I love the smell of pull lists in the morning! New Comics for 04/02/08!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Secret Invasion #1 will be the highest pulled book this week. Prove me wrong, true believers!

Bonus Question: Where you at? I am currently typing from iFanboy HQ, Brooklyn, NY, United States of America, Earth


  1. Shit!  I knew this was going to happen when I got the "8 book" limit from my fiance last month.  There was going to be a big week where I was going to want a billion things.  I thought, "Oh, I can handle it."  I was wrong.  Now the moral pondery:  Do I tell her, do I not say anything, or do I ask for permission to go over my limit?  Oh geez… 🙂

    Most looking forward to Scalped and Nightwing this week.  Also, I’m interested to see how the first issue of Secret Invasion is going to be.  Oh, and Action Comics.  I heart that book.

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  2. Been looking forward to Secret Invasion since the Elektra reveal.. my main quandry is wether to read it first or save it for last.

     I usually put my most anticipated books at the bottom of the pile but.. I dont know I can make myself wait.

  3. I’ve got a relatively small stack this week and they’re all books I’m really enjoying.  I’d bet Walking Dead will be my favorite book this week but I don’t see a weak link.  Good week!


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  4. I’m buying: Brit #5
                     Kick-ass #2
                     Detective comics #843
                     Walking Dead # 48

    I’m most looking forward to walking dead #48, This storu arc is just awsome. No one is safe!

    BQ: I am in my room, getting ready for bed because it’s almost midnight here in Belgium. Antwerp, Belgium for the people that are interested. 

  5. As I am typing this in my room in sunny Valencia, CA, this seems like a "eh" comic week for me. I’m looking at my pull list and there’s nothing really that stands out other than the last issue of Trials of Shazam and of course Secret Invasion but who isn’t looking forward to that? Even I got suckered into it…




  6. though i feel like the build up was taking a bit too long, and the timeline is already muddled, i’m definately looking forward to Secret Invasion.

    Am I the only one who thought the BND mess could’ve been avoided if they just waited until Secret Invasion instead?

  7. I may be one of the only people skipping out on Secret Invasion. I hope I won’t regret that decision. I’m most looking forward to Detective Comics due to Dini, loves him.

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  8. OK, I’m more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy. I only get Amazing Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Line, if I just get the main Secret Invasion books, will that be enough to understand the story?

  9. Oops, forgot the BQ. Currently at my house in Mastic Beach, Long Island, NY, USA

  10. I’m buying SI #1 to see if I’ll like it enough to go for the trade. My feelings towards Marvel events took a turn when we first met Clor in Civil War. Remember that kick in the nuts? Since then, I have learned to wait till the last issue comes out. This plan worked well for World War Hulk. I avoided that whole thing. If the reviews are pretty good, I’ll drop it for a trade.

    Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

  11. Looks like a hell of a good week.  Some of the comics I’m looking forward to include:

    Abe Sapien: The Drowning
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Action Comics (conclusion of the Legion of Superheroes)
    Detective Comics
    Jonah Hex
    New Dynamix (I liked the 1st issue)
    Walking Dead
    Kick Ass
    Secret Invasion
    The Twelve
    Ultimates 3
    Young Avengers Presents
    Project Superpowers

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  12. Also not much of a Marvel person.  I’ve just finished the most recent Ultimate Spiderman trade and now anxiously await vol. 20, but I don’t buy any regular Marvel books.  Not sure why…?  Anyway, looking forward to Nightwing and Detective Comics this week.

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  13. I’m enough of a Marvel fan to give "Secret Invasion" a try, though I’ve sworn off any tie-ins to books I’m not already reading.  Will see how long that lasts. 

    Otherwise, I’m getting Logan, and Cable, and Buffy.  Despite being a major X-fan, I’m not getting Young X-men unless I heard great things about it; and I don’t expect to hear great things.

    I’m currently sitting on a futon in the middle of my living room floor, because I just moved and don’t yet have (a) a couch or (b) a wireless router (so I have to be plugged in to the opposite wall).  But I’m very cozy.  And also in Richmond, Virginia, oddly enough.  Hey, we’ve got a lot of comics stores for a town this size and so, logically, a lot of fans.   

  14. Wow, awesome week for comics. I haven’t really payed attention to any of the books leading up to SI, except for the Captain Marvel’s mini which I thought was rather bland. Anyway, I’m interested to see what Bendis does, though I’m kicking myself for not picking up Secret Invasion Saga.

    Detective #843

    Kickass #2

    Logan #2

    Secret Invasion #1

    Twelve #4

    BQ: Wethersfield CT

  15.  Looking forward to several books this week. Top of the list have got to be SI#1 and Zorro. Also looking forward to Kick Ass and Logan. I’m going to stick it out with Clandestine till the end of the five issues but I am hoping that it picks up a bit of steam in this weeks issue. Not sure if Young X-men will be coming home with me or not but may pick it up if nothing else strikes me.

      bq: I’m in my pad in Victoria,BC,Canada 

  16. I’m not looking backward (i.e. not forward) to any book this week. Seriously. Secret Invasion? Buffy #13? Angel #6? Action Comics? Logan? Nightwing? Great, great week.

    BQ: I’m currently in my room, #44, in house A, in Tenaya, at Muir College, on UCSD, in La Jolla, in California, United States, North America… Etc. etc. etc.

  17. @Supermanfan:

    According to Bendis, if you read just the main mini you get the whole thing, it’s like buying just the bare bones DVD single disc edition.

     If you get SI+ the Avengers books, thats the extended director’s cut.


    If you get all the tie-ins, thats the 5 disc blade runner briefcase edition. 

  18. @Balefuego I find the five disc Blade Runner excessive. I don’t have that kind of money… Good analogy.

  19. Crossing my fingers that Secret Invasion will live up to expectations.  Also looking forward to Kick Ass and Nightwing.

     BQ:  in my home in St. Louis, Missouri, although more than half of the state would say Missourah.

  20. Marvel has me bought hook, line and sinker. I have been looking forward to SI for months. I have 13 comics on my pull list this week. My newest addition is Detective Comics. I dropped the title a while ago but have been hearing good things about Dini (and his support of iFanboy) so I am going to give it another go. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed. By the way, has anyone checked out the SI prologue on marvel.com under the digital comic section????


    BQ-Newark, DE. and yes there is a Newark, DE. (Conor, Ron and Josh:) 

  21. I can’t believe Secret Invasion is coming already.  Very excited for that and a pretty big week all around. 


    BQ: I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop in Elizabethtown, PA. 

  22. Kick Ass and Logan in the same week!!! These 2 books left me on the edge of my seat after the first issues. I can’t wait to see what happens; great covers on both (especially Kick Ass). Plus G.I. Joe WWIII is coming to an end which is exciting. So far Cobra is kicking ass; check this story arc out if you have ever like G.I. Joe in any capacity (comics, cartoons, toys). Finally, Everybody’s Dead continues after an very fun first issue. If you like zombies, romance and comedy (i.e. Shaun of the Dead) all rolled into one; check out this book. Just disappointed I won’t be able to get my books until Thursday or Friday.

  23. BQ: Studying for my final exams at Caribou Coffee. Now, back to the books.

  24. Not… buying… secret… invasion.  God I hate events. God I hate Marvel events. And God I don’t care who’s a skrull.


    Looking forward to Walking Dead aaaaand Zatanna in Detective comics.


    BQ: Sittin’ on the couch with my laptop here in rainy rainy orland park, IL. 

  25. What a week for books!  Many that I’m looking forward to, but none as much as AIT/Planetlar’s indy book Holmes.  It is described as Sherlock Holmes meets Leaving Las Vegas, with Dr. Watson as Holmes’ Dr. Gonzo.  I can’t wait!

     Bonus Question:  Sitting in my Tiki Hut here in Boston with a refreshing Tiki mug in hand! 

  26. It looks like a good week.

    Action Comics #863
    Amazing Spider-Man #555

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13

    Logan #2 (OF 3)

    Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8)

    Trials Of Shazam #12 (OF 12)

     Can anyone tell me about Zeb Wells? I am very tempted to skip this Spider-man arc. I haven’t been crazy about Bachalo since Generation X. X-Men gave me a headache.

    BQ: At home on the couch watching baseball, well videogame baseball anyway… 

  27. Picking up six books this week, definite first reads will be Scalped and Walking Dead, looking forward to seeing what the second issues will bring for Zorro and Kick-Ass.

     BQ:  Avoiding Dancing with the Stars downstairs, so I’m upstairs typing away in the office in Columbus, Ohio.


  28. Lots of goodness this week! I’m not buying into the Secret Invasion hype and will be staying away. I’m definitely looking forward to Kick Ass #2 and Twelve #4. Also I’ll be dropping my one and only DC book this week since the Action Comics arc is ending.

    BQ: Sweating in the Heart of Texas 

  29. Lots and lots of great stuff this week – Boys, Walking Dead (my top 2 current ongoings), Kick Ass, new American Splendor, Scalped, new Buffy, end of Trials of Shazam and the Legion arc in Action, Logan, Detective, new Angel (last issue won me over)… probably the best week of comics so far this year — and that’s saying a heck of a lot.

    Oh… and Secret Invasion. While I’m stoked, I’m trying to lower my expectations so I won’t be horribly disappointed – have to remember it’s only the first of what, 6 or 7, issues? I’m not expecting the moon, but a good hook will go a long way.

    BQ: Spare room/computer room in beautiful Laurel, Md., located between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, where, for whatever reason, there’s an abundance – some would say overabundance – of comic stores.

  30. I knew Secret Invasion was coming soon, but I didn’t realize it was here already! My hopes are high, high, high. Mr. Bendis is a favorite of mine, so I’m basically beside myself for the first time in a while.

    Besides that… man, waiting for Heinberg to come back to Young Avengers looks like it was a pretty big mistake. Those characters were really poised to catch on, I thought, and now I’m sort of halfheartedly optimistic.

    I’m not dropping anything, but Cable is in a new category, "Am I Really Picking This Up Now?" Watch this space.

    BQ: I’m in my living room in the heart of the Gateway City, trying to decide between the book on the coffee table and the movie in the DVD player. 

  31. Amazing Spider-Man #555

    Cemetery Blues #3 (awesome!)

    Dark Tower Long Road Home #2 (OF 5)

    Detective Comics #843

    Gi Joe Americas Elite #34

    Jonah Hex #30

    Kick Ass #2

    Logan #2 (OF 3)

    Night O/T Living Dead Bag Set

    Project Superpowers #2 (OF 6)

    Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8)

    Twelve #4 (OF 12)

    Walking Dead #48

    Young Avengers Presents #3 (OF 6)


    BQ: @ my shag pad in Marlton, south NJ, USA 

  32. Man, I can’t believe I’m was the first one to pull Archibald Saves Easter.  Didn’t anyone read Archibald Saves Christmas?  I was only dissappointed when the story ended.  When I heard there would be an Easter issue I was overjoyed! 

    BQ: Naples, FL  

  33. @patio: I’d reccomend checking out the preview for the Wells/Bachalo Spidey, it’s honestly the best work I’ve seen from him in a long time. Much much cleaner than his recent X-Men stuff.

  34. Slowest week in some time, but Secret Invasion and a Jodi Bernet issue of Jonah Hex are Look-Forward-to-Able. Apparently I’m alone in being underwhelmed by Logan, which I’ll be skipping.

  35. @itsbecca Is that because YOU are a Skrull?

  36. Angel After The Fall #6
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13
    Moon Knight #17
    Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8)
    Trials Of Shazam #12 (OF 12)
    Twelve #4 (OF 12)
    Young Avengers Presents #3 (OF 6)
    Young X-Men #1

    BQ: I’m chillin’ in lovely Los Angeles and watching last week’s Smallville. 

  37. Definately eagerly awaiting the conclusin of trials of shazam, its been an awesome book.  Excited about logan and kick ass.  pretty curious about secret invasion, I was really digging Yu’s work on new avengers.  Gonna check out young x-men, even if its no good I’m sure I’ll stick it out for way too long because thats what I do.  Pretty sure I am dropping moon knight this week, but we will see when I get to the store and peek through it.  total of 13 books this week, not bad. 

    Bonus:  typing in from Corning, NY where there is a lot of glass.  Look on the bottom of your plates 

  38. Action Comics #863

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13

    Countdown To Final Crisis #4

    Jonah Hex #30

    Kick Ass #2

    Nightwing #143

    Project Superpowers #2 (OF 6)

    Zorro #2

    Looking forward to most of my books.  I am not looking forward to Countdown and Project Superpowers, which is on the chopping block.  I also don’t care about Secret Invasion.  Cool concept, but I have not liked any of Marvel’s big evens in the last few years.

    BQ: At work in Ann Arbor MI 

  39. Most looking forward to: Kick Ass, Logan, Action Comics, Buffy, Walking Dead, and Trials of Shazam.

    I liked the first issue of Zoro, but I feel the second issue really has to prove it self.

    Angel is on the teetering edge, but I care too much about the story to acknowledge how shitty the art is.

    Omega the Unkown is crazy cool, I suggest picking it up when it comes out in graphic novel form.

    And I’m pretty damn excited about Secret Invasion. So yeah.

    BQ:I’m currently being warmed up by my laptop in my living room in Graham, Washington (state), U.S. of A. 

  40. Holy crap. This week snuck up on me. Both in number of titles I am pulling and the quality. New Nightwing, Waking Dead, Action Comics, Kick Ass and Buffy? Already?
    Didn’t these come out a few weeks ago? Yeesh.
    BQ: At home, sitting in my living room. Watching Top Chef, posting from my beloved city of Chicago.

    @PV Nah. I was underwhelmed by Logan as well. Terribly average. I could wait for the trade.

  41. Kick ass #2 has to be at the top, although invasion is in there, as well as nightwing which is surprisingly good at the mo, oooh ooh and the trials of shazam finally finishes….HAPPY DAY, although living in england i have to wait til thurs to get my comic fix!!!! damn the mail, danm it to hell woop woop

    BQ: sat in a college classroom ‘supporting students’ as they work hard on coursework, man i love my life

    The Brit in a Hat

  42. Besides Walking Dead, not a big week.  Two titles on life support with me (Boys and Casanova) and Kick Ass #2 round out my light week.

    BQ: The Windy City in which the wind kept me awake most of last night. 

  43. Detective is all I’m looking forward to this week – good time to grab a random back issue or two.


    BQ: Delaying the inevitable start of the workday here in Rhode Island (pronounced Row Dylun). 

  44. I’m most looking forward to Secret Invasion. I read the free preview on line, and it pretty much jumps right in to the meat.

    BQ: At work, in Manhattan.

  45. Amazing Spidey 555: I hate how they got there, but Brand New Day is great Spidey stuff so far.

    The Boys 17: Still great, really rootin for Wee Hughie to get some action.

    Cable 2: Hasn’t really grabbed me yet, I think Olivetti’s art is better suited for Heavy Metal Magazine, but I’ll give it another couple issues, cuz I need to know if this baby’s gonna play more of a part than just a piece of mushy jewelry.

    Detective 843: Only buying it if Dini is writing it. Is he?

    Kick-Ass 2: The name says it all.

    Logan 2: WWBKVD? It doesn’t matter what he would do, it’s always good.  Even though this kind of story has been told a thousand times, I love it so far.

    Secret Invasion 1: Here we go… don’t eff this up Marvel.

    The Twelve 4: Something about the characters in this book really draw me in. It’s the same feeling I get when I’m watching Nip/Tuck.

    Walking Dead 48: Is Rick gonna die soon or what?

    Young Avengers Presents 3: I love these characters so much, I might have to rent The O.C. Dammit.

    Young X-Men: I got shivers when the kids got their uniforms in New X-Men so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now.

    BQ: In Children’s Book Design class ignoring my professor who keeps asking me why I don’t have my sketchbook open.

  46. @ActualButt: yeah he’s writing it!!

  47. @Ben0Burgenig The art in this weeks Angel won’t be so bad, they have guest artists. It’s usually the worst drawn book out that I really, really love. 🙂

    Looking forward to Buffy as well, really love the arc so far. 

    And I’m in Bendis’ RDF, so I really can’t see how Secret Invasion could be nothing less than the best book of the week. 

     BQ: On my girlfriends bed, defying the good weather outside. That’s in Berlin, Germany of course, which means I’ll have to wait for my comics a bit longer than most of you guys.

  48. Amazing Spider-Man #555

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13

    Cable #2

    Detective Comics #843

    Secret Invasion #1

    Young X-Men #1 (even though I’m terrified of the art)

    BQ: I am here at the lovely University of Maryland.

  49. IDW is publishing a second printing of Locke & Key #1 this week. Its worth checking out.

  50. I love the smell of pull lists in the morning too!  You know what smell I don’t like?  People in the cubes next to me eating an hour before I do and having food that shoots smells over my cube that make me want to vomit.

  51. It’s truly a great week for art…

    Pete woods on infinity Inc.

    Bachalo on Spider-man

    JrJr on KickAss

    Leinil Yu on Secret Invasion

    Gary Frank, Eduardo Risso, Rags Morales, Jordi Bernet

    Dodson (well, on covers) 

    A lot of big names!!!  

  52. I’m also looking forward to Countdown Special: Kamandi Giant. I didn’t know this was coming out until I filled out the pulling list. This was the story from the last two weeks of Countdown reprinting  the Jack Kirby work of the original.

  53. Oh, I forgot… I’m at work.

     Lot’s of great stuff coming this week.  Highlights include:

    Action Comics #863

    Amazing Spider-man #555

    Countdown To Final Crisis #4

    Nightwing #143

    Trials Of Shazam #12

    But I think the first book I will read will be KickAss #2!

    I just picked up #1 the other day on the Ifanboy’s reccomendation and I loved it!


  54. I’m pretty excited about the conclusion of the Action Comics storyline.

    Kick Ass and Zorro too.  Nifty!!!

    Is this really the first Remender Atom?  I thought that he started last month?

    I’m at work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  55. Amazing Spider-Man #555 Countdown To Final Crisis #4 Detective Comics #843 Logan #2 (OF 3) Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8) Young Avengers Presents #3 (OF 6) 

    My top 3 comics are Secret Invasion Logan and spider man

    BQ: In my hose in KC, MO BBQ cap of the world!

  56. Action Comics is going to be the pick of the week, just edging out Secret Invasion.


    BQ–Rockford, Illiniois in my home office with my mastiff, Thor, warming my feet.

  57. @CAM – The first Remnder ALL NEW ATOM was last month.

  58. THanks Conor I thought so…I’ll have to track that down.

  59. Most looking forward to Trial of Shazam and Secret Invasion.  Dropping Supergirl.  On the fence about Ravan.


    BQ: At my computer, in my bedroom, in my home, in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

  60. Pretty big week for comics 

    For Me…


    Amazing Spider-Man #555

    Cable #2

    Detective Comics #843

    Logan #2 (OF 3)

    Zorro #2

    New Avengers Hc Vol 02

    (plus i will be picking up green lantern based on your recommedation)


    For My Brother…


    New Exiles #4

    Project Superpowers #2 (OF 6)

    Punisher War Journal #18

    Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8)

    Young Avengers Presents #3 (OF 6)


    For my Girlfriend…


    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13

    Young X-Men #1


    BQ: I’m at work (I work at a Chase Bank in Bensenville, IL) while at lunch.

  61. Typing this from my office in sunny Sherman Oaks, California, right across from the Galleria made famous in 80’s songs about Valley Girls…


    I’m most psyched about Secret Invasion because whether or not it’s a trainwreck, it has the significance of being an event that Bendis has apparently been building toward for years now.


    I’m also very interested in Ellis’ new "modern-pulp" heroine, Anna Mercury.


    And, I think I have to pick up the complete TPB of Jenny Finn from Boom! Studios. Glad someone’s finally collected the whole thing. 

  62. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking forward to Secret Invasion and Logan this week.

    BQ: typing from home, New Bedford, MA. 

  63. Didn’t I see the next queen and country definitive was coming out?

  64. The next Queen and Country looks like it’s the 16th, at least on Amazon.

  65. Oni Press also says 4/16 for Q&C Vol. 2.

  66. Really looking forward to the Kick Ass #2, and also being sucked into Secret Invasion, bring on the variant covers!

    BQ:Sitting at my desk, London, England

  67. Amazing Spider-Man #555
    Cable #2
    Logan #2 (OF 3)
    Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8)
    Young X-Men #1

    I am mostly lookinf forward to Secret Invasion. I am giving young X-Men a couple of issues to see how it is.

    Depending on how this issue of Cable goes, I may drop it.

     BQ: I am sitting at my desk at work in Round Rock, TX (just north of Austin).

  68. Only bought Secret Invasion, The Twelve, and Kick-Ass.  All were good.

     On a laptop at work in Hazard, KY.