iFanboy December News & Notes!

We’ve got some things of note going on in December! Click through to read a few announcements.

1) The fourth week of December marks the next live taping of iFanboy’s Pick of the Week Podcast! Come on down to Jim Hanley’s Universe on December 28th to watch episode #113 live, starting at 8pm! There’s no occasion, we just had so much fun taping the 100th episode live we thought we’d do it again to celebrate the holidays!! There will be another contest, some iFanboy swag, and hopefully, some good times. Join us after the taping for the after party at Stout!

2) If you have a few minutes and like to help us out, we’d really appreciate it if you would fill out our audience survey and tell us a little bit about yourself. It’s anonymous and won’t take more than a few minutes. If you fill out the survey and you can be entered into a special iFanboy prize pack giveaway!

(E-Mail addresses used for the giveaway are not tied to survey answers)

Click Here to Take the Survey


  1. Gonna be there ! Woo! Yeah! Alright i am totally psyched! And now im calm……

  2. I’ve never seen a turtle, but I know what you mean.

  3. I want it to be documented that when asked what my least favorite aspect of this site was, I was forced to answer against my will (that is to say, it wouldn’t load the next screen). Basically, I love this site…is it so wrong that I don’t not like anything?

    Why must you make me choose between all the things that bring me here? Why? (put tear graphic here).

    …Ok, a little dramatic. Hopefully, my survey helped. I’d like to note that when reflecting upon what stuff these guys have gotten me to buy, it’s a little scary. Like, Oprah Book Club scary.

  4. Filled out the survey, I expect a prize! Like a taco!

    I’m so hungry…

  5. filled out the survey, here’s to hoping I might win something!

  6. Shit. Can I add that your recommendations of “The Spirit,” “X-Factor,” and “The Escapists” are greatly appreciated? I forgot to include them on my survey, and I really love those books. Thanks to you guys!!!!! gnarf! Ha Ha!

    oh yeah, and “Suburban Glamour” and “Black Canary – Green Arrow,” those are good, too.

  7. I’m taking a leap of faith with Checkmate… bought the first 2 trades from Borders this morning ($15/ea!).

    Thanks iFanboy?

  8. You will not be disappointed sir!

  9. Thy survey hath been taken.

  10. Survey doesn’t seem to be working – when I try to click I get error on page. Might be this lame computer.

  11. Andy – survey is working on our end – email me directly at ron@ifanboy.com tell me what error you’re getting – thanks

  12. “The Spirit,” “X-Factor,” and “The Escapists”
    Dito, I like got these on your recommendation too!

  13. Took the survey. I can’t believe how many good books I’ve gotten from you.

    Add checkmate to my list. Grr, you guys are the reason I spend so much on comics.

  14. I was swayed to try an extra two isses more than a usual cautious taste of Nova…

    Curse you RICHARRRDDDSSSS!!!

  15. Your survey is flawed! There is no New Zealand in the options…… I guess I’ll just have to choose Australia *shudder*

  16. Good enough kiwi! You take what you get, and you like it!

  17. Next time, I’m putting some random Asia place, just to mess with the stats…. yeh…. that’s some comeuppance

  18. X-men: The end book 3, Men and X-men

  19. Survey done and done. on a side note, is anyone reading Blue Beetle??? I heard it was close to being dropped, this true?

  20. http://joblo.com/dark-knight-poster

    not really anything related just thought you guys would like to see what the teaser poster for The Dark Knight looks like!

  21. Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work

  22. Cast of Characters – awesome
    Witty Banter – awesome
    Bright Green Wall – awesome
    Graphics and Editing – mostly awesome
    Huge Amount of Comics Knowledge (however relevant to real life) – awesome

    Overall review – Awesome. Please keep doing this show. It’s become the place I go to when in need of new reading material or just a few laughs.

  23. There was no field in the survey for “What do you wear while listening?”

    The answer is, of course, overalls. But just overalls. Like the Come on Eileen video.

  24. Ok. got the 28th off and will be headed into the city for the episode.

  25. Should i even bother buying the non-uncanney x-men books to get the Messiah Complex story?

  26. Have any of you seen the new Leinil Yu piece that shows both teams of Avengers and various Marvel characters with very Skrully faces? I studied it intently looking for some clues to Secret Invasion. I didn’t seem to have much luck yet. Anyone figure anything out?