How About Stan Lee Hosting Saturday Night Live?

There is a modest, grassroots push to get Stan the Man on Saturday Night Live, and you can help.  This is the kind of thing they did to get Betty White on, and that lady only has the one joke. Over and over.  But I digress.

The more I think about it, the more I think an icon like Stan deserves his shot.  He's also got about as much charisma as you can cram into one solitary man.  He's willing to go the distance for comedy.  We're talking about a man who joked about watching porn on Entourage.  So go click the "like" button on Facebook, sign the petition, and do your part.

At the very least, he'll be better than the 2 worst hosts I've ever seen: Charles Barkley and Robert DeNiro. At the very best, a man will have reached the peak of pop culture perfection.  And that man will have made fun of my tie!


  1. The tie was questionable, in his defense:)  I think he truly deserves a shot at this.  I’ll definitely participate in this.

  2. I’d watch it.

  3. I can just see Stan hyping this up on Twitter. Question though, would enough people watching SNL know who Stan is? people not knowing who he is would be a great part of the joke i think, and it might be a great way to see a lot of superhero sketches. Maybe we can get a real life simpsons moment where Stan Hulks out.

  4. Does anybody have Bill Haders Phone Number? What about Seth Meyers?

  5. OMG, you just blew my mind.


    the Tiki 

  6. If he can’t host it’d be great to have him cameo in the "What up with that?" sketch

  7. Yes!  This must happen!!!

  8. Stan "the man" Lee coming to NBC!!!

    It doesnt feel right without a Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends skit.




  9. Do people watch that show?  I thought it was just on as part of an life time contract with NBC or something.  If Stan wants it he should get it but he is way cooler than that show ever was.

  10. obvious troll is obvious

  11. Even though its trendy to say otherwise, i still think SNL is funny and watch it on a regular basis. Stan Lee could be great on there, but i worry that he’d do a 45 minute monologue. Although all the cameos would be hilarious….Will Forte as the incredible Hulk? Andy Sandberg as Spiderman…oh wow that would be hilarious. 

  12. No problems with Stan being on, though I haven’t watched SNL for more than eight years…

  13. I don’t see Stan Lee doing it nor making it work. Don’t get me wrong, the man is incredibly entertaining to listen too and all but not in a sense entertainment….if that makes sense. The guy is great because he’s like your grandfather. He rambles for hours but you’re somehow intrigued to listen further knowing he is a bit loopy in the head.

    Betty White got (and still has) a huge following because of stuff like the Golden Girls and other TV appearances. Stan Lee, even though he is the biggest name in comics, is not well known outside of that medium. So I don’t see SNL, even with petitions, to bring the guy in to host.

    Although him as a guest (like ‘What Up with That?’) would be a better idea. 

  14. Stan Lee has already hosted SNL… in the Marvel universe.

    One of my favorite comics of all time. Not because it’s, like, "good" in the strictest sense of that word. Still.

    In the real world, this is an idea that’s time has come.

  15. @ ROIvampire  I am not sure what "obvious troll is obvious" means but thankyou if it was directed at me, I do not get called names enough. 

     Stan Lee has a show on history channel he is not on so my question is if he did get chosen to host SNL would he do it or send somebody to do it for him ‘What Up with That?

    But really I have only watched this show (snl)a few times over the years and never enjoyed SNL nor do I know anyone who watches it now.  I am not being a troll I was trying to be funny on my first comment, I love to make people smile sorry if that is troll like.

  16. I’d watch it, but he may be too big of an icon for it to work.  It’d be tough to see him in a skit as someone’s uncle or whatever.

  17. Charles Barkley and Robert DeNiro were comedy classics compared to January Jones. 

  18. @Reform It’s just leftover hostility from every other message board. Apparently the fun the to do for the last few years is talk about how SNL hasn’t been good since (insert time period here). It’s just old to people like me who have watched the show since they were kids and still enjoy it. This last season has been great and it’s not perfect but people forget that the early years and the years with mike meyers and carvey weren’t perfect either.

    knee jerk reaction, aplogies

  19. @RoiVampire: The last few years? Try the last 15.

    That joke is so tired it brushes its teeth with Red Bull.

  20. You think to yourself, "I like SNL. I’m gonna set up a Google Alert for SNL, so I’ll always hear the latest good news about SNL." Cut to the next day: you’re staring at thirty-five screens of bloggers going, "More like Saturday Night DEAD, haw haw!" and thinking about selling your laptop.

  21. @Conor  Truth, but after high school i forgot about it until about 4 years ago when it really started popping up everywhere on the web

    also, oh snap

  22. I hate when people say "SNL hasn’t been funny since (insert whichever cast here) and then when you really probe them about it it’s pretty obvious they haven’t watched the show since that cast was on it.

    Now, being both a huge comics fan and huge SNL fan, I don’t really care to see Stan Lee as the host. The Betty White campaign succeeding  made me worry more about these kind of things. I would much rather have a versatile comedian/actor host than Stan Lee, or any other sports/political figure for that matter. 

  23. Every time I’ve watched SNL for the host in recent years I’ve ended up disappointed.  SNL is really just not for me.  Sorry generalissimo! I won’t be watching.

  24. I’d rather have an actor/actress or comedian host but if i had to choose between Stan Lee and any athlete out there I would choose Stan. although Peyton Manning did a good job.

  25. Not to be a negative nellie but has a facebook petition ever worked? 

    Anyway, the Stan Lee episode of SNL could be the first episode of SNL i ever watch. It proberly won’t be but it might  

  26. @ed I’m assuming that’s what Josh meant when he said ‘It worked for Betty White’.

  27. @Vadamowens: who’s betty white? 

  28. SNL has gotten somewhat better over the last two years. There are still horrible, very dull episodes from time to time. But I’ve noticed, at least with my sense of humor, a good half of the seasons were pretty solid for the most part.

    Nothing will top January Jones episode as the worst episode ever though. 

  29. @ed The only remaining woman that is alive of the show ‘Golden Girls’.  Pretty big sit-com during the 80’s here in the states.

  30. @Vadamowens: pulling your leg, mate 

  31. I would say exactly two years ago was when SNL was at it’s finest with the election and all.

    Also I wish I could say that the January Jones was the worst host ever but then Steven Seagal keeps popping up in my head. Sheesh that was hard to watch.