If You Liked ‘Tank Girl’… You’ll Love This?

In late May, our friends over at Isotope discovered what Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett’s latest published work was… a series of vibrators.

Now, a little less than a month later, Boing Boing picks up on it, as well as Pitchfork, and James gloats.

And this whole meme begs the question, if you pay $300 dollars for a Jamie Hewlett designed vibrator, once you own it, what do you do with it? Do you actually use it? Or do you just put it on a shelf and look at it?


  1. It’s a little weird for a comics guy to be boasting so about his new line of vibrators that look like cigar tubes, but you never know what people will do for some press these days.

    I think this also begs the question: does he include this on his resume from now on?