IDW Makes Comics… and a Profit

On the heels of last week’s question about Crossgen, I happened across this story about the financial state of comic publisher, IDW. Where Crossgen focused on coming up with new properties, IDW has found success by licensing mainstream properties to publish in comic book form. Obviously, with properties like CSI, 24, Star Trek and The Transformers, the market become a lot larger than most comics are used to.

It’s funny because I don’t really hear about these books all that much. Of course, I’ve heard of 30 Days of Night, but there’s very little buzz on their licensed TV properties, and I rarely see them talked about on the forums here. Conor read the CSI/Rich Johnston story, but that’s about it.

Many years ago, I bought an issue of The Shield from this very publisher, because I was knee deep in the DVD’s of the series, and would have bought any new story I could get my hands on. Well, at least I bought the first issue. I actually couldn’t believe it was as bad as it was. It was almost as if they figured the property was enough to sell the book, and eschewed story and art entirely. I guess that works on the first issue, but I’m guessing the drop off for the second issue was enormous. It would appear that they have learned from those days. If anyone is reading any of these books, please share.

Either way, I’m glad to see an independent comic book company getting noticed for their ability to generate income, which means that they’re bringing money into comic shops, which is good for all of us.


  1. I’m reading the Star Trek comics that IDW is putting out. I’m a huge trek fan, but that’s not the reason I keep coming back. These stories are really good. I don’t read any of the other properties of IDW

  2. Cripes, that first sentence about caused me to have a heart attack. I loves me some IDW. The production values on their books is fantastic. Totally worth the $4 a pop. Glad this article is in a positive light. That being said, I’m not particularly interested in the licensed properties. The stuff like Supermarket and Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse rock my face though.

  3. My wife read several of the Silent Hill books and seemed to like them. I read “30 Days of Night” several years ago and liked it, but I was never very jazzed to read any of the multiple sequels. I also tried the Transformers: Beast Wars book, but I found it confusing and didn’t seem to fit in with the TV show, which had a very definite continuity.

  4. Yes!!! Ashley Wood does art for them. The covers of Doomed and all of Zombies vrs Robots. I dig his stuff and hope he always gets work.

  5. I got the first Metal Gear Adaptation done by ashley wood… I played the game and loved the story but I picked it up because of the beautiful Ashely Wood digital paintings.

    I also have the first three trades of 30 days.. 30 days, dark days and return to barrow… those are some good stories.

  6. Metal Gear Solid has been awesome, it’s barely bi-monthly though