Holidays 2010: What Did You Get?

Now that the the major holidays have come and gone this year, there is only one big question that remains:

What Did You Get?

Myself, the comics/geek quotient was pretty light this year. The ony comic book related gift that I got was the Blacksad hardcover. As for geek related gifts, I was particularly excited to get both Goldeneye and Ghostbusters for the Wii (as well as some extra controllers so now I can finally have four people play at once! Oh, and the complete series of the original The Prisoner on Blu-ray, which I have never seen but have always wanted to.

Paul got a Superman snuggie. Oh, yes. 


Did you get any cool comic book related gifts? Anything geek related? Anything particularly fun?


  1. I’m a little surprised that i only got one thing comic related.  It was a Batman lunch box.  All black with the iconic yellow symbol. Other than that, everything was completely practical.  :-/

  2. $100 gift card for 

  3. Just got a gift certificate for my shop in terms of comic related stuff.

    I did get some good movies : Blazing Saddles, Badlands, and Night of the Hunter.

    My brother got me a at home brew kit also which I am gonna have a lot of fun with over the summer.

  4. Absolute All-Star Superman and Return of the Dappermen.

  5. the geekiest things i got were Batman/Judge Dredd, and the new Stephen King book, Full Dark No Stars. also a lot of amazon gift cards and barnes and noble as well

  6. The complete batman the animated series, and all the blackest night hardcovers.

  7. My parent framed my excellent Save The Date commission by Tom Fowler

  8. I got a Green Lantern T-shirt, which was awesome, and my London hotel room for the Kapow Comic Con paid for, which was amazing.

    With my Christmas money, I also bought myself the first Starman Omnibus, which I’ve always wanted to check out.

  9. captain america socks

  10. The Complete Terry & The Pirates! Vol. 1

  11. I got Black Ops and in no way is it “geeky” (whatever that means)…

    @conor–is Goldeneye Wii any good? Does it have the magic of the N64 version? 

  12. That’s so funny… the only Geek-centric gift I got was “Ghostbusters” on the Wii as well (which is awesome), unless you count my “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” cookbook.

    But I got a 50 dollar Amazon gift certificate with which I bought “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man” Vol. 1 and 2, “Superman: Earth One”, and “Star Wars: Outbound Flight”.

    Also, I haven’t seen my parents yet but I’m going to visit them for New Years, and I think my mom got me the HC of Skottie Young’s “The Marvelous Land of Oz.”

    And my daughter got Marvel comics Mighty Beanz. 

  13. Lots of Superman stuff. Superman Secret Origin Deluxe Edition, two Superman shirts, Superman symbol boxers, the Superman encyclopedia, and a Superman snuggie. 

    Oh, and the HUGE Taschen DC 75th Anniversary book by Levitz!

  14. I got absolute all star superman

  15. I got the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-Ray. 

  16. @wallythegreenmonster  – Emphatically “Yes” in all regards. The brothers and cousins have been staying up late for the past four days playing it’s multiplayer. 

    Comics-wise, I only asked for Unwritten, Vol. 2. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I already got that a few weeks earlier from a friend. So instead, I’ll probably trade it in for credit towards American Vampire Vol. 1.
    Other awesome stuff? Pixar’s The Art of Up, Søren Kierkegaard’s Spiritual Writings, and Scott Belsky’s Make Ideas Happen. Oh, also some sweet movies (28 Weeks Later, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Highlander from my brother, and No Time for Sargents, Slumdog Millionaire and the Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy doc from my mom).

    Really good batch of gifts from the family, they’ll keep me busy for months, to be sure.

  17. Walking Dead HC VOL 5
    Mouse Guard Fall 1152
    Aaron Ghost Rider Omnibus
    Starman Omnibus Vol 2

    A very merry Christmas indeed!

  18. walking dead HC Vol 1,2,3, invincible vol 1,2, Starman Omnibus Vol 1, Arkham Aslyum PS3, the goon Vol 1,2.

  19. I had a nightmare once and the man in it that was chasing me….looked exactly like Paul in that picture. Wearing the same outfit and everything.

  20. @PaulMontgomery  — Oh yes on the DC 75th book. I totally forgot to mention that since i got it as an early gift! Isn’t it the most epic thing you’ve ever seen?

    I didn’t know they made Superman Snuggies. That would have made my wish list. 

    @OttoBott  — i’ll have to give it a try. Back in the day, we had the official “Goldeneye Players Club” in our dorm room….girls called their to find their boyfriends. It was pretty hardcore..lots of betting going on. Great times (not so much for the grades though..haha) Coincidentally i tried replaying Goldeneye N64 a yr or so ago….so didn’t hold up. =( 

  21. I don’t think it’s technically a Snuggie brand snuggie. But they’re out there. 

  22. Return of the dapper men, Parker the outfit, and a Peanuts slipcase that looks alot like an absolute edition. A sith lord bath robe, an r2d2 trouble board game and Also got alien anthology, kick ass, and inception all on blu ray. Pretty sweet Xmas this year 🙂

  23. Got a Walking Dead 2011 calendar (kind of a relief, because I was about to hang the hunky firefighter calendar I bought for charity, and I was a little embarrassed).

    And I baked a big batch of Orange Lantern cookies!

  24. Gave: Green Lantern Secret Origin, Green Hornet Year One, Punisher Essentials Vol. One, Madame Xanadu Vol. One to nephews and niece. I may have to mix things up next year. They all know I give comics so it is difficult to surprise them anymore.

    Received: Iron Man t-shirt, Spider-Man t-shirt, Spider-Man wall-hanging, Marvel Heroes poster, Barnes and Noble gift card with which I almost purchased vol one of Mice Templar but instead opted for the 600+ page archive of Miller and Gibbons’ The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century. 

  25. I got a pair of Socks 

  26. @PaulMontgomery  –Bootleg licensed Super Hero Snuggies? That just blew my mind. 

    @bansidhewail — i was questioning that recipe when i saw it! haha how did they turn out?

  27. I got Scott Pilgrim on Blu-Ray and The Five Fists of Science, and a Borders gift card I’m planning to use for the Batman and Robin hardcover.

  28. I got the EXACT same Superman Snuggie, also Chew Omnivore Edition (GORGEOUS)

  29. @PaulMontgomery  WANT!! that book is like $200!

  30. Kindle, On Chesil Beach for Kindle, The Last Run by Rucka, Scalped vol. 2-6, parker the outfit, jonah hex no way back, jonah hex six gun war, wolverine weapon x vol. 1, darkness on the edge of town deluxe edition, very best of fleetwood mac, scott pilgrim dvd, jonah hex dvd, sherlock dvd, doctor who series 5 boxset, mad men season 3 boxset, inception dvd, fanboys dvd, iron man 2 dvd, the losers dvd. – GOOD HAUL!!

  31. Man, I got so many cool things. I got Complete Invincible Volume 2, a Kitty Pryde Fine Art Bust, and Non-Fiction Marvel book that’s like a source book for the Avengers, I’m super excited to delve into some more Invincible!

  32. Marvel Masterworks Fanstatic Four vol 2 paperback

  33. Forgot the crown jewel of the gifts – Complete Far Side HC (weights a ton)…

  34. My Wife blew my mind by getting me Paul Levitz’s “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking”. The thing weighs 16 pounds.

  35. The comic/geek gifts I got were Goldeneye and The Force Unleashed II for the Wii, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, Doctor Who series 5, Kick Ass and Toy Story 3 on DVD, the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, and a Jedi build a bear….oh and Darth Vader boxers.

  36. No comic gifts. Did get some Lego Star Wars and a new Fender Stratocaster!

  37. @NJBaritone  –A LOT cheaper on Amazon…

    @Davetron3k  — i’m getting a book stand for mine so that it can sit on my coffee table. I actually own quite a few oversized artbooks like that (Taschen and others) so that is my crazy burden. My brother in law HATED me when he helped us move… haha

  38. Almost forgot the best gift of all, my girlfriend agreed to marry me!

  39. Not much in terms of comics, although my list did have copious amounts.  My birthday is right around the corner, so more of my comic stuff might end up wrapped in birthday paper.  I did get Two Generals and an awesome Flash t-shirt from my wife.  Also got Iron Man 2, Scott Pilgrim, and the Losers on Blu-Ray from the in-laws.  A nice haul all around.

    On a side note, my wife did also get my Iron Man 2 underwear, but she got some that were about 4 sizes too big.  I think we’re taking them back, but comic book underwear just seems…excessive.

    Still have Christmas with my folks coming up, so there may be more treats heading my way!

  40. My sister gave me Parker: The Outfit and Gotham Central Jokers and Madmen hardcover.  I finished reading the Gotham Central book, and man was it good.  My other sister gave me the 25th anniversary edition of Super Mario All Stars for Wii, which has a bonus cd of mario music from every game, plus several sound effects.  Last thing was a superhero squad ornament, which has Spider-Man, Iron man and Captain America.  Definitely nice to start getting the comic related stuff instead of sweaters this year.

  41. I got a rock…

  42. I did pretty well, having got the fourth Ex Mac deluxe hardcover and that sweet DC Chronicle hardcover from DK.  Man, there’s some 80s stuff in there that really takes me back.  Also got the Back to the Future blu rays and The Pacific box set, so not bad at all.  And also belgian chocolates to eat while reading/watching all this.  My son got Harry Potter lego and Star Wars lego, which might be even cooler…

  43. Got a gift card to my LCS. A street sign that says metropolis and another that has the superman logo. a darth vader plush and darth vader pj pants. and the greatest gift ever, a copy of Choker #1 signed by templesmith and mccool and a copy of Fell #1 signed by templesmith and ellis.

  44. Finally got Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall and Peter and Max, so there’s that. Return of the Dapper Men. Dexter Season 4 and Inecption on Blu-Ray. And the new Dragonball Z game cause I haven’t gotten one in a while. Also enough money to either pick up either the Absolute All-Star Superman or The Outfit, Asterios Polyp, Umbrella Academy: Dallas, and hopefully Transhuman. And anything else that hits my fancy. So in short, a very nerdy christmas.

  45. Finally got the new Parker book and have finished it already – certainly up there with the first one. Cooke just brought it – amazing stuff.
    Also got Superman: Earth One and Sam Keith’s Arkham hardcover – I’ve only just flipped through those, but they both look promising.
    On the DVD front, got It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 and the new Corman collection version of Death Race 2000 – probably in my top 10 favorite flicks of all time.
    I received $100 in Borders gift cards, which will certainly be going toward some geek-ish thing in the future. All in all, a very cool holiday season.

  46. My wife gave me Disney’s “The art of Tangled” and stuck with a Jeff Loeb’s / Tim Sale theme by getting me Spiderman: Blue, DareDevil: Yellow and Hulk: Gray. WOW! But the big deal: She visited our local comic shop to get them. WOW! You go girl.
    Parents gave me Ultimate Spiderman vol 19 and 20 trades and Iron Man 2 DVD
    A friend gave me Batwoman: Elegy hardcover.

    I have a lot of reading to do! 

  47. Got Preacher Deluxe volume 1, Criminal, the deluxe edition and Superman underwear… From my mam…

    I’m happy with 2 of those presents.

  48. @ato220  –congrats! welcome to married life. =)

  49. 1st two checkmate trades, plus an original stuat immonen double page spread from new avengers with dr strange fighting ninjas

  50. 5 Nova trades, 3 Guardians of the Galaxy trades, And some superhero clothes.  Good stuff.

  51. Action Philosophers by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, Batman Vs. Robin, BOTH PARKER trades and the Cowboy Ninja Viking trade.

    It was a good day 🙂

  52. Walking Dead Vol. 5,6 HCs, Fell TPB, and about 13 Blu-Rays.

  53. Now that I’m married we get two Christmases.  That was the only thing I envied about kids with divorced parents, and now I have it without the broken home.  Hooray!

    There was zero comics this year, which I find rather surprising, but people seemed to go the video game nerd route instead.  Which I’m okay with because that meant the inlaws gave me and the husband a new slim 360 with kinect.  So pretty.  We’re keeping the old one as well so we can be the potrait of first world living and play different games at the same time.  (We also hoped to be able to play multiplayer on non-split screen games like Brotherhood or Dead Rising 2, but it looks like we’d need two copies of the game for that.  Rawr!)

    Otherwise: games (Red Dead, FablesIII, Reach, Dance Central), game stop cards, lots of books (cookbooks, typography/design books, science books), some threadless shirts, munchkin cards, and a couple other card games I’ve not heard.

    From *my* parents I just got an envelope of cash.  My family is the opposite of sentimental.   So with that I may get some comics yet.  And a batman keychain, because my keys fall off on a consistent basis.

  54. Nothing, nothing at all.

  55. I got the Complete Calvin and Hobbes boxed set. Awesome job by my parents remembering something I absolutely loved as a child.  Damn thing weighs like thirty pounds.

  56. I got a lot, but think I most enjoyed Vampirella Masters Collection Volume 1: Grant Morrison and Mark Millar.

  57. I got a book on the graphic design side of making comic books from my dad, which was pretty swell since my parents have historically discouraged my desire to draw the things. And my sister tried to buy me the Batman/Joker Chucks, but they didn’t have my size so I got a gift card so I can order them online instead.

    And I gave 2 kids Owly and Return of the Dapper Men, respectively. 

  58. I finally got a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I’m told is somewhat of a good book.

  59. Made out ok in the geek department this year. Got the Walking Dead Compendium 1, Blackest Night and Blackest Night GL hardcovers, Seven Soldiers vols. 1 & 2.

    Also recieved not one, but two pairs of Batman boxer-briefs. When it was suggested that I return one of them, I laughed and replied “Why would I do that?” It’s underwear. My lady and I are the only ones that see it. I think I can get away with doubles.

  60. I got the Mike Allred “This American Life” poster!

  61. Death of Captain Marvel!

  62. I got an ipad :D. I read forgetless #1 on it and I loved it. Im going to strat slowly picking up less and less singles and buying more digital.

  63. I got Kill Shakespeare, Parker vol. 1, and Blacksad hardcover. Exceedingly happy with the haul.

  64. My girlfriend got me Paul Levitz’s “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking”. I also got a Superman coffee mug!

  65. Just a set of drawerboxes (bought as a necessity after all my old comics fell on my head during thanksgiving). Just set them up today!

  66. Absolutely nothing and hey! I’m ok with that ^_^.

    Oh I did get a ton of more hours, which is always nice.

  67. @alanrob I’ve been waiting the complete Calvin for years, thinking I just need to buy it myself.

    @ato220 Congrats on the engagement

    I got a ton of books, my family has finally started buying me comic for Christmas after probably 15 years of asking for them.  Gotta love Amazon, makes things so easy.

    I got last three trades of Y, 3-4 trades for Spiderman, Death to Captain America Omnibus, the Star Wars book the guys where talking about few weeks ago, can’t remember what it’s called and it’s across the room.

  68. Ex Machina Deluxe Vol. 4, Return of the Dapper Men, Mignola’s Lord Baltimore novel, Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest, and an awesome Captain America t-shirt. This year my geek cup runneth over.

  69. I received a New Avengers T-shirt, Parker vol.1 & 2, the Ultimate Guide to Wonder Woman, and a beautiful Hardcover of Marvel: the Characters and their Universe.

  70. Got the two Parker books so i can see what the rest of the world is talking about. also got Planetary 4 trade, but had already bought it for myself. also vol.3 x-men dvd

  71. I got 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking, by Paul Levitz.

  72. The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 12, a series 2 collector’s action figure of Batman from DC: The New Frontier, and “Ladies of Star Wars” playing cards.

  73. 9 hard back trades, various Superman knickknacks and a Nitty Gritty LP cleaner for my vinyl collection. Thanks wife!

  74. Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 5 and Return of the Dappermen.

  75. The only comics-related gift I received was a copy of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 from my wife. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I already have it. 😉 Ah well, now I have a copy to give away to someone who liked the movie but hasn’t read the comics.

  76. I used my Border’s gift card to get The Filth by Grant Morrison and my mom got an iPad so I’ve used the Marvel Comics app on it a couple times and its great! Also my new 2TB harddrive is filling up with superhero movies.

  77. @Jediaxle   It’s totally worth it.  Has three volumes, printed on good quality, heavy paper, and has a really sturdy slipcase.  Even reprints the poems, like The Raven, from the old softcover collections.

  78. -a marvel action figure 3-pack of Captain America, the Punisher, and Iron man

    -a Charlie Brown coffee mug that says “I hate when the sun goes down.  I’ve wasted another day!”

    -the Method Man graphic novel (weird, random gift from my girlfriend’s step-dad).  I had never     heard of it, but the concept is by Method Man himself with writing and art by David Atchison and Sanford Greene, respectively.  It actually looks pretty good/fun!

    -and finally, I bought for myself the special edition harcover collection of Usagi Youjimbo!

  79. I got a Marvel Calendar from my niece and 40 dollars to my local store. I also got a Penguin Pillow Pet, which makes me the only 21 year old male with a penguin pillow pet on his bed, so there is that

  80. I got business casual shoes that are constructed to mimic being barefoot.  Didn’t get anything comic related, except an Amazon gift card.

  81. Gave my Starman vol. 1 & 2 TPBs to my niece’s comic-loving boyfriend. Got a TON of stuff: The Walking Dead Book 6 HC, Battlefields vol. 4 & 5, Criminal vol. 5, Parker: The Outfit (2 copies, get to return one), Ex Machina vol. 8 & 9, The Rocketeer HC, Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody, American Vampire HC, Torpedo vol. 2 (Still need to get vol. 1. Wish they had it at Borders so I could trade my Parker for it…), Scout vol. 1, Batman: Under the Hood and a Scott Pilgrim DVD.

  82. I asked for absolute all-star superman and i got a macbook pro. But i did get a cool star wars timeline hardcover.

  83. is there a Batman snuggie? i would totally rock one of those. WIZARD!

  84. The only comic related gift I got was a volume of Hellboy, but I did recieve a few DVDS.

    Specticle with Elvis Costello Season 1
    Breaking Bad Season 2
    Sherlock Season 1
    Curb Your Enthusiam Season 5

    Also got the new Donkey Kong game, as well as 7 or 8 CDs.

  85. I got the first two Hellboy Library Editions which I can’t wait to read.

  86. I got the 75 years of dc comics which is by far the biggest book I now own and two books by Jason what I did and almost silent. My girlfriends mother got me superman pyjamas which was cool. I got my three week old son the wizard of oz book.

  87. I picked up Gi Joe Cobra 1 & 2, Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1-3.  Guardians of the Galaxy was the best stuff I’ve read in pretty much forever.

  88. walking dead vol 1

  89. Fanboy: Marvel Comics: Year by Year, DC Comics: Year by Year, Bone Complete Volume, Walking Dead Trade #11, Locke and Key Trades 1 and 2, The Secret Origin of DC Comics DVD. Geek: XBox Kinect, Second PS3 Controller, Wireless Headset and Charging Station, Xbox Wireless Headset and Charging Station, Wii Sports Resort, Wii MotionPlus Controller and Charging Station, Epic Mickey for Wii, God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP, Dead Rising 2 for PS3, Your Shape Fitness Evolved for XBox/Kinect, Shadow Ops for PS3, Godzilla 12″ Mechagodzilla Action Figure, Godzilla 12″ Gigan Action Figure, Godzilla 9″ Rainbow Mothra Action Figure, Burning Godzilla Christmas Ornament (roars AND lights up!!!), Star Wars: Popup guide to the Galaxy. Dungeons and Dragons Red Box, and an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle with a compass in the stock! (OK – I exaggerated on the last item).

  90. Oh and the Doctor Who Season 5 blu-ray set and Watchmen blu-ray. The end.

  91. I got a Roomba robot vacuum which I plan to adorn with Marvel Comics stickers. Does that count?

  92. I also got a Vintage Marvel 2011 Calendar for Christmas.  Silver Age goodness!

  93. batman and flash underware.
    John’s GL Run from wanted: Hal Jordan to Sinestro Corps.
    Some random JSA trades from the 1999-2006 run.

  94. A few Comic book shirts, Firefly on DVD and Sernity, seasons 2-3 of Eureka, Iron Man 2, the Incredible Hulk (2008), and the Superman: Secret Origin HC.

  95. I got American Vampire Volume 1 hardcover and Star Wars Year by Year. Great Star Wars gift!!!!!

  96. I got the Doonesbury 40th Anniversary book, the Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute edition, Chip Kidd’s Shazam book, the Matrix Blu-Ray and a bunch of Riff-Trax DVDs. My girlfriend likes me.

    Oh, and my son paid for my Tron Legacy ticket (and popcorn). Good X-mas.

  97. I got 1$ headphones, a trip to Mazatlan, a an inside touring trip XD

  98. Hulk #181 ornament and Captain America ornament from Hallmark, Iron Man 2 two-disc DVD, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Wii, Amazing Spider-Man #40 cover t-shirt, Best of Comics 2007 (which is old but has some GREAT material in it), Obssessed with Marvel trivia game book. And I gave two copies of American Vampire vol. 1 and one copy of Marvelous Land of Oz.

  99. First 8 Hellboy graphic novels, first 8 BPRD graphic novels, Hellboy Weird Tales and Abe Sapien The Drowning……Oh yeah, almost forgot about Invincible gn’s 8-11! What can I say? BEST WIFE EVER!

  100. I’ve had two Christmases so far and I got a Thirty Dollar gift Certificate to my favorite Comic Shop :), I got a MSU Hoodie :), A Women OF Marvel Calendar 😉 , Iam going to get another Thirty Dollar Gift Certificate this weekend :D, I bought myself a brick of DC75 Heroclix :), I also got Smallville Season 9 on DVD oh Yeah, and THE CAPTAIN AMERICA OMNIBUS VOL1 first print in January from Santa Oh Yeah :), Connor Do any of guys play the game of Heroclix? It’s really addicting in my opinion 🙂 😀 🙂 My third family Christmas is going to rock big time 🙂

  101. @JLA1  No HeroClix playing for us. Ron and I dabbled in it for about two hours at SDCC about five years ago.

  102. @Conor I hand wrote a letter to DC Comics letting them know that until Bruce is back to being THE BATMAN in BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS and I won’t buy BATMAN INC because Grant Morrison ruined The Batman for me. What do you think of old school type of THE BATMAN fans like myself?  Iam young about 23yrs old but Morrison and Didio have rubbed me the wrong way with Batman INC and Iam hoping Batman Dark Knight by David Finch is good. I enjoyed his Batman and Batman&Robin quite a bit but the concept of Batman Inc just rubs me the wrong way.

  103. @JLA1  I think you’re missing out on great Batman stories.

  104. @JLA1  I don’t read Batman, or really any mainstream marvel or Dc, but the whole Batman Inc thing sounds like a great idea to me, but what do I know.