HOW TO WEBCOMIC – How to Make a Fishtank out of a TV

fish_tease_a.jpgiFanboy is proud to present our first “How-To” in webcomic form:

Episode One: How to Make a Fishtank out of an Old TV

Written and Drawn by Gordon the Intern
Lettered by Conor Kilpatrick.

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  1. Awesome. Now ifanboy is not just a comic site but is offering full service – a sort of public service.

  2. No worrisome news on this channel! Very good for the soul. Loved the drawings, too. Joyce, new ifanboy fan.

  3. Instead of playing music on the CD player, find a CD of whale songs and play that. I bet it’ll freak out the fish.

  4. Haha, this was pretty cool.

    It makes me want to try it…maybe I will, after I get enough funds from work.

    The Aquaman figure was a nice touch though, I must admit!

    (Watching the fish swim around him on THIS TV is probably better than wacthing the actual Aquaman pilot episode on regular television.)

  5. Wow. This makes me want to buy a fishtank just to put an Aquaman figure in it.

  6. I always wanted to do this and now that I have the know how, thanks to this Gordon fellow, I have a new project to work on. Also I immensely enjoy the style in which this webcomic was drawn. Are there going to be any more?

  7. I used to watch Caroline in the City and they had one in that show. I was silly enough to think you, or mabye some do, actually seal off compartments of the tv and filled the tv with water. Silly me.