A Look Back at Day 1 of the iFanboy Video Show

In lieu of a column I haven’t had time to write today, I give you this.

I stumbled across this picture of Ron, Conor and myself from the day of the very first video shoot we did, taping episode #1, “Five”.

Things were simpler then.


  1. I love how it looks like your each off in your own little world. 

    Ahh, good times I’m sure.

  2. Josh, damn man you always look so young without your beard

  3. Said part is, I have most of those books now.  that was an awesome episode


    Ron’s sideburns are still the same.  HOW MANY YEARS RON!

  4. sad*

  5. Tomorrow I want a picture of a great big ifanboy hug.  



  6. Shiiiiiiiiiit…

    u guys been at this for a while now…

    Can I have a job?

  7. It seems like yesterday that I watched that first episode a million times to procrastinate on my school work at college… good times

  8. subtract rest, add scruff. points for sideburn stability.

  9. I mourn the loss of cookies.

  10. Ron has had the sideburns since what? Dylan’s first appearence in 1991?

  11. Sideburns are a life long commitment

  12. Ron’s married?

  13. Hey don’t beat yourselves up, I don’t see a lot of difference aside from facial hair. And your gain/loss of beards could easily be covered in a pictoral of my life from one week to another. 🙂

  14. @Heroville– No. Ron’s a member of the Sinestro Corps.

  15. This video is how I discovered iFanboy.  I was still reeling from the loss of Geekdrome and "what’s this? A new comic book show on Revision 3?!?"  I was immediatley hooked.

  16. Any chance we could get a "Five" show with Jimski, Paul, Sonia, and/or Mike?

  17. Wow you guys look virtually the same as you did all those years ago.

    Although your wardrobe seem to have changed slightly over the years.

  18. @Tork – That would involve a hell of a budget and some painful logistics.

  19. @Tork – Not a video version at least.  

  20. What, it’s not like you guys look like Spock after he reset the dilithium in "Wrath of Khan" these days.

  21. @Josh-Couldn’t you just use holograms?

  22. You all basically look the same.. except you look like you got more sleep back then.

  23. That’s… let’s see… St. Louis, L.A., San Fran, and Philly?

    We could always use Ron’s transporter, I guess.

    Or have some kind of Ustream Clusterfumble Extravaganza.

    Anyway, it’s irrelevant; no lens is wide enough to capture me in my current state. Related: corn chips are DELICIOUS.

  24. Okay, just asking.

  25. @Jimski: Hooked on Doritos Hot Wings/Blue Cheese chips like me eh?

  26. My personal favorite trinity you guys make me smile!!

  27. It’s simplier times, but the video show make a huge impact on a lot of us. Your video podcast made me rejuvenate my interest in comics. There are many other things that the show had made an impact for me, but it’s a long list so i won’t list them here. You guys are still the #1 podcast I must listen to on my subscribe list. You guys beat out, diggnation, TRS, 1up podcasts, Twit network and cnet stuff! Keep this going guys, there are plenty of stuff to talk about every week.

  28. Now I remember why I kept saying I was scared to talk to Ron. His sideburns. It feels like I’m talking to Logan.

    @josh: As for the Five with the others. Is video conferencing cost a lot of money?

  29. i put that episode on constantly. i love it.

  30. I have to admit though, I miss Two T-Shirt Josh.

  31. can you still fit in those jeans Josh?

  32. The secret of how they get together for the show still needs to be answered… 

  33. Those aren’t jeans. And yes.

    I’m still a 2 shirt guy, man!  It’s just that dressing like JD from Scrubs isn’t as hip as it once was!

  34. I often roll with the three T-shirt look, but it hasn’t caught on.  Maybe the shirts should be different colors?  I’ll work on that.

    Anyway, I second the request for a top five list from the contributers (Jimski, Sonia, Paul, Mike, Mr. Dini??, and anyone else who is willing to share).

  35. haha wow you guys look so young!!

  36. Simpler, yes. 

    But were they better?


  37. Better is a relative term.

    Generally, things are better now though.  The shows certainly are.

  38. How do you guys solve the logistics of your normal shows, both the podcast and the video podcast, with Ron in San Fran and connor and josh in New York?

    P.S. What happened to the iFanboy Minis?

  39. nothing about Scrubs was ever hip.

  40. @AlanRob: We stopped doing the iFanboy Minis.  Info about it can be found here.

  41. Not even the Charlie Brown one?

  42. I remember watching this video for the first time. When was this? January of 07. Have I been listening to this podcast for that long?

  43. Aww! How cute 🙂

  44. Who’s apartment is this?  And I’ve always wanted to see the rest of those background paintings… the ones where we can only see the feet… any way that could happen? 

  45. It’s my place.  As for seeing the rest of the paintings… it’s possible some day.

  46. Is that… Animal Man up top?  Was that Conor’s original pick before Alias booted it off?

  47. Aww