iFanboy on ‘Comic Book Club’

We’d like to take a moment to thank our Bizarro counterparts at Comic Book Club — Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben! We laughed, we cried, the couch nearly ate us, we had a fantastic time!

Here are a few more pictures.

Video journalist/lifecaster Sarah Meyers was at the show and she interviewed us afterwards. Check it out here.

We’d also like to thank the members of the iFanboy Faithful that came down to watch. It was great having you there to support us! We would like to apologize that we didn’t get to chat very much with any of the fans who came down, the people running the theater ushered everyone out rather quickly. But if you were there and you didn’t get a chance to chat, come on down next week to Jim Hanley’s Universe for the live taping of episode 100 of the Pick of the Week Podcast and there will be a lot more time for socializing!


  1. Hey guys, Jon here (i was the asian one). Yeah, last night was pretty cool. It was like i was listening to last week’s pick of the week podcast – but with surround sound, and there was a video of it at the same time, and it had smell-o-vision…and i had to pay five books for it. All in all a good night. The whole bizzaro thing was something to behold, there was glasses, sideburns, and balding heads everywhere!

    Thanks guys for a great night. And thanks Ron for the ifanboy sticker, i shall name my first born after you – be it boy or girl.

  2. *i meant five BUCKS…

  3. So much going on for the Month of September, I wish I could make it to the 100th. Didn’t know about the Comic Book Club, looks like a pretty neat thing they have going on. Hopefully some clips from the event pop up on the web. Sarah Meyers seems like a cutie pie, that was a nice little interview she gave.

  4. Talk to me about Sarah Meyers. She *has* the camera, but clearly she is not *holding* the camera. Is she strolling around with some sort of crazy apparatus on? And what is that like, to be approached by Sarah Apparatus Person? No one ever approached me with a Steadicam.

  5. It was a tiny webcam. Extremely handheld.

  6. Conor, did you ask Sarah out–she looked cute?

  7. Looking forward to tomorrow at 8pm where we meet again!