iFanboy in Digg

Yesterday, Digg launched some new features including support for Podcasts!

Now you can Digg your favorite podcasts and individual episodes of podcasts, as well as listen or watch them. What better way to try this out than to Digg the iFanboy Comic Book Podcast? Come on iFanboy faithful, help us get to the front page of podcasts! We know we can count on you!

If you don’t currently use Digg, now’s your chance to sign up for a great site and great source of news and info as well as your place for podcasts now online.


  1. I dugg them all!

  2. Why does that make me think of Pokemon?

  3. People!!! We need the diggs!

    You must be able to digg! Digg you magnificent bastards!! DIGG!!!

  4. Yes, I’m the one that added this podcast to digg didn’t think it worked but it did.

    Great show guys and this is my first post on here, Geekdrome got me to check you out and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.



  5. Thanks Kevin, we really appreciate it!