Human Target – S01E03 – Embassy Row

Tonight's episode – Embassy Row

You know what the best way to attract an audience to a brand new show? Air the first three episodes on three entirely different nights. Good job, FOX.



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. My reaction to the episode trailer. 

    If you are surprised that someone got punched by a hooker, you obviously haven’t spent time around a lot of hookers. 

  2. I am really nervous about this show. Cause, as conor pointed out, the nights have changed all three episodes so far. It seems like FOX has given up even though it has good rating and great reviews.

    Either way I will join in on the fun tonight!

  3. It’s time!!

  4. Can anyone really run that hard with a bullet in their gut?

  5. I thought that was Will Weaton for a second.

  6. @TNC No you donmt watch this

    Hey its the doc from firefly

  7. It is the end game for you Mr. Cooper

  8. @cyberauron: THANK YOU. I was trying to figure out who the other guy was.

  9. Ironically this is how he always talks to new people.

  10. Aw, Christopher Chance *does* have a heart.

  11. Bit of a quick beginning this is.

  12. Spy Hunter! Now I really want to play that.

  13. "Spy Hunter" a new novel by James Patterson next week!

  14. Jackie Early Hale is ‘The Mustache’!

  15. @TNC: He should wear funny facial hair in every role.

  16. We all die alone, Christopher Chance.

  17. @conor: Rorscach should’ve had a mustache on his mask.

  18. I want very much to live the life of a hyper proficient TV spy/ex-spy.

  19. Show of hands who likes the superhero score

  20. God I love the theme music to this. Wish I could download it or something…

  21. @TNC: For all we know, one of the black blobs on his mask formed one.

  22. @cyberauron: Do you mean the opening title music? I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.

  23. past life?

  24. @cyberauron: That looks boring.

  25. There’s a C.C. Baxter right now going:

    "My name is on the show!"

  26. Whoa, thought that was The Rock for a minute…

  27. My sister is in line for a job at one of the embassies here in NYC. I’m hoping to get invited to an embassy parrty where I can stumble into international intrigue type of situation. And hopefully one with sexy spies.

  28. Badass

  29. Did that chick have an Apple tablet?

  30. @Conor the fight song from last episode was great.. i agree with past life

  31. I’m waiting for him to rip an arm off or something.

  32. Quick! Someone find his constant!

  33. Man, at least hold up a cell phone so you don’t look like a crazy person talking to yourself.

    (A cell phone would have made Sam Beckett’s life much easier.)

  34. That’s not how much a prostitute is worth….

    Not like I know or anything.

  35. Something you never wanna see in your life:

    A guy going into your neighbor’s apartment with a gas mask on.

  36. Certainly not one who looks like that!

  37. Honestly they have to have the Jacky and Chi Mcbride fight

  38. Rookie mistake for a pro like Chance…

  39. That’s not good…

  40. Ooops.

    And then the show ended after three episodes.

  41. @conor: Now that is a way to end a series!

    Everybody dies!

  42. From Paris with Love? that looks bad

  43. @TNC: If I remember correctly, that’s how SLEDGE HAMMER ended.

  44. This is literally the first time I’ve seen Sean Maher in anything since Serenity

  45. @conor I’ve never seen that show…..any good?

  46. @heroville he was hoping for the sequal

  47. @Heroville: Me too. That’s why I couldn’t plce him at first.

  48. She’s right I’d figure we’re talking a minimum of four figures for a date with her

  49. Nice.

    I love this tango/fight mock.

  50. Its a wacky case of mistaken identity!

  51. I dunno — a kick to the balls seems pretty dirty to me.

  52. Do the FBI train all of their men/women to fight like that?

  53. "Yeah I really don’t care about that…"

    Love it when a hero doesn’t give a crap about the big problem.

  54. The FBI outsources all their training to League of Assassins

  55. @TNC: I thought SLEDGE HAMMER! was very funny… when I saw it in 1986 when it was originaly on and I was 10. I haven’t seen it since, though.

  56. You guys already have a doctor — a space doctor

  57. Got that defib from a circus did he?

  58. I want Kristen Chenowith to guest star on this.

  59. You get plans on that tiny phone? Get the fuck outta here.

  60. @conor So we’ll have each episode punctated by guest appearences from cancelled Sci-Fi shows or just to see her interact with Chi McBride?

  61. Goddamn TV shows that use the iPhone text message sound. It had me looking for my phone.

  62. @Heroville: The latter.

  63. That lady loved showing off her Ford Flex

  64. I love that Christopher Chance is unimpressed and unfappable.

  65. He’s a vampire!

  66. Damn stop hatin’ on the pimp

  67. Just like a woman right to the ppoint. you be dead before we get out


  69. I will break you.

  70. @TNC: That guy looks like he could do it, too. And he’d enjoy it.

  71. Well would you rather he didn’t read the instructions?

  72. @conor: That’s what she said.

  73. My brother has a defibrillator in his classroom. They aren’t as cool as that. Two little pads you stick to the body and then you push a button.

    "You don’t even get to preted like you’re on ER?"


  74. Damn!

    That is great! Didn’t expect any of that.

  75. Villians have gone back around to calling their moves like back in the Power Rangers

  76. That is a new way to grab someone by the neck.

  77. I love that look. Justa nother day at the office

  78. Bones is hilarious

  79. This show has really fun fight scenes. I rewound a bit of that to watch it again.

  80. @conor What cable provider do you have?

  81. That’s one way to get rid of evidence.

  82. @Heroville: Time Warner Cable.

  83. "That sounds like a tomorrow problem"


  84. "That sounds like a tomorrow problem — we’ll figure it out after inevitible sex"

  85. Everytime I see Jackie Earle Haley I feel compelled to mention that he is one of the nice celebrities i’ve ever met.

  86. Awesome jump!

    Painful crash.

  87. @conor He really does seem like a swell guy

  88. Hahaha – of all the unbelievable things that i’ve seen on TV this week, that one took the cake.

  89. Now they are awful shots!!

  90. I love this commercial

  91. i like the show, but why am i routing for him to take a few bullets there?  they’re carrying automatic weapons, one of the bullets should have hit its human target.

  92. "How could you miss?"


  93. They are going to need some serous moisturizer for their wrists after all this is over.

  94. How did they know they were right there!?

  95. is anyone thinking about the a-team, now?

  96. Always blaming the Chechens those Russians.

  97. Looks like Chance as a sexy subplot persuer.

  98. I’ve seen the FBI on TV so much this year I want to see the casts of Bones, Fringe, White Collar, FlashForward and this chick in one room all together.

  99. That is a lot of alias’s.

  100. He left his prints because he wants to go to there.

  101. Chi McBride is a mountain of a man.

  102. heh.


  103. Jimmy Olsen!

  104. And next week: JIMMY OLSEN!

  105. Obvious ‘we’ll meet again’ ending.

  106. Sunday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Tuesday-Wednesday

  107. Another soild episode. Well actually the beginning was a bit rushed but still….Soild second half.

    Loving this series, I really hope FOX gives it a chance.

  108. I think they moved it this week to not have to compete with Lost and the State of the Union

  109. @TNC: I liked that about the episode. I liked that we were basically dropped into the middle of a story that was already moving at full speed. It matched the pace of the action in the story.

  110. @Heroville: My channel guide doesn’t even show LOST as being on tomorrow. Did they saw what they were going to do?

  111. I just checked and every channel is SoTU so it looks like sense prevailed

  112. I love this show, but good point Conor… airing it on 3 different nights is a good way for any casual fan to give up trying to find it.  UGH!

  113. The state of the union is a pretty good excuse to move this show for one time only. Let’s hope it never happens again.

    Oh and Lost start’s next week.

  114. Hey here’s an interview with Jackie Earle Haley about his role in the show. Which we all find amazing because, he’s on the show to being with.

  115. I’m so mad I couldn’t watch this episode. The weather was HORRIBLE, so my satellite went out for like 90 minutes. It happens like twice a year, but it always happens when there is something on I want to watch. Loved the first two episodes, though!