Human Target – S01E06 – Lockdown

Tonight's Episode – Lockdown

Last week's numbers spiked back up to almsot nine million viewers. That's a good sign for the future of the show. However, there hasn't been any word on more episodes yet and I believe that tonight's episode is the last of the batch of episodes there were produced. There is definitely no new episode scheduled for next week (there is a two hour American Idol instead).



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. You guys are probably on your own tonight. It’s a big night for the Olympics!

  2. @ conor: Just flip back in forth, the actual events take like 2 minutes each with fill in commentary anyways.

     Just caught up on this show on hulu, really excited about tonight. Human target is like 24 except with the fun level turned to 11

  3. Guys; don’y get dead


  4. NiteOwl, huh?

  5. Unsurprisingly, Chance is a horrible janitor

  6. Hey Fancy from the Jamie Foxx show

  7. @heroville: I knew she looked familiar!!! also, that computer girl looks really familiar too

  8. And there’s our bigger fish

  9. Good show I enjoyed it a lot. Loved the free fall through the elevator.

  10. Definitely watched the Olympics over this, though I’m excited to watch the DVRed episode soon.  Man, there were some crazy crashes in the Women’s Downhill event.

  11. @Neb: I know, right!?!

  12. Quality adventure television.  Reminded me a little of MacGyver.

  13. Gah, sorry I couldn’t participate tonight guys. I had work and completely forgot about it. But I DVR’d it, so I’ll give my thoughts later.

  14. There is a new episode scheduled in 3 weeks.

  15. This show should be called Christopher Chance vs. People Who Were on The X-Files.

    NiteOwl… nice.

  16. Ooooooh. The Old Boss. Back story!

  17. Chance should play Steve Rogers.

  18. This show hits the sweet spot for a forty-ish guy like me.  The whole show has a light-drama feel of a MacGuyver (Christopher Chance seems to know EVERYTHING) crossed over with the do-gooder-mercenary-for-hire feel of the A-Team (Chance is like Hannibal and Face rolled into one).  Every week is a new adventure with an undercurrent of a seemingly deep and elaborate, slowly-unfolding mystery/secret reminiscent of Bourne Identity with Bourne-like up-close hand-to-hand combat.  I’ve loved every episode so far and really, really hope that they don’t screw it up.  This is my new "can’t miss" show because I’m dropping Heroes–I’ve given them too many chances (hah!).

  19. @thescimiter: WAY too old.

  20. Pretty fun episode.  The show is good.