I’m Actually Going to Buy ‘X-Men’

Yes, it’s true. My respect for Mike Carey is such that I’m going to do something I thought I wouldn’t ever do again. I’m going to give X-Men a try. When Mike Carey takes over X-Men in with issue #188, I’ll be on board. I don’t know how long it will last, and I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I’m down.

I might even give Brubaker’s Uncanny a shot as well.

I’ve never been able to stick to the X titles, mostly because I don’t know who the hell anyone is. I jumped on last time when Morrison and Casey took over, but that only lasted a few months until I was sufficiently confused. I figured the I’ve got a shot with Carey not knowing enough continuity that he’ll rely too heavily on the past. Brubaker makes me a little more nervous because he tends to use the pieces of the universe a little more so, referring more to past events that I don’t know about.

What really spurred me on was that today I went to the comic shop, and I only had two books. I looked around as much as I could to find some more books to read, but I couldn’t find anything. I found myself really wishing for more good quality titles that weren’t already 22 issues in.

What do X fans think of this?


  1. not that anyone cares what I think – but I’m excited as all hell – because I just realized today, after reading Adjectiveless X-Men, that the books are as bad as they were when Lobdell was writing them. Milligan may be great at whatever the hell else he used to do, but he’s been awful on X-Men. And while I have loads of respect for Claremont, even I can concede that its no longer 1985.

    Brubaker has impressed on X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Carey is the unknown quantity here, but hey, if I lived through Chuck Austen, I can live through him.

  2. God, I’m not an X-fan. I haven’t bought a book outside the Ultimates line for any mutant in years.

    What is it about Carey that gives you hope?

  3. Carey is not an unknown quantity! I’ve been reading Lucifer for 70 issues, and Hellblazer for nearly as long. He’s an excellent excellent intelligent writer. He’s also exceptionally consistent. To put him in the same sentence as Chuck Austen is just uncalled for.

  4. I have read exactly 2 issues that Mike Carey have written, the recent Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover called X-4.
    It wasn’t anything to write home about.

    he may have been good on Hellblazer for you and others etc – but to me: unknown quantity.

  5. I am with Josh. I will be giving the X-books a try again on the strength of Brubaker and Carey. But if editorial constraints prove to handcuff the writing, I’ll drop right back out.

  6. I liked Carey’s work on the Ultimate stuff. And I am a HUGE Lucifer fan as well. I’ve not caught any of the Hellblazer stuff, but I’ve heard Josh’s comments on the site and his PotW podcast a few weeks ago.

    I kinda like how both Marvel and Dc are mixing up creative teams a bit — as long as they don’t overdo it.

    There are certain creators — writers especially — that need to be on a book for years and years. For example, Waid’s run on “Flash”, Johns run on “Flash”, Loeb on Superman/Batman, Giffen on JL(whatever — I,A,U,E), BMB and so forth. They bring things out early, then there’s a payoff much later in the series that brings continuity and such to a book.

    Then others, like say Claremont and Miller, who nowadays, need to stick with minis. I mean, I loved Claremont’s early work, but he just ain’t got it anymore. Miller’s Sin City and early Batman and DD stuff = great. All Star Batman, if it were an ongoing, would suck. As a mini, it’s cool.

    I hope Bruebaker isn’t just a mini-type guy for X-Men. I like how they are spinning off of his Deadly Genesis arc in Uncanny when he takes over.

    Carey, if they keep him on the book long enough, I think will really bring some depth and really good, solid storytelling to X-Men. (And by the way, they have to give that book an new name. I am SO tired of the “Adjectiveless” crap.)

  7. What’s wrong with just calling it X-Men?

    You’re right about long runs. Brubaker doesn’t do super long runs, but like a year or two. Give a guy like Carey 3-5 years, and he’ll show you something.

    You’ve got good points all about short run guys, as opposed to long long run Bendis, and the like.

  8. Oh, I don’t really have a problem with just calling it X-Men. I just don’t like calling it “Adjectiveless” X-Men. I mean, If some one says something about the X-Men book, I know what they are talking about. There is Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and X-Men. Not “Adjectiveless” X-Men.


  9. Here’s an interview I did with Mike Carey a few years back. I note he gave the same picture to Newsarama recently.


  10. Mmmmmmmmm. I might have to look.