I Defy You To Be More Creeped Out Today: Pregnant Batman

I'm not sure I can go on with comics after I've seen this.  I'm sorry, and I'll miss you all.



I'm not sure if thank you is the right term, but it came from The Daily What.


  1. What the FUCK?! I just threw up a little.

  2. You guys really haven’t been around certain segments of fandom if that shocks you.  Believe me, there’s worse!

  3. Wow, this really is shocking – that sun’s way too close to Earth 🙂

  4. i thought only someone like wonder woman has a strong enough uterus to carry his kid

  5. A story from Earth-Finally

  6. I’m guessing they chose the moon to have their baby in order to get away from the unflattering lens of the paparazzi and the prying eyes of the American public. Let them have their love in peace!

  7. Well, this is clearly inaccurate, as the most recent Superman movie clearly established that Clark is a deadbeat dad.  He’d be sneaking off to the Phantom Zone or something the second he caught sight of that.

  8. This is just wrong, very very wrong. This is more disturbing than Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video. Ughhh

  9. This is so awesome, so wrong, and so awesome.

  10. Oh no, no, no!!!! This is just wrong…

  11. :O riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight excuse me while my head explodes…

  12. I hope it’s a girl.

  13. As awesome as i found this someone should find the artist and at least put him on some form of medication

  14. Well I guess no one ever said that can’t happen…

  15. Yeah, since I defy this, I’m going to say that this is an Elseworlds tale where Wonder Woman became Batwoman and wears a full cowl.

  16. @ ThomasKaters 

    "A story from Earth-Finally"

    You funny.

  17. I guess Bruce was tired of adopting.

  18. You know, this demonstrates what Morrison has been saying throughout his whole run: Batman can do anything. He is the best of humanity, and nothing is impossible for this man to accomplish. So you’re damn right that he would figure out how to get pregnant! I expect nothing less from the dark knight.

  19. This is screwed up and i don’t appreciate infusing Alien Nation into the DCU. =)

    i’ve seen and heard worse. Joe Shuster became a straight up erotic fetish cartoonist after he got effed out of the rights to Superman. They published a book on his stuff, but from what i heard, some of it was too extreme to even publish. 


  20. He’s gonna be a soccer player, yes he is.

  21. That was not what I wanted to see when I just woke up.

  22. Thanks for sharing, Do you know how much drinking I’m going to have to do to forget this image?

  23. This is all probably part of one of Batman’s elaborate plans to bring down crime, or something.

  24. Meh. I’ve seen worse.

  25. I’m reminded of Brodie’s "Man Of Steel coitus" argument from Mallrats. But like drakedangerz said, he’s Batman! He can find a way to maintain a Krytonian baby within his womb!

  26. great now i’m gonna need replacement eye surgery

  27. Batman is a cheating bastard!!! Come on, what about Robin? Dispicable!!!

  28. If this becomes a regular feature, I will love you all forever.

  29. That looks like a Robert Smigel cartoon in the making…

  30. I feel like this would make more sense if Supes was pregnant.

    Also… my eyes! MY EYES!

  31. I see the Bat’s mammary glands are developing just fine.

  32. Hmmm, just how the hell is Bruce going to fight crime like that and keep his secret identity?

    Also, I’m SO glad I bought that Batman Beyond annual, because I’m NEVER picking up another Batman/Superman title again.

  33. Is Superman the father?…or Robin?…or Conor?  😉

  34. So I’ve asked around, and apparently this type of fan art is common! It’s called M-Preg, and is very common in the Yaoi fan art circles.

  35. I wouldn’t mind it so much if Bruce didn’t have that "You complete me " grin on his faceoh between the two Bats is definitely a bottom

  36. Superman is going to be pissed when the baby is born half martian

  37. This is absurd!!! Everyone knows that only Chuck Norris is strong enough to bear the baby of Superman!

  38. Maybe it’s a beer belly?

  39.  @ChrisG

    "I guess Bruce was tired of adopting."


  40. How..how can I unsee this?!?

  41. Warner Bros should greenlit this movie also.