iFanboy Presents… The San Diego Comic-Con 2006 Video

91x17-digg-standard-button.gifIf you’re a loyal iFanboy reader and listener, you may have picked up on a few hints as to what we’ve been up to recently. Finally, we’re proud to present to you — the very first iFanboy video:

iFanboy at the San Diego Comic Con 2006!
Running Time: 00:31:17

You can download it directly: (right click and choose “save as…”)


  1. Thanks for making this Ipod friendly. I’ll be watching this tonight on the exercise bike.

  2. I could just sit and watch you guys for 20 minutes straight saying “Naruto”. That was great.


  3. patrick “TJ” gilmore


    that was great…you guys did awesome

  4. haha, the joe casey gag was good.

  5. Nice video, makes me really wnat to go to the Con next year. To bad its so far from the UK.

  6. Genius. Comic genius…and so much good info too. I feel like I was really there.

    Thank iFanboy for making this…

  7. now I love Kirkman a little more.

  8. the real world bit was priceless, especially the background music. its awesome u guys got to talk to joss and grant, those are my two favorite writers at the moment.

  9. For the rest of Paul Dini’s life he is going to be thinking, “What WAS I doing that day?”

    Great video.

  10. I was so entertained by the video. I spilled my coffee, was laughing so hard. I was at the con all five days too, so I know where you guys where coming from on being so tired.
    Best part� Real World Comic Con�. Lisa Lobe� Comedy genius.
    Showed this to lots of people at work, all want to go next year now.
    Keep up the great work!!

  11. FANTASTIC! I’ll be sure to plug it this week on my show – tremendous video editing. Now I feel like I was at San Diego!

  12. Great job on the whole production! Totally entertaining.

  13. Guys, all I can say is that I take off my hat and raise my glass to you!!! Excellent job!

  14. Really. I’m impressed to no end.
    Goddamn, this is good. I’m watching it on my television with the ipod hooked up to it. Ron’s sideburns are about a foot long.

  15. Wow I almost fell of my chair I was laughing so much. Great job guys.

  16. All this time and I had no idea Josh was actually sixteen. Crazy. Way to go, Josh.

  17. NARRRRRRRUTO for life!!!!! (roll that R!) Dattebayo!

    Seriously, that series is like crack cocaine… I can’t stop watching.

  18. Tell Joe Casey the next time you bug him, his interview with you has made a sale.

    Whendon interviewed ROCKED. Awesome job, guys. Even though his arms are folded, he leans in a lot. Sign of a good interivew.

    “What is this line for?” – that’s my favorite segment.

    YAY! Klingons! Klingons crack me up.

    Why does the Joker have a British accent?

    *snickers* It’s Paul Dini with a sock monkey.

    Dang! Bryan Singer! Nice snag. I am impressed. I bow before the masters.

    You guys did a great job and looked like you had a ball doing it. Keep going! Well done!

  19. Great job guys!, really funny stuff.

  20. Naruto? Naruto. Naruto?

    That shit was hilarious. Good job guys. Kirkman’s pretty awesome. You should try to interview him sometime on the podcast.

    Loved the video. Thanks for that.

  21. That was awesome. It was weird seeing what you guys looked like, especially Conner. I figured he’d look a lot more gelatinous than that (no offense). But seriously, that man is a hoss. Next con, he should go as Daddy Warbucks, and you guys could make the intern up to look like Little Orphan Annie.

    Also, Dini’s wife was magically delicious. My strong Christian values prohibit me from approving of witchcraft, but DEYM. Get her for an interview.

  22. I love how everyone thinks I’m fat, whereas I am the uberathlete of the group.

    Or, at least I was.

    Many years ago.

    Still, it’s funny.

  23. Everyone thinks you’re fat?

    As in people email contact@ifanboy.com and say “Conor sounds fat?”

  24. Sadly, yes.

  25. Well, you’re not. You’ll always be my Superpro.

  26. I really enjoyed this video once I actually got to watch it. Makes me wish you guys were going to Chicago. Or I was. (So near, and yet so far!)

  27. First of all – Conor – I can take you on any court/playing field – except maybe wrestling.

    Second – Stepehn – I may be the intern, but I draw the line at going to the con as a woman…not even a woman, as Little Orphan Annie.

    I could never get the “booth babes” respect if I looked like that.

  28. Called out by my own intern.

    Clearly, this can only be settled at the First Annual iFanboy Games.

  29. It’s been broughten…

  30. “First Annual iFanboy Games”

    Another video from iFanboy Productions or at least play by play in a special edition podcast?

  31. Absolutely.

    In about five years when I’ve gotten back in shape and undone all the damage I’ve done since college with beer and pizza.

    Look for it in 2011!


  32. Jesus guys when you going to update this damn message board infrastructure!

    Great job on the video. Although you came dangerously close to making fun of Activision. Ah, but making fun of Marvel took precedent! I’m writing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance strat guide as we speak.

    Nice job outing the 16-year old lesbian nerds.

    I also like Josh’s excited reaction Mick Foley.

    What’s with all of us 20-somethings not know what Naruto is!? Thank god I work with a bunch of pimply faced teenages that keep me up on the nerd edge…

  33. The Naruto stuff cracked me up too. I had the same experience at E3 this year – Naruto was all over the Bandai-Namco booth. Their booth babes were throwing out prizes for people who could answer trivia questions about Naruto and people were shouting answers left and right. I was wondering how the hell so many people knew the answers about a property I had never heard of in my lfe. Thank God I’m not alone in my ignorance of all things Naruto.

  34. Well, I don’t know about this Naruto, but those headbands are pretty sweet, as a fashion statement…

  35. That was absolutely fantastic. It’s only taken 15 years, but I might be a convert.

    PS – Ron, lose the gum!

  36. Grant Morrison is the man!!!

    Josh, did Joss Whedon mistake you for Giles when you guys met? If they ever make a movie based on the Buffy TV show, you are so in!

    Ron, Your my fav of the group … and we have the same sideburns. Weird

  37. Ron was so damn giddy. Everytime he started giggling I would loose it.

    The ifanboy real world was the best! I had to rewatch that part because I was laughing too loud to hear it.

    I feel like we need more Conner.

    No offense to Ron, but next time you guys interview Robert Kirkman lets have you guys switch off.

  38. None taken Dom, I was completely spent after he gave me 20 bucks, I didn’t think he’d do that and then I had nuthin’…I know Josh would have done better there 🙂

  39. This video was great, you guys did a fantastic job, thanks for all the hard work that went into it.

    Thanks for spreading the word on so many great books.

    We are lucky to have guys like you, CGS, Around Comics and many more…you guys make being a fan that much more exciting.

    Best wishes,


  40. Upon further reflection, I think my favorite thing about this video is getting closure on the question, “Where was Paul Dini going?” I mean, he doesn’t remember, but still. Most people would see Paul Dini wandering around like a mad scientist and wonder about it for the rest of their lives; you actually got to talk to him about it. It didn’t even happen to me, and I found it gratifying.

  41. I always expected Paul Dini to look a lot crazier.

  42. No, the best part was the Real World-style confession! While listening to the podcasts, I too have felt that you are sometimes ostracized by the group, Josh. Hang in there, buddy.

  43. Great video! Did you keep the 20 dollars?

  44. We’ll never tell.

  45. If the money was kept it was NOT shared with the intern.

    *sigh…one day I will move up in the world.

  46. We got a plug on the last “Most People are DJ’s” podcast, in episode #57. So I’m just returning the favor.


    I’ve heard really good things about this indie music/pop culture podcast, and we really appreciate the shout out. It’s a good show, and very well produced. Give it a try.

    Thanks MPAD!


    Well Done, Men.
    Well Done.

  48. What is the song that plays before all of the video shows?

  49. It’s in the credits of all the video shows.

    “Never In” by The 101s