I’d suspected it for so long

Superman is a dick.

This mocks Doom! Doom is way more of a dick than Superman will ever be!

Doom feels under appreciated.


  1. haha that’s funny stuff.

    the Silver Age is funny

  2. Access to that server is… FORBIDDEN!

    Must have been Farked.

  3. I thought Cyclops was the dick?

  4. leave Cyke alone

  5. cyclops IS a dick

  6. Huzzah!

  7. He has a lot of responsibility, cut the guy some slack.

  8. He is constantly in a foul mood because of his crushing sense of responsibility? There is no deeper trauma at work there?

  9. he’s not *constantly* in a foul mood.

  10. Pretty much. I started reading X-Men comics again after the movie came out in 2000, and I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t. Of course, I dropped them all (except Ultimate X-Men) a while back.

  11. I don’t know what Jean ever saw in him. He was Darren to her Samantha.

    And he hated Logan for what Logan is.


  12. Scott went — pretty much seemlessly — from hot red head to hot blonde english chick. If that doesn’t put one in a happier mood nothing will.

  13. Darren was at least funny.

  14. I bought X-Men comics all through the first half of the 90s, he was surly then too.

    Whether you want to call it surly or overly serious, dude needs to lighten up. Unless he has a good reason for it that I’m not aware of. If he does, I’ll get off his back.

  15. yeah, I read the phoenix saga, and he was surly then. That’s like late 70’s early 90’s.