‘World of WarCraft’ Addiction: I Know Their Pain

It’s a well known fact that the three of us at iFanboy are all recovering World of Warcraft addicts.

And since it’s been a bit slow around here lately, this comic made me laugh mightily.

I’m no kidding when I say addict. I think I really got a glimpse into hardcore compulsive behavior and depend on pain relief using essential oils. And I miss it. There are days when I just think it would be about the best thing to log on again. I daresay that if we hadn’t gotten off the WoW wagon sooner, this iFanboy community might be a lot less than it is today.

All that being said, it would just be the best thing in the world if there was an iFanboy guild out there.

Oh, there goes the twitch again.


  1. I couldn’t deal with WoW, but City of Heroes owned a pretty healthy portion of my leisure time for a while. I thought I was out, but when I upgraded my computer the first thing I thought was, “Ooh, no more lag time on missions!” I hadn’t played in a year.

    Not a week goes by that I don’t think about trying Second Life, but I fear I would pretty much disappear down a hole if I did.

  2. Definitely, everyone come over to Cenarius Server!

  3. Oh yeah, and the comic is funny too, though I can only dream of my wife actually playing WoW!

  4. I’ve seen my friends be taken by the WOW, I might have to, had I not had a crappy computer that I got for $100. Who knew it’d save me…

  5. When I got my macbook pro, that was among the first things I thought. But I didn’t want to subscribe again. Or lose all my free time.

  6. I quit right befor BC came out. Maybe some people can make a healthy balance of how much they play, but I’m naturally competitive, so I was pretty much all or nothing. It was eating away at everything else I liked to do. That and 40mans bored me to death.

  7. It is really about finding a group that let’s you balance it how you want. I have a great group of friends that several are on every night, but if I’m not, they don’t stress. If we want to run something ,we do, if not, we chat while soloing. If we want to hit an instance, we might plan ahead, but basically, no one gets their underwear tied up and none of us are uber competitive.

  8. I think what saved my life was having a PC prone to freezing in the game. I was embarrassed to join a group of my friends because I had a good chance of letting them down, and leveling alone, well, you might as well just be playing Tetris in hell.

  9. *Twitch*Twitch*

    No. I really don’t want to play anymore.

    I do not.


    I don’t.


  10. Ah Warcraft addiction I know it well. I used to have a severe case of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft addiction myself and as soon as I saw the first World of WarCraft trailer I knew it would take me!

    However, I restrained myself one of my friends got it and I stayed over at his place for a week playing the game with him. After that week I knew I had to stay away from it, comics is addicting enough I don’t need to deal with this in my life because I know how easily I could get hooked and having seen my friend play it for countless hours only confirmed this.

    But one day I might give in to temptation and buy it (and by might I mean one day I will pick it up!) and be on the bandwagon that has picked up the world as a hitchhiker.

  11. Hello, my name is Ben, and I had a problem. I’ve been clean for nearly a year now, and thanks to the reconstruction to my love life, my social life, and my overall self worth, I’ve been able to stay clean.

    To say that WoW was an obsession is to put it lightly. It…it ran my life. A typical day would go like this: Get up, go to work, get home at 3:00, play WoW and forget to eat, go to bed at 12:00. Rinse and repeat.

    Thankfully, I found the will to quit after server crashes and much dickery on my server. That and I met a girl whose threats of castration have kept me straight.

    I will admit that I have the occasional flashback of pwning some noob or finally rolling successfully on a rare drop, but then I think of the children. Never forget the children.

    I’ve been lucky to find a replacement to my WoW addiction, and it too has made a difference in keeping me straight. Comics have been my saving glory. They are far more socially acceptable and take much less time. And let me tell you that scoring that ultra rare title is just as good as the PvP armor set…almost.

  12. The only game I miss playing is City of Heroes…

    I miss you League of Extraordinary Heroes Legion 1 Member, Jiece!!!

  13. I tried to play City of Villains a few months after quitting WoW, but I only lasted an hour or so. The play style wasn’t doing it for me at all, and I was just thinking that I might as well have been playing WoW.

    Here’s to you my lvl. 60 Paladin dwarf. Long may you rest.