iFanboy Upstarts: Edwin Huang

Some people in comics find their breakout moment after years of doing smaller work, but this week’s iFanboy Upstarts found his breakout moment when the original artist couldn’t keep on with a series.

New York-based artist Edwin Haung‘s first published comic work was in a pin-up for a 2009 issue of Voltron by Devil’s Due, but he got his real start when Jim Zubkavich reached out to him to work on a concept that he started as a short inn Image’s Popgun anthology that was being turned into a full-fledged story.The original artist of the anthology stories, Chris Steven, was unable to produce a full issue every month like a Skullkickers series would, so Huang came in for what turned out to be a chance of a lifetime. Fast forward to the present day and Huang is still hard at work as the regular artist for Skullkickers, while also doing a number of pin-ups, covers and commissions.

Although he’s known in comics almost exclusively for Skullkickers, Huang has done a diverse array of other work in his free time, from samples for Street Fighter comics to several illustrations for the wrestling organization WWE. Look over these works and tell us what you think!


  1. The upcoming Skullkickers re-boot: The Uncanny Skullkickers and the accompanying Huang cover had me laughing, great satire.

  2. Thanks so much for showcasing this great work! I love the street fighter portrait w/ Dhalsim serving the ladies. This is beautiful stuff. It reminds me a bit of Joe Mad’s work, but with it’s own distinct feel.

    Keep up the good work, Edwin!