iFanboy Fanboy: A Fanboy Takes Manhattan!

A while back, Simón wrote in to say that he’d be visiting New York City for the first time and asking for our advice on places to go of the comic book persuasion.

We read his letter on one of the podcasts and talked about the comic book stores that everyone visiting New York City should see and then we followed up with an e-mail going into more detail. Simón took our advice and was kind enough to send us an account of his trip, complete with some pretty cool pictures of his brush with a certain web head.

So take it away, Simón!

Hi guys,

I came back from the U.S like two weeks ago and instantly landed a very cool but time-consuming job. So, just knowing the pleasures of a decent and well stocked comic store opposed to the crappy drugstore magazine stand (with very limited and outdated single issues) I’m used to, I said to myself “Shiiiiit!” (that’s also what I said the second I went in the store) “I gotta work harder to afford all this comic goodness.” Because of that I neglected many things until I got the handle of this new gig, and that included the podcast and this reply.

So, New York is a very, very cool city. You think you know it a little by reading about it or seeing it in the movies, but no, you just gotta experience it. I’m not going to tell you about my entire trip, except for one cool fanboy nugget. One afternoon I was walking on the street (I think 6th Avenue, near Central Park) and spotted a parked van with the name Daily Bugle on the side. So I said to myself: “Hmmm, The Bugle really exists!! I better take myself a picture to show to my friends back home.”

If you look closely, you can see
the comics in his bag!

I continued walking and, like two blocks later, I started to notice some buildings wrecked, hot dog carts trashed, rubble and debris; a lot of gathered firemen, a huge crowd of bystanders and finally a camera stationed on a dolly. Immediately my fanboy sense started nerding out! Of course, they were filming Spider-Man 3! I got to see Sam Raimi’s ear from a distance (no Tobey, no Kirsten) but it was cool, especially because I’m a Visual Arts & Film student.

Somone really doesn’t like hot dogs…
And now for comics.

Thank to your help – especially to Josh who replied with the addresses — I was able to get to the stores with little trouble. I visited Jim Hanley’s Universe and Midtown Comics in Times Square, that’s where I got most of my TPB’s. I got The Walking Dead, Vol. 1. The two first volumes of Preacher and the one called “Salvation,” Gotham Central, Vol. 1, Hellblazer: Hard Time (because I’m a huge Corben fan), Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Identity Crisis Hardcover, Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 1, The Ultimates II (where they take down Thor for being a Damn Dirty Liberal), and Crisis on Infinite Earths; and let me tell you, after having read Crisis, in comparison to Infinite Crisis you clearly can see the distance art and story wise from the original to the sequel.

So, I spent a lot and I’m pretty satisfied with the purchase. I lament not having bought more The Walking Dead which I bought timidly because I didn’t knew about it and only gave it a chance because of what you’ve said in your podcast, because titles like this, you don’t even know exist down here. I love the art, B&W art, very light and easy to read. When I went to pay for my books the guy at the register said to me: “The Walking Dead is a cool pick.” The only thing I could think to respond was: “Yeah! And It’s soooo cheap.” Well, I’m not used to people talking to me about comics when I buy them. I also bought The Simpsons Comic Book Guy book, and there’s a name for guys who go to the comic store to talk about the price of books.

So, I’m digressing.

Again, Thanks for the help.

See you,

The Ear of Raimi

Great job, Simón! Thanks for the report. If anyone else has any interesting comic book-related adventures (with pictures), write ’em up and send ’em on in – and if they’re good we’ll post them! And it doesn’ have to be a trip, it can just be something comic book related and interesting that you want to share with the rest of the iFanboy Fanboys!


  1. cool. you got a lot of good trades!

  2. Seriously, that’s a crazy amount of good reading you got! What’d you think of all of it?