Human Target – S01E09 – Corner Man

Tonight's Episode – Corner Man

I've been reading the Peter Milligan Human Target Vertigo series and it's AWESOME, so I'm even more psyched for tonight's episode because I've fully immersed myself in the word of Christopher Chance.



As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Is there gonna be a vault segment on on the comic book Human Target?  Heck you guys should do a show on all the comics that have gone to TV insead of Film.  Human Target,  The Middleman, The Tick, Smallville.


    Either way, look forward to antother night of sharing quips and observations with you Conor.

  2. I’m finishing up dinner so I’ll be coming late to the liveblog. Watching the show, though.

  3. I think every show I’ve watched this week has this kind of "SCENE!….Flashback" opening

  4. Wyndam Earle!

  5. Chance doesn’t have 1.8M?  How much does he pocket from all this?

  6. This guy is either clinically a moron or he’s obfuscating stupidity on a whole new level

  7. I wouldn’t be afraid a man in bootcut jeans

  8. Uh oh, looks like really did get dummyrocked

  9. This fight is apparently taking place in the SGC

  10. Okay, I’m back.

    I like it when they show some physical strain in these shows. I like that occasionally, the hero gets hit and there are consequences.

  11. "Do you know who I am?"

    "….Tanith? James Watson? I dunno dude you’ve played a lot of roles"

  12. There’s always a evil British dude behind things like this.

  13. Ava Khan… very close to Ava Braun.

  14. In a comic book she’d be the daughter of a Fu Manchu analogue with that name

  15. Chance is punch drunk!

  16. This would be better if it was set in the kumate.

  17. "What makes you think I’d help Eddie or you?"

    "I’m ruggedly handsome"

  18. Anybody else miss Battlestar Galactica

  19. @Dugrex: I don’t. It was a good run but it was time to end. I was done with it. I don’t even have any interest in CAPRICA.

  20. TWIST!

  21. What’s this world coming to when you can’t trust low life criminals?

  22. Man, how many days do these guys get to recover after these fights?

  23. @conor Caprica to me is a completely different type of show.  I am enjoying it for its own merits.  It is much more of a soap opera then BG was, but still a well written soap opera.  I find it easier to not associate it with Battlestar in anyway.

  24. Guerro has been reading those mini-psych books they sell in Barnes&Noble

  25. And Chance fell right into that honeytrap like a pro.

  26. Any word yet on whether Human Target is coming back?

  27. @Dugrex: No word either way.

  28. I swear Mark Valley is cursed.  I am still missing Keen Eddie.  I guess it is no wonder I miss BG after only a year.  Keen Eddie must have been off for at least 5.

  29. Thats some good shooting 
  30. Lesson learned tonight – when the show is mostly punching and kicking, there is less to talk about.

  31. @Dugrex: KEEN EDDIE was a great show. As for this show, viewership has been pretty steady — 7-8 million viewers per episode.

  32. Its a good thing that this illegal, underground fight has clear rules

  33. There are only two more episodes after this, by the way.

  34. @Heroville: The niceties must be observed.

  35. It’s very odd seeing Grace Park in evening dresses, that’s Tricia Helfer’s job! :-p 

    This has been an enjoyable episode so far. 

  36. Bones promos always make me smile

  37. I am chanting KUMATE KUMATE KUMATE

  38. Grace Park’s hair has been a disaster this week.

  39. Pretty soon Chance is going to have a girl in every city.

  40. The hair would be fine if this was set in 1985.

  41. @Dugrex …so then this really is a 70s action show?

  42. Do you think Michael Rapport was too busy to take that part?


  43. Oh! I just realized where I know the Bag Guy from! He was a bad guy on Stargate SG-1 for a bit and he was just recently the Police Chief (Or maybe "FBI" guy) on CAPRICA. 

    @Conor On Twitter I just said she had 80s Beauty Pageant Contestant hair going on this episode. It’s like… New Jersey Big. 

  44. "You wanna know why I come with you on these things? Because I spent the entire pilot in the office set and I told the producers to give me something more interesting to do or I was walking."

  45. Tia Carrere?  Beauiful woman after beautiful woman

  46. I do wish it was a little more serialized

  47. @Dugrex: If it was it would fail.

  48. It’s gonna fail anyway, why not have a loyal following that will buy dvds.  Not many dvd sales in this shows future I think.

  49. Having said that I like it very much.  It isn’t like anything else I watch, and as far as I am concerned the best cast on television.

  50. It came out on top of its night last week, and the ratings seem to be universally good.

  51. Thats good to hear.  I hope it comes back.

  52.  im sure it doesn’t hurt that it’s something for the guys to watch before the girlfriends make em watch american idol