iFanboy User Reviews Represent!

You may have been expecting our regular Letters Column today, but we decided to go in a different direction, you know, mix things up a bit.

So it’s been a couple of weeks and we’re delighted at how many of you have welcomed and embraced the new iFanboy.com. The biggest addition to the site and then one we’re super psyched about is the ability for YOU, the iFanbase and iFanboy Faithful being able to come here and share your thoughts on the comic books that we all love. By going to the comics section, pulling the comics you’ve bought and then coming back and rating and reviewing the books, you can join in on the fun.

So many of you have been reviewing comics, we realized that aside from the 2 spots on the homepage, it’s kinda hard to find the, so while we work on that, we wanted to point out some of the great reviews and users who have been using the site!

Leland222 was just as excited for Echo #1 as I was, giving the story a 4 and the art a 4.
“Excuse me while I cheer about Terry Moore already writing and drawing a new book. (He cheers and dances. Then returns to desk.) Echo is a great first issue.

Read the entire review >

Random checks in with some brutal honestyfor the latest chapter of the Dark Tower series, giving issue #1’s story a 1 and the art a 1:
“I have to say The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home and its predecessor before it Gunslinger Born are terrible comics. They are highly produced (some might say over produced) and polished but they fail in some of the basics.”

Read the entire review >

Neb finally gave Powers a shot, and gave issue #8 5s across the board:
“This issue reminds me what it is I love about this series. As you read through the pages, through the dialogue, it’s easy to see that this book is a labor of love…”

Ohcaroline gave Cable #1 a read, giving it the story a 2 and the art a 3 and a mixed review:
“I’ve been pretty curious about this book, and, after Issue 1. . .I’m still curious.There’s a lot of potentially interesting material to explore here with Cable…”

These are just a few of the awesome reviews that have been written by you, the iFanboy community, so head over to the comics section and click on some of those reviews and read what everyone had to say about their books. Or if you’re adventurous – write a review of one (or more) of the comics you read this week!


  1. Hey, awesome!  Too cool to have one of my reviews gracing the front page of the site.  I think this might make a cool new weekly feature that could complement the letters section.  It would be nice to find a way to highlight all the kick ass reviews that the users do each week.  Some people are just rockin’ me with their thoughts, and have really made me question picking up some more books.

    See, this is why I love this site. 

  2. Neb and Ohcaroline have been posting some quality reviews. Yeah.

  3. Nice one.
    I’ve enjoyed the few embarassed mentions of the top pulls on the audio show. It’s interesting to get a less familiar perspective.

  4. Siiiigh.

    I remember before you guys were in USA Today. In the days where Josh was hesitant to call us the iFanbase. Now look at you guys, throwing it around left and right. Ha.

    I giggle everytime. "iFanclub". What was I thinking.

  5. it was quite a strange feeling to come home from dinner, sign onto ifanboy and see leland222 on the homepage.  thanks for the thrill 🙂

  6. Oh, thank you!

    I have really been enjoying this feature.  It’s really fun to see such a wide sample of buzz/reaction, and generally to get a broader spectrum of what people are talking about. 

  7. Ya, I just wanted so say I’ve been really enjoying the user reviews as well.  It’s great to see multiple reviews and takes on comics in one site. Keep up the great work guys!

  8. The reviews have been very helpful seeing as how I’ve become the thrifty consumer. If I’m on the fence about a title I’ll read a couple of reviews to help me decide. If i deem the title unworthy of my dollar I can read the spoiler versions to stay in the loop. After all, you can’t buy everything.

  9. Hey, I want to give a shout out to Tork, who wrote a really kick ass review for Green Lantern #28.  Everyone interested should definitely give it a read through.

  10. Tork’s got some love coming, don’t you worry.

  11. I totally agree with the ability for us to write reviews.  I love getting a chance to write some for a change.  Great to see that you guys put a shout out to some of us writing reviews.

  12. Something I just thought of for reviews is that it would be pretty cool to get an email when someone comments on one of our reviews.  I like feedback, even if it is someone telling me I’m full of shit.

  13. This might sound really daft, but how do you actually submit a review. I look at the comics I’ve added to my Pulls, that I’ve rated, and that I’ve commented on. But can’t seem to find any review option. What am I missing?

  14. @the swordisdrawn~  If you click on the your comics link, it will take you to your pull list.  With each book, there’s an option that says "Write a Review" (it’s usually in, what could be considered, the bottom right hand corner).  Click that, type away, and then click submit.  That’ll post it on the site. 

  15. Done worry swordsman it took me about half and hour to find that link myself.  Now I spam the hell out of the front page with reviews… I mean I don’t spam the front page I would never do that

  16. wow was I drunk when I posted that.  MY R GRMMER GUT!