iFanboy at New York Comic Con! – UPDATED

Latest Updates from iFanboy at the New York Comic Con via Twitter:

    It’s that time of year again – it’s time for the great, big ol’ comic book convention right here in iFanboy’s own back yard! It’s time for the New York Comic Con!

    We will be all over the con this year, running around, as is our want, like camera toting fools. We’ll be covering the action, talking to some folks, and soaking it all in. And we’ll be recording the action for all of those who can’t attend!

    But if you are going to attend, we’re going to have our second annual New York Comic Con iFanboy Meet-Up, Saturday night at Landsdowne Road! Come by and have a drink and hang out with us and the iFanbase! It’s in walking distance from the convention center and the party starts at 8pm! Chris Neseman from Around Comics will be in attendence and you never know who else we might end up dragging out for a few drinks!

    If you’re going to be at the Con, let us know here and if you see us on the con floor, please stop us and say hi!

    UPDATE Josh and Conor sat down with amNew York, one of New York City’s free daily papers, to chat about the con. If you’re riding the subways this Wednesday, be sure to check it out.


    1. Are you guys going to check out Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction and Loeb at Jim Hanley’s on Monday night?

    2. Hey Guys, I’ll be at the con too (my first one ever) ALSO, i’ll be on the mainstage with The Vampire Cowboy Theater Company.  Me and some other members will be performing some fight scenes.  Performance times are:

      Friday 4/18 at 6:50pm
      Saturday 4/19 at 11:05am
      Saturday 4/19 at 5:15pm


      Hope to bump into you, and if you can, come see the show, it’s short and schweet! 


    3. @Simps – Yes, Josh and I will be at the Hanley’s signing on Monday.

    4. I’ll be there. looking forward to seeing everyone from the iFanbase. If Tom Katers is there can I push him?

    5. Any idea how late this train will be rolling along?  I am trying to squeeze as much into this trip as possible and I don’t want to miss a thing.  Sleep is for the weak!!!!


      the Tiki 

    6. I got my weekend pass yesterday! I’m sure i’ll see you guys there!

    7. I’ll be at Hanley’s and the con too! Hope i can see you guys there.

    8. I only wish I lived NY to be there for both things.

    9. I won’t be able to go to the meet up this year and I only can attend the Con on Sunday. But one day is better than no days at all.

    10. Hoping to be there on Saturday.

      This will be my first con so I’m excited about it!

    11. I WISH I was going!  That’s going to be a good one.  Plus, I just watched the Wonder Con video podcast and you guys had me cracking up!! 

    12. Not sure if I’ll get to make it to Saturday’s gettogether, but I hope to run into heads at the Con. It sounds like the organizers really took into account peoples gripes about the last year, and word is that Con is about 60% bigger this time, which is apparent in the floor map they’ve posted, I am super excited.

    13. I will be one of a small contingent of geekscape fans making our way to the con this year. this will be my first con and i’m coming all the way from Canada to attend. I look forward to running into you guys at somepoint during the weekend

    14. @sinclairtylor me and wooks were going to drink at the bar.

    15. I have my 3 day pass ready!  Hope to see you at the con and and I’ll be at the party.

    16. I see they are only signing for an hour 6:30 – 7:30.

      What time would u suggest I get there (JHU) to get something signed? 

    17. arrrrh, I was considering going to this, but I just can’t do it right now. Bummed.

    18. just got my weekend pass today.  I’ve never been to a convention before, I’m looking forward to grabbing a few drinks with the ifanbase!

    19. Oh how i wish i could be there to seen you guys and the sighing.It sounds like so much fun!

    20. I have my week-end pass and I hope to abuse it starting Friday after work. I’ll definitly be at the party and at Monday’s signing.

    21. @unoob Get there earlier to get a place in line.  There might be no one there, but I doubt it.  I’d say at least an hour early to be sure.  You can never tell though.

    22. I’ll be there Saturday. It’s my first Con and I can’t wait! Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the thing after, but I’m definitely going to try.

    23. I would really love to go to this Con, but way too much money for me too soon.  Damn.

    24. it may be too early to ask, but any chance of coming to wizard world chicago? drinks are on me!

    25. I hope to go to Wizard World Chicago.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t pushed it about a month and half early.

    26. I’ll be there on Saturday, but I’ve been healthy all winter so you guys please leave the plague at home this time.

    27. this will be my first nycc. Wizardworld has just become blah, san diego has become a hollywood trade show, and my local motor city comic con is kind of  a dump (but i still love it). i look forward to this becoming my new favorite con. and i hop i can mee some of you too.

    28. This will be my first comic convention ever. I got my weekend pass, and I’m looking forward to meet you guys.

    29. not gonna be there what with there being a ocean between me and the con but will be at the english comicon next month woop woop. it makes me happy

      the brit in a hat

    30. Have fun boys  I wish can go but NYC is kind of far form LA. I would love to take you guys out for drinks when you will be in San Diego this year.

    31. This’ll be my first time at NYCC, so I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll stop by the iFanboy table to say hi! 🙂

    32. @davidnakayama – We won’t have a table…

    33. Ah, bummer.  I’ll look for you on the floor in that case. 🙂

    34. @conor maybe you guys should were a gps so we can track you down. or twitter your locations. Ill be at JHU tonight with my cap omnibus and hopefully a bendis drawing even if its a stick figure skrull.

    35. Nice!!! see you guys at the con or landsdowne

    36. Awesome about the get together.  I’m hoping that I can make it this time.  Met you guys briefly last year. 

    37. Any chance one of you guys can stick a camera in the direction of this ?

       Saturday, 1:30pm-2:30pm
      DAN DARE: Britain’s Greatest Hero, What Americans need to know now!
      Room 1E12-13-14

      Virgin Comics presents Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, John Woo’s Seven Brothers) to reveal the brilliance of Dan Dare’s enduring legacy and shares why he needed to write this quintessential British story for readers in the US. In Garth’s own words, “He’s our Captain America, our Superman, our Batman, he’s all of them rolled into one. He’s the original and the best.” Joining Garth for his first public US appearance in many years is Peter Hampson, whose father, Frank, created Dan Dare in 1950 and Larry Lieberman, Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin Comics

       ‘Cos it would be cool if you could !



    38. I hope you guys can get an interview with Morrison. 

    39. OK. You got the Noobster for the party. See you there!


      ps – My wife will be in attendance with me! 

    40. Ill be going its gonna be great. Its a shame though I will only be making it on friday (even though I got the 3-day pas…) anyway ya ill be seeing the pope on saturday and sunday (which is not a bad thing). WEll at least I get to go at all lol.

    41. My god I would love to go to one of these Comic Cons one day….. just need to find a quick and easy way into America

    42. I will be at both the Con and the get together if my 98 Camry makes the trek, got my 3-day so I’m all set there. Also, thanks to Marbles for pointing out the Dan Dare session as I’ll be there even if the iFanboy crew isn’t.

    43. Saw you guys…couldnt say hi my friend was going crazy trying to find a master chief figure of all things plus…well ya ok bye.

    44. Just got back from the meet-up.  It was great meeting you guys in person!  We’ll see you around!

    45. Me and the missus just got back from Lansdowne for the "after party" and IT WAS AWESOME! The boys were there and all 3 of them were VERY COOL!

      Josh, Ron, and Conor all took time to just hang and bullshit about whatever u wanted. 

      Everyone from the Ifanbase, male and female, were very cool to meet and bullshit about comics, life, and everything with. This was an awesome night. It’s not every day you can walk into a bar and talk about your favorite series, or trade, or hardcover. Now that I have met them, I feel personally vested in the success of Ifanboy.com. GREAT JOB GUYS!

      ps- A special "Thank You" to Ron. I will send the email tommorow. 😉

      p.p.s- If the Ifanboy train rolls in to your town, I highly recommend going to meet them.


    46. Just got back from the show, what a great time! Wish I could have gone to the Lansdowne get together, but my group was a little tired after 10+ hours on our feet, I’m glad to hear people had fun though. Didn’t get a chance to say hello to the fellas…just a quick shout out at Ron, but I could see they were busy rolling w/ Paper & who I think was the new intern, getting us all some of that great footage we like to see. Can’t wait for the video show to see all the stuff I probably missed.

    47. It was great meeting so many people at the Con.  People who’s names I have convienently forgotten from drinking too much booze.  But it was nice chatting with everyone.  Really a bunch of nice people.  Thanks everyone.