‘Human Target’ comes (back) to TV in January 2010

In January, the third comic book/super hero television series hits the major U.S. networks in the form of Human Target, based on the DC Comics character.

The Human Target aka Christopher Chance
is a bodyguard who, in the comics and in the original television series, was a maser of disguise who went deep undercover to protect his clients. From the trailer below I don’t see any master of disguise elements. Perhaps Mark Valley is too handsome for that kind of thing. The series co-stars Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley and comes to FOX on January 20, 2010.

I still have very fond memories of the last Human Target series, which ran for a whopping seven episodes in 1992:

Rick Springfield!


  1. I have never heard of either the book or the 90’s TV show, but, if we get a live blog, I will probably watch it.

  2. Yes! Let’s live blog this, Mark Valley is awesome.

  3. Yeah I know nothing of this comic or it’s history.

    But I’ll give it a chance and I vote for a live blog!

  4. Eat your heart out, Rick Springfield.

  5. @stuclach — IMHO, what’s worth reading is the Vertigo series that Peter Millgan wrote a few years back. If I recall correctly, there was an initial mini-series, then a stand-alone graphic novel, and then a short-lived ongoing series. There’s some good stuff there, if you can find it.

    Actually, if it’s a TV show, I’m surprised Vertigo’s not re-printing that stuff. Or are they, and I just missed it?

  6. @daccampo – If I can find that stuff I will give it a look.  IF this actually happens, I fully expect reprints.

  7. Yeah, I’m down for this.  I like the fact that he took the job based on how fast the train was going.

    Looks like a fun show!

  8. @HerrStarr – Thank you for the info.

  9. I’ve never heard of this comic or show, but I am definitely willing to try it based on my personal rule of "If Chi McBride is in it, I’ll give it a shot." This rule got my to watch Pusing Daisies, which was great.

  10. Third?

  11. Oh, that’s where Chi Mcbride ended up!

  12. the vertigo series was good and some of the old back ups in action comics are fun too. but if he doesn’t take on the persona of the person he’s trying to protect what the hell is the point of using the christopher chance character? do they just really did the name?

    also, since pushing dasies chi mcbride will always be emerson cod in my beer soaked brain. thanks for the 1992 series clip i heard about it but never saw it.

  13. The pilot aired at SDCC and was awesome!  I’m looking forward to more.  Also, Bear McCreary did the music, which adds so much.


  15. So Smallville is one, what’s the other? Also read a bad review of the pilot on Bleeding Cool. Here’s the link if you’re curious http://www.bleedingcool.com/2009/06/19/look-it-moves-3-by-adi-tantimedh-wait…-where’s-the-‘human’-in-human-shield’/ I think I’ll still try it out though.

  16. @BritishNightwing: I take that review with a huge grain of salt because that guy hates everything.

  17. I dont know anything about the comic, but I’ll give it a chance. Especially because of Jackie Earle Haley.

  18. Which came first, the tv show or the comic? 
    I’ve read some old Human Target issues back when I use to routinely raid my local comic shop’s Nickel, Dime, and Quarter bin. (They no longer have the bin, so I no longer raid.)
  19. This show looks stupid, but I’ll watch because:

    a) Chi Mcbride

    b) Rorsh..I mean Freddie krug… I mean Jackie Earl Haley

    c) The action sequences look insane

    d) Chi Mcbride

  20. @powerdad: The comic book character came first.

  21. Thanks, Conor!

  22. This looks entertaining. I’ll definitely check this out when it starts.

  23. awesome!!

  24. @conor yeah, I get that feeling too. The review also has that feeling of ‘oh, i’m too good for this’. Having said that it concerns me that they’re changing the premise of him impersonating other people.

  25. @BritishNightwing I think the original concept of him impersonating his clients is pretty awesome, but I’m thinking the network’s reasoning is they want to see the interaction between Mark Valley and his clients each week. Plus, has technology really reached the point where Mark Valley can believably pass for Tricia Helfer?

  26. The Vertigo series was great. Reached into a lot of elements of impersonating someone so much you actaully trick yourself into believing you are that person and what mental damage that does. If you are an actor it’s quite interesting. This looks fun, but the best part was him pretending to be the target.