HUMAN TARGET moved to Wednesdays; Premiere Pushed to November

For those of you expecting to watch the season premiere of Human Target this Friday, and for those of you who had complained that Human Target and Smallville were going to air head-to-head on Fridays at 8pm, we've got news!

Human Target is moving to Wednesdays at 8pm and it won't premiere until November 17.

These moves have nothing to do with the actual show itself. Rather, it's all Lonestar's fault. The first show of the season to be canceled was Fox's Lonestar, which got the axe after only two episodes. Fox had to fill the hole on Monday so they moved Lie To Me from Wednesday to Monday. That left a hole on Wednesday so they moved Human Target from Friday to Wednesday.

It's all a very expensive game of musical chairs.


  1. i think, the wednesday slot should be better for Human Target. for me it definitely is, since wednesday is a pretty quiet tv night.

    still it’s kinda annoying to hear that i gotta wait another 1 1/2 months for human target to return on air. love that show. 

  2. Wedsdays definitly a better night, fridays are where TV goes to die.

  3. I’m glad that human target is coming back, it was a very fun show.

    My problem is that they cancelled lonestar after 2 episodes. The networks frustrate me so. They don’t even give a show time to develop an audience. Cancelling the show before, I’m sure, many people still hadn’t watched the premier from their DVR. It did come out in a week when 16 brand new shows debuted, not even counting all the other returning season premiers.  I wasn’t super attached to lonestar, and contemplated not watching it after the pilot, and the second episode convinced me to stay around a couple more. But this makes me want to just leave network TV alone completely and go back to watchign tv shows on DVD/BLU ray or just stick with the cable tv shows which at least get a complete season. You never see HBO cancel in the middle of the season.

  4. Sounds good to me. Wednesday is a safe spot… 

     Which is good because, although HUMAN TARGET is Not a "smart" show.. it’s definitely a fun show  

  5. I’m watching it either way.  Last season was a lot of fun.  Too bad it got pushed back though.

  6. Disappointed about the possible effects of having a re-run be the precursor for Good Guys.  But good for Human Target.  This should give it a bump, but it will also increase expectations.

  7. Wednesday was always the perfect time slot for the show. It didn’t have much competitors before the switch and even now there isn’t much competition. There isn’t also as much action shows like this so it does have the knack of being an alternative program for FOX.

    But waiting for November is gonna be a killer. It makes sense cause, as @danfaust pointed out to me on Twitter, it will escape the World Series bullshit. But waiting even longer for this show to come back will probably hurt momentum for some fans to continue the series. Not for me though, I’ll wait till my deathbed to see the second season damn it. 

  8. wednesday is a much better day for me. good job FOX.

  9. xcrest: studios don’t "count" DVR ratings because it’s all about the ad revenue. For the most part, viewers skip the commercials so those viewers are never counted in the "official" ratings. It’s very rare now for networks to wait for shows to develop audiences. Lone Star lost too many viewers from the lead in (House) and it way underperformed the show that was on this time last season (Lie to Me). HBO would never cancel a show like this because they are primarily subscription based and are not accountable to ad buyers.

    The move to Wednesdays can be good and bad. Good, as already mentioned, there is no real dominant ratings winner at that time slot right now (Survivor w/12 million, 4 share). It can be bad, as it will need to, at the very least, match the ratings for the show it will replace (Hell’s Kitchen). It needs to get at least 6 million viewers with a 2.5 share, which, unfortunately, it has never done against first run shows on competing networks. 

  10. @Dondi I understand not counting and why HBO doesn’t cancel shows. I was just saying that I should stick with HBO because its fairly safe to get invested in those shows

     However, my point is the night Lone star debuted it debuted against the event (new show) and the CBS comedies one of which was Mike and Molly (new show). I would assume some people DVR all the shows and watch them on fast forward, but also that quite a few will DVR one and watch one live. I was just saying that I think it was too quick to pull the plug before people may have even decided if this was a show they wanted to watch live. If a network is goign to give a new show a chance then by all means give it a chance, if not, they should have started right away with Lie to me and went with the sure thing… even though the last season just ended 2 or 3 weeks ago.

  11. I understand your point, but sponsors want instant returns on their investments and would rarely give a show time to build an audience via DVR. Like I mentioned, it lost way too many viewers captured by its lead in compared to previous seasons. I actually liked that show and would have love to see it continue (it’s not officially canceled, just not on the schedule). It’s anyone’s guess as to why the Fox executives did what they did.

    As for Human Target, it’s so far off from the Peter Milligan incarnation that I enjoyed, I won’t be disappointed if it goes away. I’ll just watch something on cable 🙂

  12. A dumb luck move on Fox’s part.  Friday would have been a terrible spot for Human Target!  Up against Smallville would have been a disaster. I know I’m one of the tv snobs that will DVR both shows but for the people who only watch broadcast tv..  Superman is going to win.

    Fridays are already crowded with Sanctuary on SyFy.

  13. @bluedream: HUMAN TARGET would have outdrawn SMALLVILLE in total viewers. Maybe not in 18-49, but in total viewership HUMAN TARGET would have done better. These days SMALLVILLE tops out at around 3 million viewers (down from its season two heyday of 8.7 million).

  14. as long as Tivo knows when to record, I’m all good – liked the first season and look forward to more

  15. They should of put it on wednesday in the first place! Human Target is an awesome show, man!

  16. Uh oh – Now I have to choose between this and Undercovers!