Human Target – S01E04 – Sanctuary

Tonight's Episode – Sanctuary

Human Target has proven, so far, to be one of the more fun action-adventure series to come out of the major networks in quite some time. Of course, FOX has seen fit to bounce it around the schedule like a hot potato. How have the ratings been?

Episode 1 – 10.09 million viewers
Episode 2 – 10.46 million viewers
Episode 3 – 9.60 million viewers

Those are pretty strong numbers that have been helped, no doubt, by the lead-in audience from American Idol. Tonight's numbers will be interesting. If this level of viewship holds I'd expect to see a full season pick-up announcement soon.


As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Hooray! More of my favorite new show is on!

    Can’t wait to hear our ramblings tonight. 🙂

  2. It’s starting!


  3. I like it how every episode begins with a feeling that it’s a film/

    You don’t get narration with any other show like this.

  4. Sam Fisher?

    This guy! I love this actor…..*snaps fingers* Who’s his name?

  5. Wait, how did he stop the car? He couldn’t get to the pedals in time. lol

  6. That sounds like an exciting adventure to me.

  7. It’s like I’m in Disney World! Only it isn’t fun…..and we have to wear black robes.

  8. Here comes my favorite theme song as of late. Really great stuff.

  9. This guy had to narrate really fast.

  10. This won’t work…..acting like your in a bar but in a church doesn’t work.

  11. This won’t end well.

  12. Lot of cops die in this series, or at least this episode.

  13. CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. William Mapother!

    ZOMG it’s Ethan!!! Knew it!!

  15. Come on guys! Where are you!?

    They are doing a COIE reference and trying to make sense of it!

  16. "This is bad…..I haven’t finished my seminar on COIE yet!"

  17. Of course there is an ancient relic involved…

  18. I had to start late so I’m a few minutes behind, but the CRISIS seminar was very cool.

  19. Madness! Only a monk can fight in martial arts!

  20. Jimmy Olsen can’t fight

  21. Fights in this show are very good.

  22. What is Guerro planning?

  23. Now with the Crisis reference out of the way, I’m waiting for a scene where Young Priest says Haley is badass "Like Rorschach."

  24. See if DC wanted to advertise their books, they should do some of today’s stuff,

    Let’s see some of the monks argue over the meaning of life with Blackest Night.

  25. Man, if Mark Valley was 10-15 years younger I’d be ALL ABOUT him as Steve Rogers.


  26. This is where Tom Hanks shows up to help them search the the crypt.

  27. Secret Enterance? This place has everything!

  28. Is it me or does the bad guy with the tattoo on his neck look like Billy Zane?  

  29. It’s like a Dan Brown adaptation…..only much much much much better.

  30. It’s too bad this isn’t one of those monastaries that trains kung-fu fighting monks.

  31. Guerro is in Chance’s office right?

  32. Is Guerrero looking for Chance’s real identity?

  33. This episode could use more Audrey Tautou.

  34. Damn! Everyone has like, a mean right hook.

  35. I was thinking about this yesterday when LOST was on — everyone in TV and movies can just make perfectly functioning torches, no problem.

  36. Would a monk really be saying ‘go to hell’?

  37. @TNC If Spock would say it, a monk would say it.

  38. @conor: To be fair, the people on Lost has been doing it for ages so…..they could teach us really. 🙂

  39. Never trust a monk.

  40. I wonder for how many seasons McBride will be happy acting with the script supervisor.

  41. I like to think this is the same character Chi McBride played on Boston Public because it seems like a natural evolution. 😉

  42. Katherine must be Chance’s original sin.

  43. Hmmm….so this is about a botched job. Nice to know Chance wasn’t perfect his first time.

  44. For some reason I have found this episode less compelling than the others.

  45. Agreed. It feels like someone cleaned up a Tia Cerrare Relic Hunter script and added in some Human Target backstory. 

  46. I’ve been joining this episode, nothing wrong with it so far.

  47. Oooooh! Winston!

  48. This show should buck convention and have the bomb go off. Next week – a whole new team.

  49. I love these two together. Guerreo is such a badass.

  50. Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six, Winston.

  51. Wilhem Scream!

  52. Willhelm Scream!

  53. @Prax: Creepy…

  54. It’s always nice to hear the Wilhelm Scream.

  55. The best part of this show has been the b-story intrigue. That’s been good. Not really feeling the a-story.

  56. This is the point in which Tom Cruise should show up and save the day.

  57. Jimmy Olsen, badass.

  58. I’m pretty sure the sliding down the gondola to a fight scene is from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. 

    Man, Jimmy Olsen got all badass. 

  59. Wow, he really unloaded the clip.

  60. I bet Sam Huntington thought that at this point in his life he’d be in preproduction on his third Superman film.

  61. A year? I kinda doubt that.

  62. That as very much like our iFanboy finance meetings.

  63. @conor So which one of the three are you at these meetings? :-p

  64. I have a feeling this is going to be our ultimate baddie in the near future.

  65. Wow! In the back!

  66. Oh shit!

    Guess Guerreo wants to protect him anyways.

  67. That was very Rorschach.

  68. So obviously someone is looking for Chance. CIA? Terrorist Group? Who knows….can’t wait to find out.

  69. @TNC: I was waiting for them to start dropping in a mythology. I’m glad that it has begun.

  70. A decent ep, but the B-Story really outshone the A-Story, which isn’t necessarily bad. 

  71. Good episode, just as solid as the rest of them. Can’t wait for them to get a mythology, as conor  mentioned, and make more personality with the characters.

    Loving this show, I hope it sticks around for a long time.

  72. @ conor : have you or anyone thought of Matt Keeslar as Captain America? did anyone watch the MiddleMan? he basically played Cap.

  73. @RahUniQue: I’d have to see him in action.

  74. watch middle man. it was fun. and he kicks much arse.

  75. i just ordered the season one on dvd from amazon/ifanboy. 😉

  76. Good show, loved the Guerrero story.

  77. Just watched on DVR.  Pretty good.  Loved the Barry as Jesus Crisis explanation.  Glad to see an overarching story begin to form.  Problem with the episode?  Only that they bothered to set the story in Quebec and not a single person in the show spoke french.  Not even an outrrrrageous accent could bee ‘erd!