iFanboy.com 3.0 Is Coming! (UPDATE)

UPDATE! Thanks for the great comments — this thread is closed now but if you have any other thoughts or ideas, email us at contact@ifanboy.com and let us know.

2006 has been, far and away, the best year that iFanboy has ever had. But we’re not satisfied! No, plans are already underway to make 2007 even better. We are in the midst of actively developing the next version of iFanboy.com and while we fancy ourselves pretty smart and have some cool new features and applications that we think you will really dig, we can’t think of everything…
Whew, that was tough to admit.

So what we’re asking from you, the loyal iFanboy fanboys and fangirls, are for some suggestions. What would you like to see in iFanboy.com 3.0? What do you wish you could do but can’t in the current version? What would make your time on iFanboy.com even better? What can we improve? What would keep you coming back for more? How can we make iFanboy.com more fun for you? Now, we can’t promise we’ll implement the suggestions, but we can promise that we will consider all of them. We can promise that will be moving to a better server so we shouldn’t have many random outages that we have had from time to time.

We’re really excited about iFanboy.com 3.0 and we can’t wait to unleash upon the world. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and should be ready to roll it out in early 2007, but we couldn’t do that without hearing from you first! We think it will be a lot of fun, and we hope you will too!


  1. AJAX! Lots and lots of AJAX!

    And rounded corners, naturally.

    Plus, a great big BETA burst tag over your logo.

    Now get to it!

  2. Seriously, what I’d like most of all is to be remembered. I click on the “YES” option for “Remember personal info?” every time I post, but it never remembers me. ARGH!

  3. Maybe a full blown forum instead of a comments section? I’d like to be able to have an avatar and an account so I can full out rep my fanboy nature 🙂

    Also, the ability to edit comments would be much appreciated. vBulletein is pretty popular these days, but I don’t know what type of bandwidth restrictions you guys are under.

    I do enjoy the blog format of the site, though… I’d suggest keeping the blog as basic as possible to ensure easy reading (and also because overdesigned websites are so ugly :/)

  4. I think you should do a section that talks about the comics of the week more. Also you should do a weekly debate (a little like wizard e.g should they stop making wolverines healing factor far too unrealistic, then have a for and against arguement)

  5. I agree with Augie. It never remembers my info either.

    One thing I had been thinking about is to a forum like section for more of the books every week. Sometimes I’m let down if I don’t read the POW. I don’t get to participate as much in the discussion. I like to read it anyway to see if it is a book that interests me, but I would also like a section where I could discuss the books that I actually did read. Usually the POW discussion branches off into other books, but I think it would be nice to have another section that I could click on the specific book I want to discuss.

    Just a thought. Keep up the good work guys.

  6. i vote for forums and free cookies.

  7. I don’t want a forum. I have enough forums. I like Ron, Josh, and Conor being the bosses of this place the way they are.

  8. OK I think that iFanboy 2.0 is cool and all but some things on my wish list:

    (Note: this is a fantastical no real world concerns like bandwidth charges apply type of wish list)

    1) have the rss feed send a snippet of the latest post as well as the headline. I know the headline. I come here like 9 million times a day. Where has the conversation gone in the last half hour?

    2) Real accounts. Avatar, signatures, post counts, poster status categories

    3) Maybe too technically focused or whatever but: faster posting method. Presently I click post, wait 2 seconds and then go back to the homepage right away because if I don’t it can take up to 30 seconds to reload the page. Further, the latest post column on the homepage doesn’t update quickly enough.

    4) Cellpadding in the latest post section on the homepage. Might be a browser issue but on my computer content runs right into the line

    5) ability to easily quote other’s posts by clicking a button

    6) more contests. they’re fun. i don’t participate but i do like to watch. art imitates life

    7) more html support in posts. right now, we seem to be able to use b and i, but what about h1, h2, etc and things like font control

    8) prescription drug benefits

    9) #8 was just a joke

    10) a thread for all the major(maybe top 10 or something) books that come out that week would be cool. then we can keep all the ollie queen talk out of the threads for cool books

    11) moderators: having more people able to post threads and begin full-fledged discussions would widen the conversation on the site and likely keep people coming back more often

  9. Hmmmm, I for one like the comment style for posting on this site. Actually, I really like the way this site is built. I really don’t see any faults in it. Just keep going in the direction you have been going and I will be happy.

    One thing I would like is if there was some sort trading trades system for the community here. I don’t have nearly enough money as I would like to spend on comics. However, I do have a stack of trades I am never going to read again and I think it would be fun to exchange them for trades I’ve never read. Is anyone else interested in this idea?

  10. I’m sure I’ll think of a more detailed list of suggestions later (my tech geek friend and I are actually about to begin a similar restructuring of my site), but here’s a quick one: if you do any kind of expanded commenting and/or bulletin board, check out Vanilla. getvanilla.com

    I run it on my site and everyone loves it (morawk.com/board). And my friend that’s helping me also uses it on his site and has his comments wired into it, so that’s possible (blog.moxiecinema.com).

    A’ight, a’ight … more later.

  11. I think what makes cool this site is the feel of friends getting together to talk (even though I don’t know anyone). Part of that is that you guys exercise a very fair control over contents and topics….So don’t change that…I don’t want people discussing Britney’s Pu**y in here.

    The only thing that comes to mind is:

    I hate having to write extra comments just to ask you to correct my faults on other comments… Makes me feel kinda dumb….

    Well, I thougth I was the only one that the site didn’t remember….There goes my inferiority complex!!!

    And also a Nintendo Wii, and Ipod Nano…
    Oops, sorry..wrong letter

    Keep on the good work

  12. i don’t think that anyone is endorsing discussion of britney’s c-section scarred and ingrown hair covered pussy here

    that’s just not necessary

  13. But come to think of it…I have posted a lot of **Off topics** in my time….hmmm That’s a pickle.

  14. I fear change.

    I like the site more or less the way it is, but more importantly, I actively despise all that forum “look at my clever animated picture and banner and sig file and resume and favorite recipe” bullshit. That’s not the only reason I’m here instead of, say, the Bendis Board, but it sure doesn’t hurt. The comments here are clean, straightforward, and content-centric. They are the uncola. Clutter, I have already.

    Now, WordPress and some other blog software out there does give the commenter some MS Word-esque buttons that let him/her make text bold or italicized or quoted with the push of a cute graphical button; that wouldn’t suck.

    I also enthusiastically agree with Fred’s point about RSS feeds; I love seeing whenever the site has been updated, but to me that means new posts as well as new threads. Don’t be afraid to inundate my feed reader; it can take it.

  15. Some expanded formatting options, as have been discussed; real accounts and quoting; faster posting.

    While it would be fun to have more title-specific threads each week, I realize it might dilute the good conversation as well. I also agree with the Dude that I like it with Ron, Josh, and Conor being the bosses of this place the way they are.

    So maybe a limited expansion of threads, so that it doesn’t get out of hand or necessiate a forum, but also allows more varied book-talk to germinate each week.

  16. Fred – I believe WIZARD is covering that topic in their next issue.

  17. I’d like to clarify my idea from earlier. I don’t want a forum either. I don’t like what forums bring. I like the current format very much, I would just like other posts or threads under the POW to discuss other books from the week.

  18. Hey, how about a set of weekly Marvel/Dc/Indies threads. I don’t mean to section us off so much as give us a place to speak about our main passions. Also it might focus some of the discussions a little more , even though our fair moderators do a great job as is. Keep up the good work guys….
    Oh and maybe start the Heroes threads on Sunday nights when it starts back instead of monday nights an hour before the show… Sorry, I just need my Heroes talk 😀

  19. My requests have already all been made but I’ll add my voice to them anyway:

    1. More text formatting options when posting comments

    2. The ability to edit comments.

    3. A few additional threads to post in each week, particularly for big books that weren’t the POW (Civil War, Batman, Avengers, etc…). Maybe even one for the Vertigo books released that week? 😉

    4. I also love the clean look and feel of the site. Let’s keep it simple.

    5. User accounts would be great.

    6. No forums. I like the controlled nature of the topics. There are plenty of other bloated forums I can wade through if I want to waste time. ifanboy doesn’t need to be one of them.

    7. I agree w/ Fred on the loooong delays between pressing “post” and actually having the page reload. It takes me up to 60 seconds sometimes.

    I think that’s it. Thanks for taking our suggestions. Just one more reason why I love this site.

  20. Fred, I wasn’t saying that from your post, I hadn’t even read it entirely (got to #8)… I just said that because of the experience i’ve had in other boards. I just think content moderation is a very exhausting Job…if the Ifanboys are really up to it, then it’s welcome…If not, this could go very wrong. Remember the Antifanboyz era..thank god that didn’t prosper.

  21. OH OH!!! I GOT IT…. Maybe a PEOPLE’S CHOICE POW, annexed(is that a word) to your pick …With a voting format…Could you??? Please????

  22. people’s choice pow would be awesome
    i’m tingling in my lobbying muscles just thinking about it

    the moderator thing – i wasn’t advocating free-for-all type everybody start a thread thing. I just though if they had maybe 2 or 3 additional mods then we would get 5 or 6 people’s ideas for thread creation instead of 3, which I’ll admit has been good to this point, I’m just thinking about growth of concept

    Fred – I believe WIZARD is covering that topic in their next issue.

    then I’m definitely not buying that. Those pics lowered my sperm count. biological response: ewww. at least it wasn’t lindsay lohan’s getting off the boat floppy bologna. I guess

    also, I didn’t mean moderation in the sense that posts wouldn’t go up until they were approved, I just meant it the way I stated above with also the ability to judiciously remove posts, such as those in the antifanboy era or the infamous ‘jim lee’s a faggot’ debate from a few months ago.

    please reread that last paragraph before piling on. I’m not saying it; justing recounting it.

  23. I dig the format of the site (and the clean look of it which lets me get away with browsing the site at work — like right now), and I too would not like to see it turn into a forum, but I’d also really like user accounts. It’d just be easier.

  24. Seriously, what I’d like most of all is to be remembered. I click on the “YES” option for “Remember personal info?” every time I post, but it never remembers me. ARGH

    Im with Auggie

  25. 1. A top 5 of the week would be great (or maybe you guys could just post like a letter grade of all the comics you bought that would be great)

    2.You could also post like your favorite covers of the week or something.

    3.An award podcast for the end of the year would be pretty cool.

    4.Make the show longer!!!!!!!!!! hehe

    5.A forum wouldnt be bad, but maybe you guys could just start more discussions over the week.

    6.Delete your myspace account, I hate myspace

  26. I enjoy the depth of the pick of the week selections. You deliver a personal insight with those reviews and I really appreciate what you have to say. Even when I don’t agree with the pick. Find a way to expand in that direction. Themed recommended reading lists could be interesting. Whatever you can do to bring good comics to my attention is appreciated.

    My fear is if you take on too much work in other areas you won’t continue to deliver that personal touch that I enjoy. I think when you guys put yourselves and your opinions out there it invites the rest of us to do the same, which, in my opinion, keeps people from posting obscene threads or irrelevant exclamations.

    Like I said, you guys have put together a great site and have encouraged a great community of comic book readers. Obviously, you have good judgment for content. Go with what excites you guys the most. Don’t worry, if we hate it, we’ll tell you.

  27. Never change the postong to what I see on other sites. This is simple and clean and I love it. If it is going to have a bunch of bad fan art and other crap, forget it.

    Also, no more moderators. We are fine with you guys. Lead on, triumverate of comicdom. This is your site, don’t turn over any of the power. Then it will just become Newsarama and suck!

    Have a guest from the boards on the podcast every other month or so–not too much, but just to make it fun.

    Basically, I love the site, so don’t change much of anything unless it will truly be an improvement.

  28. Fire Gordon.
    I like the site the way it is. That’s the nature of sites, I’m aware. Things change and blah blah.
    But I like it.

  29. A cup holder to either warm or cool my drink. I saw that on a commercial the other day, and it looked cool.

    Plus, discuss stuff like comic related cartoons. Or not. You guys have done well so far, do what you think is best…and the cup holder thing.

  30. Oh I know!!! iFanboy action figures! Life-like sideburns for Ron, a utility-belt accessory for Conor, and a sound chip with “Wicked good podcast,” “I hope its not Nazis!,” and the new Augie impression for Josh. Just a suggestion.

  31. 1) don;t even consider going to video podcasting, i listen to you while driving to work, so video would be stupid

    2) a forum would be okay, if it was kept simple, i agree in that i dont like all the glitter graphics crap, but at the same time, its not much different than all of the veterans on here trying to be internet personalities

    3) highlight the names of ron,josh and conor in the comments sections, when they leave comments, so that way i can skip over much of the detrius and get right to the good stuff

    4) some sort of interactive trivia thing, where people can demonstrate their knowledge through a series of timed questions, this would limit how many google/wikipedia meisters we have

  32. i don’t think that anyone is endorsing discussion of britney’s c-section scarred and ingrown hair covered pussy here that’s just not necessary

    Fred is a trip. Now I’m an iFredboy…..lol.

    I like the site the way it is, so I hope you will keep the logo, banner and current color scheme. I don’t want forums with endless topics to choose from.

    I would watch a video podcast. You could do it like diggnation with a small quicktime and audio-only mp3 versions of the same show.

    I do like the avatar idea. I like my little hulk pictures.

    In addition to the pick of the week, I would like some kind of grading scale on the remainder of the books read. 5 point scale or something like that. I, being older, would like to hear random reviews of old comics that you read in your formative years from time to time. I know you asked about the site, not the podcast per se but there’s my 2 cents anyway. BTW, I have no idea what Dan Buckley looks like. I just wanted to make the King of Marvel the butler.

    I would like your weekly shipping list to be in your RSS feed. Then I could cancel the one I get from Marvel and see ’em all in one place. Your place.

    I would like to be able to manipulate font in the comments with my browsers font controls rather than having to use code.

  33. I saw “britney’s c-section scarred” and immediately clicked the link. I am a bad person.

  34. You’re a bad person? I spent 45 minutes looking for versions of the pictures that didn’t have bars on them only to dicover that disgusting nonsense. I almost heaved.

    I’m a hulkingmarvelman fan as well so this is an iMutualAdmirationSociety

  35. I saw the blocked out version of the pics on “Best Week Ever” and had to go see them myself. It’s gory.

    Speaking of gory, go see Apocalypto. It’s a masterpiece.

  36. Best Week Ever is awesome. So is The Soup. I love all that. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Lindsay Lohan Al Gore is fixing my public image email

  37. I would like to see a forum and more video podcasts. thanks for everything from the last year. I have enjoyed the site and the podcast.

  38. I agree with not needing avatars and all kinds of clutter, but I would like my info to be remembered. I also wouldn’t be adverse to a forum. It’d be nice to get to discuss the books that I read that you guys don’t talk about.

    I’d definitely like to second (or third?) the People’s Choice POW with a voting mechanism put in place.

    Basically, I’d like to see some more reviews of other books in addition to the regular POW, grades of the other books you read, that kind of thing.

    I also don’t understand why you’re not getting all kinds of free books thrown at you all the time. You’re clearly the best comic podcast out there. Rock on.

  39. I’d like lots and lot of animated gifs of hula girls.

  40. Wow – thanks everyone for the great comments and suggestions…

    We’re very pleased to hear that you like alot of what we’re doing and it’s safe to say that what we’re developing should be generally, right up everyone’s alley, but you’ve all given us some great ideas about functionality as well as content. We’re psyched to get you a better iFanboy come 2007!

    In the short term, I’m aware of the remembering personal info bug and will try and get that fixed ASAP.