The History of Superman on NPR

To continue the Superman mania, Studio360, a radio show on NPR will be airing a special on the history of Superman tomorrow at 10 AM and Sunday at 7 PM on WNYC. Special guests include: Jules Feiffer, Art Spiegelman, Bryan Singer, Margot Kidder.

For those of you not in the NYC area, they stream via the web.

Margot Kidder? I’m there.


  1. This is so much fun to listen to. I didn’t know anything about Shuster and Siegel before this

  2. A very impressive and slickly produced social history of the superman that is, as the Dude says, terrific fun.

  3. Is there like, a set or an ommibus or trade that contains the very very first Superman stuff? Listening to these guys talk about it and mention the issue where Superman destroys the ghetto made me feel like there’s a whole lot more to this stuff than I’d imagined.

  4. Superman Chronicles, Vol. 1

  5. Always prompt. Always helpful. Conor Kilpatrick.

  6. It’s available as a downloadable podcast now.

  7. I got it off of iTunes and it was very interesting. Liked the history lesson over Supes. Did not know a lot of the info.

  8. It was really welle done. Comic book stuff is so rarely done well in the media that this was impressive for that alone. But you’re right, I learned a lot during this show.

  9. There was an A&E special leading up to the movie a couple of weeks back on Superman that was done very well. It went through the entire comic,TV and movie history of Superman. It covered all of the info done in this NPR piece and more. Here’s a link.

  10. did you guys see the thing on one of the documentary channels about the history of comic book superheroes…it was pretty good…i cauught the first hour and a half of tho hours and i found it very enjoyable

  11. Hey Joe, Yes I saw that. It first aired a couple of years ago. Joe Q ahd a different style than he does now. Neil Geiman had some very interestign comments.

  12. I did some work at the company producing that, and I tried SO hard to get on the show.

  13. Whoa!! yea, The one I’m talking about was called comic book superheroes unmasked. It was produced by the history channel and came out in ’03. I hadn’t begun reading comics again when it first aired but watched it with gleaming nostalgia. So Josh, did you actually work on that show? Did you meet any of the people featured? Share some dirt.

  14. No, I worked for another show that did our motion control shots (like in Behind the Music, when they shoot pictures and newspaper headlines) at the same company who produced the comic book doc. I do remember passing his desk though, and it was covered in comics and hardcover treasuries. Never actually met him. I guess he was out of the office most of the time. Sorry to disappoint.