iFanboy Video Returns on 12.2.09

As discussed on episode #209 of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, we're proud to announce that the iFanboy video show will be returning to the Internet on December 2, 2009!

We want to thank everyone for their patience while we took some time off and we're excited to bring back the iFanboy video show for all of you to enjoy.  We've got some great ideas for the show and some great comics to discuss and show you.

We'll see you in a few weeks!




  1. I thought it was going to be a much longer wait.  I’m super excited.  This is my favorite show on TV (?).

  2. Can’t wait! I’ve been enjoying the "reprints" though.

  3. must. contain. excitement.

    This is how i discovered you guys. With bated breath I await.

  4. 23 Days 2 Hours 9 Minutes and 40 Seconds?

    But I want it now!

  5. I don’t want to say about time, but I just finished watching every episode about 5 times now. 😐

  6. Yay

  7. is it going to be the statue shopping show?!

  8. Coming back 2 days before my birthday? You guys DO care!

  9. Awesome, I’ve been playing catch up on the video show and only have a few eps left so good news to me, I was starting to wonder what I was going to watch during my lunch breaks.

  10. Hahah I love the countdown widget. So awesome.

  11. Great. A countdown clock. I guess we actually have to do this.

  12. I think I can find the button somewhere to shut it down.  It should be riiiiiight here.

    There, now we– Oh, fuck.


  13. awwwww hell yeah!

  14. I demand some more Jeff Lemire, Brian Wood, stuff on Ellis’ avatar stuff would be cool. More on Locke & Key (keep it up!) and lots n lots of graphic novels that no one may have heard of otherwise.

  15. There’s Orange Soda all over my screen now because josh made me spit it all out.

    Thanks for making my night 🙂

  16. A new Vertigo podcast would be good cos of all the good stuff there lately. 

  17. 23 days until we hear bitching about it being better before the break.

  18. If we are anything, we are remarkably, indubitably, the same, for all time.

  19. Well Iam glad Y’all took a break from your video show because you guys deserved it! The one thing I enjoy on your podcasts and video shows is your guys banter it’s great 🙂 

  20. any hint on what the first show will be about?

  21. Apparently this year Christmas is December 2nd

  22. Sweet!

  23. Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanuka comes early to iFanboy!

  24. Festivus for the rest of us!

    Awesome news. Looking forward to having the video show back. 

  25. Just when I got used to Bucky as Cap, too.

  26. Fantastic!

    So when does Paul get his own weekly short-form show?  I’d pay to see more of his antics.  

  27. I looked at the title and thought, ‘…not till February’. Then figured it out. Welcome back you crazy Americans. I’m looking forward to some new shows.

  28. Wait… Who’s turning 18?  Is it Miley Cyrus?

  29. Yay! Videos! I like videos!

  30. Great News!!!  Thanks guys for the LONGGGGGGGGGG awaited return of the iFanboy video podcast.



  31. Woot. can’t wait.

  32. Sounds great.  I really thought that there wouldn’t be a new one until 2010 so this is very exciting news.


  34. @reg5000-My apologies for forgetting those that celebrate Festivus.  I meant no offense to you and your people

  35. To steal one from my 3-year old’s hero, Spongebob…VICTORY SCREECH… 





  36. Shit ya!

  37. OMG. Still have to wait for 22 more days… ='( At least you guys are back before Xmas. Wish it happened on my birthday. =(

  38. @Josh and Conor – Are you guys gonna pull a fast one on us, as in come back for one episode then go back on break till next year? 

  39. @ShaunR I believe that’s called pulling an All-Star Batman, and I wouldn’t worry.  Josh and Conor are twice the professionals Jim Lee and Frank Miller are, at least at this stage in their careers.

  40. Awesome news! I bet we all look forward to your return.

  41. Thank Goodness! I hate to admit it, but that show keeps me reading comics, a weekly reminder of how awesome the industry is. I just don’t read enough comics to stay in the know with the PotW show. Can’t wait! Hope you enjoyed your break!

  42. Finally some new material!  There’s only so many times you can touch yourself while watching the Miracleman episode.

  43. @ultimatehoratio ummmmm….. t.m.i.

  44. @SteenAR

    Not interested in the video I made then?

  45. Did you guys get the DIY robot I FedEx’d you in the crate marked "Thrilling new co-host?" I know you nixed it at the meeting, but all I’ve gotten for Easter over the past 25 years are Erector sets. 

    And snack-sized Mounds bars. Gross.  

  46. iFanbot FTW!

    Mounds FTL! 

  47. That first week of December is going to be the best week of the year for me. 1st is my birthday and the new Ricky Gervais audiobook. 2nd is iFanboy Video Podcast’s return. 3rd is when Where the Wild Things Are/Zombieland are released here. And that whole week is the last week of semester. EPIC.

  48. Finally

  49. what? no reprint?

  50. Don’t call it a comeback, you’ve been here for years!

  51. @Miyamato- I already hate the new episodes.

    I was also expecting a much longer wait, hope you guys were ablt to get a couple restful weeks. Rest: running Murmur, this site, and your lives. Ahhh vacation.

  52. Uhm…

  53. *click"


  54. yes, we get to see Ron, Josh and Conor back in Technicolor.

  55. missed you guys so much

  56. You know, some could argue that, time wise, we’ve actually put out more actual content since the video show went on break. There were a bung load of audio podcasts.

  57. Glad to hear it. To be honest, I haven’t been to the site nearly as much since the video shows stopped. I still go to itunes and download the audio show regularly, but the vid shows kept me coming to the site itself more. 

  58. YES! its official since Ron flew to NY. That means they got like 5-8 episodes in the can 🙂

  59. So will it be a Return, rebirth or something zombie themed when it comes back?

  60. oh joy

  61. I suppose the Netflix and Godaddy ads weren’t bringing in any money, otherwise you could not have afforded to have such a long break for the show. Or the audience size is pretty small.  Sad.

  62. We’re all forgetting the one important question:

    Will Gordon come back?

  63. I think Sonia should be on the show at some point she’s a stunner and she’s a comic book fan!

  64. @JLA1 – and that british accent is SEXY!

  65. Can we get a new intro? I realize the audacity of asking for one, but we’ve kinda had the same low-res one for a while. Just up rez it, switch the titles in it (add some Chew and Criminal), and I’ll be happy.

  66. I was thinking of starting to watch these podcasts. Is #209 a good jumping on point?

  67. Every Ifanboy episode/podcast is good Hailscott.


    Still 8 days left, I’m tired of waiting:P
    I vote for a new intro too btw.

  68. @radjack: while that was meant to be a joke, I do appreciate the response! 🙂

  69. XD Sorry, I’m kinda new here (I’m a long time viewer though) so I thought you were really asking:P


    Hey it’s the internet, we all ask dumb question (and answers in my case)…

  70. haha!

  71. Only two more days!

  72. it’s almost time!

  73. come on, i can’t wait to see how much weight you’ve put on

  74. oh good, someone else is watching the counter in anticipation