iFanboy.com Site News – 03/29/08

Hey everybody!  No, this isn’t a tease or an announcement.  We just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes, deep in the server rooms at iFanboy.com.

Some of you have noticed some slowness on the site with page loading. We’ve made some changes on the server side that should speed things up. We’ve tested it a bunch and have noticed a speed increase in page loads and we hope you notice as well.

There have been some reports of the site having problems with Firefox on Windows, where the page will load, but then hang. We’re aware of this issue and are chasing it down. It seems to be a problem, oddly enough, with Firefox and the way it handles some of the code we use. We think the speed increase will help, but there may be some lingering issues, if you experience anything, please let us know.

Finally, many of you have been frustrated with the “Remember Me” function not actually remembering that you were logged in when you closed your browser. Well, we’re happy to announce that login state is now remembered! So feel free to log in, and open and close your browser as much as you like!

I’m sure it goes without saying that we’re a growing site and there will be growing pains here and there, but we want to assure everyone that we’re doing all we can to ensure the site is stable, usable, and that we’re building to grow to make the site the best experience for everyone. We want to thank everyone who has been using the site since we launched. The iFanboy member base numbers in the thousands, which blows our minds and we’re incredibly thankful that you’ve chosen to spend some of your valuable time here enjoying and talking about comics.

But we’re not resting there. We’re working very hard on new and exciting functionality, so you’ll want to stick around, stay tuned. In the meantime, join the conversation on one of our posts or head over to the comics section, pick your books and write some reviews!

As always, please let us know if you have any problems with the site working for you by e-mailing us at contact AT ifanboy DOT com.



  1. It’s so nice to be remembered. 

  2. The only problem I am having is after I pick out my Pull list, I click on the My Comics tab so I can see my personalized list (for printing), but it it gives me a Sorry, unable to load message.  Anyone else get this?


    the Tiki 

  3. You guys have spent so much time and effort spiffing up the site, I don’t think any of us would feel bad if you spent a few of our donation bucks on gambling and whores to pay yourselves back.

  4. @thefreakytiki – email contact AT ifanboy DOT com and I’ll follow up with you directly, thanks

  5. Yes, things seem much faster.  The big slowdown for me (Safari 3) was the comics page – it took a long time to load.  Just tried it and it loaded about so much faster – maybe a couple of sec.  Thanks guys, nice work!

  6. Very cool. The Remember thing was a bit annoying but not a deal breaker. Thanks for the fix!

  7. Yay! The site is definitely faster and remember me works! Great job!

  8. I can’t wait to see the new stuff. The page was not working that great on mac when I was using Safari.

  9. Yea!! I remember!!

  10. Maybe I spoke too soon, because it’s no longer remembering me after a few hours:( Firefox on XP and Safari on OS X. If I close out now and come right back it remembers, but if don’t come back for a few hours it no longer works.

  11. @s1lentslayer – thanks for the note -we’re still tweaking the duration that it will remember you for – right now its probably set to make you log back in too soon, I agree – we’re going to tweak it a bit to remember you longer…


  12. Hey I also noticed that it did not work with Firefox 2 on OSX logs me out as soon as I leave the site after I check remember me, but seems to be working fine for me on XP so far, haven’t been logged in for hours yet like s1lentslayer.  Is this possible because of the code with Firefox not playing nice.  Figured I’d let you know how things were going for me.  

  13. BTW the speed difference seems like night and day, it’s fantastic!

  14. I REMEMBER when you guys had a membership under a hundred on the ol’ frappr map.  You guys have done such a great jog of building and putting out content.

    Yeah, I remember back in the days when ifanboy was just a website, a podcast, and three crazy kids with a dream… 

  15. The site is waaaaay faster!  Thanks.

  16. I love the new site!  Love it! 

  17. …there’s going to be gambling and whores?

    Seriosly, great work on the site…the podcasts….the video….sheesh…do you guys ever sleep? What do you guys do IRL ("In Real Life") that gives you such time to work on all the iFanboy love? …oh yea…only one of you is married and no children….  

    "…Yes dear, i’ll be right there…."


  18. fantastic job guys.  as if it wasnt bad enough before, i now want to be on the site ALL THE TIME.  and everything works!  i cant wait to see what’s next.  

  19. The new site looks awesome and its great that you guys are working so hard on maintainance.  One small suggestion, a widescreen format would be pretty cool.  I like it when a site takes up the full real estate my screen gives it, however I understand that not everyone has a widescreen monitor.  Anyway its just something to think about.

  20. Hey Everyone – the remember me should be sticking for longer now…

  21. Thanks Ron!  Didn’t have to log in this morning. 🙂

  22. I had to login this morning… so the ‘remember me’ seems to be set for a day or two.  Just doesn’t seem to be long enough…  sites like flickr and youtube – which are a little more sensitive than iFanboy, seem to ‘remember me’ for a good month or so, most message boards seem to have an infinite ‘remember me.’  I’d hope for a longer ‘remember me,’ than just a couple of days on here 🙂

  23. It’s better and remembers me for a few hours now but it should remember me for at least like a month or something. Hint hint… 😉

  24. As I mentioned, we are tweaking and working with the Remember Me to find the right balance – keep in mind as well your own experience may vary as your browser settings may clear cookies at various points – but we’re going to be setting the remember me to last a pretty long time – so hang in there JD and s1lentslayer 🙂

  25. For those of us in the witness protection program, it would be nice to suppress the display of our real names in our profile. So far I have had 3 cars blown up on me and 6 windows blown out from sniper fire!

  26. @Unoob – no one uses their real name anyway…fyi, I’m not Chester Copperpot;)

  27. @slayer

    Every forum/site that I have joined in the past make it so that you dont have to display anything u dont want to. Additionally, there is no way for me to edit my profile to change my name to Dick Hurts.