iFanboy on ‘Geek By Night’

iFanboy recently had the opportunity to record a guest appearance on Geek By Night, a podcast drama produced by GeekShow.us.

Geek By Night is described thusly:

Introducing a new type of podcast to Geekshow.us, a Podcast Series. This is an on-going fictional series created by Scott Carelli. In 2008, a group of friends that work and hang out at a comic shop will have a sudden accident that will change their lives forever.

iFanboy guest star on Geek By Night #6: Raiders of the Lost Comics, which can be streamed here or downloaded here.

If you want to skip ahead, the first iFanboy appears about 25 minutes into the episode. We had a lot of fun recording our dialogue and we’d like to thank GeekShow.us and Scott Carelli for the opportunity to appear on their show.

It appears that even in the fictional realm Ron still can’t pronounce “Corps.”



  1. Great.  I can’t start the show at eps 6.  I have to go all the way to the begining of this show and listen to all of it.  Arg.  There goes being productive on my day off.  I’m on eps 2 now.


    The show isn’t bad.  I’m really enjoying it.  The acting isn’t bad and its pretty funny.

  2. Nice cameo fellas! Part of the reason I started downloading podcasts was to find old serialized radio recordings like The Shadow. I had no idea about the wealth of new material out there. On the fictional side, gems have been hard to find, but so far I’ve really liked Wormwood, and The Decoder Ring Theater. This was a nice addition to my morning playlist, I’d like to check it out from the beginning.

  3. @ Ron

    Downt sweat you east coast lingo. I grew up in Brooklyn and it IS pronounved SPAWN. Like DAWN. 

    I lived in California for a while and I remember asking a bunch of girls where I could find the MAWL. They laughed hysterically at me. And then said "oh u mean the "mahl". To which I drove away.

  4. Hey everybody, my name’s Scott. I created Geek By Night and just wanted to thank Connor, Ron, and Josh again for being a part of the show! I had a lot of fun editing this scene together and Connor’s defeated and downtrodden "I care…" still cracks me up everytime I hear it 🙂

    Also, thanks to everyone who gives the show a listen. I’d like to think that there’s a little something for everyone if you’re willing to give it shot. So, please do!

  5. @Doctor2Geeks: I’m on eps 5 now.  I’m loving it.  I supscriped to it on iTunes (I’m going to write a review as soon as I’m done with eps 6).  Great work sir.  I thank you.

  6. @CharlieBlix: Thank you so much, especially for taking the time to write a review!

  7. @Quentin – Stay tuned for my episode of Wormwood, which is coming up in the next batch!

    /shameless plug.  

    Looking forward to checking out Geek By Night!

  8. @PaulMontgomery: I listen to Wormwood as well, and I’m definitely looking forward to your upcoming episode (or any eipsode for that matter…). I was psyched to hear you had joined the writing staff.

    GBN just returned from a major hiatus as well, they’re definitely a pain and not fun for anyone involved or listening. Can’t wait for more Wormwood, though! Any idea when it’s returning?

  9. @Doctor2Geeks – October, hopefully.  I believe they’re editing the middle episodes now.  I’m writing my second episode this week.  

  10. this is really awesome!! im glad i decided to start this!!

  11. @Paul: No doubt, I was happy to hear that you would be writing for the show on Fuzzy Typewriter, to which Dave has also been a welcome addition.

  12. For those who litsen to both ifanboy and twogeeksamic we all know what needs to happen, cross over debate show…about Superman Returns…come on Scott…do it!

  13. Very cool, well done guys.  Love the "characters" you played.

  14. Downloading this now.



    Wormwood rocks! 

  15. I’m gonna check out this "Wormwood" as well as Geek by Night.  Thanks for the recommendations, iFanbase

  16. Thanks for the Wormwood love, folks! 🙂 We’re working hard to get the series back up and running. Episode 9 will be up next Tuesday. For SURE this time. 😉

    Listening to Geek by Night right now while I work. This should be fun!


  17. I really can’t thank everyone enough for giving Geek By Night a chance! I really hope you all like the show enough to become regular listeners!

    Thank you!!

  18. Thanks to Josh, I took a shower before going to the LCS today.

    I’m just kidding.  I don’t smell.

  19. "I don’t smell! Screw you!" Brilliant.

    This was great. Thanks for the heads up. Consider me a regular listener 🙂

  20. LOL

    Conor: I Care…

    Josh: I dont smell screw you

    Ron: But I…shot down like Porkins again…when will it end? 

    nice job guys i love it