy will be so famous that everyone will be wearing the shirts and whenever someone has the nerve to even asked “What is iFanboy”….they will be quickly laughed out of the circle and be excommunicated from their friends. They might even loose their job…finding their desk moved further away each day they arrive at work. Similiar to that guy in Office Space.

  8. We all patiently count the days until the trinity of comics goes Lohan!

  9. Well that means they would be coked out of their brains….act really stupid….and flash their private regions all over the place. They will surely be classier than Lohan….maybe they can go the path of the Downey Jr…..cocaine and hookers. My heroes!

  10. Clearly we’re subjecting Lohan to the double standard of gender. We give her a harder time for the same transgressions as Robert Downey Jr. and Scott Weiland before her. Just saying.

    Now Paris Hilton…I mean, at least Lohan has some talent, if for nothing other than Mean Girls and various SNL appearances.

    Maybe I’ll just leak my sex tape now….

  11. Hmm I won’t lie…I might download your sex tape. As long as Conor and Ron don’t make an apperance.

  12. Someone has a crush on Josh 🙂 Or Gordon 😀

  13. Ooh no no no. Not a crush on Josh or Gordon. I like women to much for that.

    However I am jealous of Gordon and his uncanny ability to attract booth babes.

  14. One good reason to wear the iFanboy intern shirt (booth babes) They come with the job.

  15. I don’t think it’s in bad taste if it’s done for fun and the guy who’s the shirt’s subject has been repeatedly photographed smiling with the shirt and quoted as finding it quite humorous.

  16. Oh man, is that funny or what? What a great parody of the infamous Countdown teaser from last year.

    You guys should do a shirt with Gordon the Intern and booth babes, spoofing the Mary Marvel teaser linked here:


    That would be awesome.

  17. Well Didio doesn’t seem to mind it.


  18. The funny thing about this is that when Arond Comics had Dan Didio on their show during Chicago it seemed like he thought it was funny.

  19. Just for the record, that headline was supposed to be slightly sarcastic. I would assume more legal action would follow had it been a real threat.

    Talking and writing are a difficult separation sometimes.

  20. Guess my “iFanboys Defiant” tee is out, huh?

    I do like the “emo kid” tee down on the bottom of that page. Emo kids are soooo funny.

  21. Got my iFanboy t-shirt today–weirding people out with it at work tomorrow!!

  22. Hopefully they won’t make you start going to get lunch and making copies.

  23. Just had my first, “What is iFanboy and why does it say intern?” Yeah, baby!!

  24. How did you reply? Serious or sarcastic?

  25. I gave him a serious reply and then want on to recommend “American Born Chinese” based on the last vid-cast. His wife was born and raised China, he speaks fluent Mandarin, and is moving there in a year.

    Anyway, I used it as an opportunity to convert him to comics.

  26. strong move.