Human Target – S02E12 – The Trouble With Harry

On tonight's episode: Tony Hale and a horse!

Sorry, no video trailers available for this one. But trust me. A horse! 


As always, we look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.




  1. I had never seen this show before but it was this or Minute to Win It while I was eating dinner. It was actually pretty entertaining!

  2. Wasn’t there just a new Human Target on this Monday. Why do they keep f-ing with the schedule? It’s like they want this show to fail.

  3. @THX7168  And yet it did strong numbers when it aired on Monday this week.

  4. @conor  it did better than Chuck?! NO!

    I love the opening of this episode. Tony Hale always adds a dash of awesome to any show he’s on. Loved his run on the aforementioned Chuck, especially his exit! lol

  5. 13 Episodes?! oh well, i hope FOX brings it back. this show is a throwback fun ride.

  6. Another strong episode!

  7. Lots of fun.  Not sure at this point what I think about the back and forth storytelling.  this is like the 6th epsiode they’ve done it with.  Love the show though.