iFanboy – Media Darlings, Part 2

You might remember a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to be interviewed about X-Men: The Last Stand. Well, this week it’s Josh’s turn as he talks to the Los Angeles Times about what makes a comic book movie successful. Josh shares the article with our esteemed colleague Augie De Blieck of Comic Book Resources and Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo.

Keep an eye out as we have Conor scheduled to appear on Nightline next week to discuss Batwoman and gay characters in comics.

Just kidding about Nightline, but if they called, I’m sure Conor would be up for it.


  1. Gees, way to put the pressure on Conor. Congrats again guys.

  2. Wow guys, movin’ on up in the world!

  3. Haha, wow. I’m excited for you guys. This little empire of yours has grown from about seven or eight of us to about 20 or so.

    Congrats! (although it now makes it kind of hard to keep up on threads…maybe a regular forum is in order??)

  4. Forums? What was it you said about Newsarama in the other thread?

  5. Haha, wow. I must be off the ball today…

  6. You people rule. How is this happening? Do you get phonecalls or something?

  7. We have a very expensive publicist