Human Target – S01E08 – Baptiste

Tonight's Episode – Baptiste

Hey! The hot FBI agent from "Embassy Row" that had all kinds of sparks with Chance is back!



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Watched this episode last night. Loved the way they edited it, intertwining the final 4 minutes throughout the episode. Sadly, from all the build up, the ending was rather anti-climactic. I still loved it though. 🙂

  2. I’m going to be live blogging this until my dinner is delivered, then I’ll have to drop off… and hopefully return in time.

  3. This mugger is as aggressive as most of the bums in Seattle.

  4. This guy a really crappy thief, he looks more nervous than a bride at her wedding.

  5. They’re taking really good care to not have anyone overhear them but no one asking why they’re both bleeding?

  6. Impersonating police officers… And the felonies keep piling up!

  7. @Heroville: Everyong on the subway is on an iPod anyway. People could be openly discussing assassinating me and I wouldn’t hear them.

  8. Lets get dangerous…er!

  9. Handcuffs in the bedroom drawer… I knew she looked like she was fun.

  10. That poor bastard

  11. I love that we got a ittle bit of insight into the damage that interacting with Chance can cause. We usually don’t see what happens to the cops/FBI/etc. that help vigilantes/super secret agents.

  12. Don’t want to spoil anything, but we discover something about Guerrero later on in the episode. Would like to read what’s discussed about that.

  13. This Baptiste is like some sort of comic book supervillain or something

  14. By the way, and nothing is set in stone yet, but it looks like we’re going to get some interview time with the HUMAN TARGET cast at WonderCon.

  15. Can you please ask Jackie Earl Halie how he got to be so awesome? Is there like a class or seminar you can take?

  16. Ooops — dinner is here. Hold the line, Heroville! Hold the line until I get back!

  17. Awesome! Leila! I love her.

    Back to food.

  18. Will do


    Hey the tech girl is back

  19. Look at that, wall o’ crazy

  20. "Look the crime we want to committ is far smaller than you think it is"

  21. Baptiste stabs protocol in the neck!

  22. These rules apply to freelancing in all fields by the way.  :munches on a sandwhich left by someone named Julie:

  23. I wonder what kind of thoughts on wardrobe went through her head when she had to change for the break in?

  24. Oh, no! What happened to Agent Barnes!?

  25. That portrait has to be symbolic…which one of them has "fallen"?


    Oh no, not Barnes!

  26. @Heroville: It’s totally symbolic.

  27. Those two have got to be the worse mentors ever

  28. I like that they are expanding beyond the boy’s club. I hope that at least one of these chicks stick around.

  29. Some poor guy’s insurance premiums just went through the roof.

  30. Baptiste really sounds like a jilted lover


    Oh no, not Barnes!

  31. I also really like that there’s a gy like Baptiste out there… Chance’s evil double. It’s nice when there’s a formidible foe for our hero.

  32. Awesome, Bones is back!

  33. Yep Chance is totally Lucifer

  34. Ooooh — juicy, hinted at back story!

  35. @Heroville: Yep. Some kind of Reverse Lucifer.

  36. WHAT!

  37. Ooooh — juicy, explicit Guererro back story!

  38. I wonder if Guerro Jr goes around threathening bullies and hustling teachers

  39. So Chance, Baptiste, and Guererro all come from the same shadowy evil organization run by The Old Man, eh?

  40. @conor For some reason I’m imagining it going down like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

  41. @Heroville: I’ve been thinking that as well.

  42. This dude and watches…

  43. I hope Baptiste desn’t get killed…

    Or Barnes…

    Or Leila…

  44. The better have a seriously scary dude play The Old Man.

  45. Barnes should just let that woman blow up in the building.

  46. They have really good fight coordinators on this show.

  47. Ed Harris should play the Old Man

  48. I can’t think of any crime Jennifer Aniston could committ that would warrant being tracked down by a Bounter Hunter

  49. @Heroville: Ed Harris in some bad wig would be awesome.


  51. NOOOO!

  52. YESS!


  54. Awww, no date for Chance because he was too busy pulling a Batman.

  55. Barnes would make a great Eliza Mazda if they ever made a live action Gargoyles…not that they should ever make a live action Gargoyle but at the rate geek properties are being turned into movies they probably will.

  56. Guerrero is a bit of a Debbie Downer.

  57. Hey Grace Park and that guy from Highlander are in next week’s show

  58. Peter Wingfield who played Methos…  Good episode…actually great.  I’m totally onboard now.  There was so much going on in this episode.  Loved the handcuffs bit, Guerrero’s chat, and the addition of Layla.  Loved the guy who played Baptiste.  He’s good in everything he does.  I have to disagree with Conor and say that my guess is that "The Old man" will be someone who is more grandfatherly than scary, but will turn spooky.  My guess is that it will be Rick Springfield in a callback to the 80’s show.  Hopefully not Wilford Brimley.

  59. This was a great episode. I’m glad they brought back the FBI agent, she can be a real good foil for Chance if they wanna keep this relationship going. The assassin, played by Lennie James, is a great actor and I was happy to see him come back. He was on the show Jericho if anyone didn’t know.

    This is quickly becoming my new favorite show and it definitely seems like we’re getting closer to an overall plot. This old company Chance used to work for can’t stay in hiding forever. 

  60. This is show is at least 1000 times better than I though it would be.

    It puts the comic to shame if only for its all star cast, and they have the sweet chick from the last two seasons of The OC.

  61. @marshak75: Grandfatherly can be scary in the right context. See your own example of Wilford Brimley in THE FIRM.

  62. @conor.  To Tom Cruise:  "I know that you’ll do what you have to to protect the Firm and that you’ll start every morning with a big bowl of Quaker Oats."  I hope it’s someone like Chad Everett.  Hey, how about Ron Glass or Billy Connolly??

  63. Watched this yesterday. I really enjoy this show. it’s like a great B Action Movie every single week. I have a ton of fun with this show. Hope it lasts!

  64. I just watched out the last episode..