Heroes – S04E17 – The Art of Deception

Volume Five: Redemption

I don't think I'm going to have time to watch last week's episde of Heroes before tonight. So I might be going in one week blind!



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I have NO IDEA what happened last week, but I’m going in anyway!

  2. I’m betting it won’t make a lick of difference.

  3. Nothing says evil like snake skin boots.

  4. Thank god. Conor is back so I can stop looking like a douche. SDamuel’s lady friend rejected him so he sank a whole town. Claire pretty much hooked up with her girlfriend after a Sylar torture scene. Hiro was healed of his tumor by his mother’s spirit in what was, actually, a pretty cool scene.

  5. Did they say there are only three episodes left in the season? I guess they aren’t coming back after the Olympics?

  6. It always sucks when your imaginary friends become corporeal.

  7. Especially when they are (mostly) psycho.

  8. Have we tied the Sylar story, the Peter story and the Samuel story together in a satisfying way?

  9. @conor: If my imaginary friends became tangible, I’d be more worried about my own psychosis.

  10. Not really. Sylar is tangentally related to Samuel. Samuel seems to want to use Peter’s cellist friend for mass murder. Again. tangental.

  11. Well Peter’s mom had a dream about the deaf chick destroying or killing a lot of people with her power. She told him he couldn’t help so he took her power and saw that Sylar offers to help her. I imagine they are all going to tie in together through that.

  12. @zombox: It’s the tangental nature of the connections (I totally forgot abou Hiro) that bothers me. Oh, well — there are still three (or I guess after this, two) episodes left.

  13. Man, in college I skipped class at the drop of a hat — oh! LAST CRUSADE is on! — and I would think that doing cool superhero stuff would have definitely qualified as skip-worthy.

  14. How many times is this that Sylar wants to change and/or get rid of his powers?

  15. I can’t hear "stone-cutters" without thinking of THE SIMPSONS.

  16. A bi-curious roommate WITH a car? Claire hit the college jackpot.

  17. Oh no not a car. Claire and cars don’t mix.

  18. @conor: "We do, We do!!!!"

  19. @Conor I totally thought Simpsons there too, lol.

  20. I went to college in the middle of nowhere. All of the people with cars were very popular.

    Cars and tool boxes.

  21. I’m really hoping the Sylar thing is a ploy of some sort on his part, but I don’t know to what ends.

    I’m afriad Claire is going to do something incredibly stupid. Just let Noah pop Samuel and the whole thing is done with. The Carnival can go on without him.

  22. @JesTr @Devastron I looked on YouTube for a clip, but it looks like FOX has been pretty diligent about making sure they get pulled down.

  23. I wonder if Parkman takes away Sylar’s powers can he transfer them?

  24. @Devastron: I would imagine that Samuel has to die at the end of the season.

  25. Is this all going to be a big show down with Samuel and the other Heroes?

  26. @AztecLos: I think so.

  27. @AztecLos I bet the whole carnival turns on him.

  28. I wonder does Samuel reprisent Magneto and Dr Sinaster?

  29. @JesTr: Yeah, they’ve been sowing the seeds of uprising all season. Plus, it would be more tragic for him to have his "family" take him down.

    @AztecLos: I don’t know enough about Mr. Sinister to comment.

  30. @ JesTr yeah his own peeps turn on him and Darth Maul returns totake his revenge.

  31. They always tease us with HRG and his big guns. He rarely ever shoots them.

  32. @AztecLos: Bingo. I thought about that last episode. Samuel = Magneto.

  33. Uh oh — is blondie about to be in trouble?

  34. @conor Where did you go to college? I always have difficulty picturing you outside of a metropolitan area.

  35. Syler might be the only one that can get close to fight Samuel. Samuel can use the whole Earth against him.

  36. @zombox: Josh, Ron, Gordon and i all went to Ithaca College.

  37. HRG’s GF going nuts?

  38. Well, that was unexpected.

  39. That was some bad shooting.

  40. @conor I always imagined you guys as Columbia boys.

  41. Soemone else is there then?

  42. If it were Noah shooting there is no way he would hit Claire. I’m guessing Samuel set it up, maybe using his multiple man guy to sneak up on Noah and take his gun and start shooting randomly. His speech stirred up fear in the Carnival and random shooting firmly puts them all behind him again.

  43. Was it the creepy, lurking Jamie Madrox guy who did the shooting?

  44. @Devastron: Agreed, good theory.

  45. @Devastron: Yeah, the classic "create a phony external enemy to keep the people behind their leader" gambit.

  46. Maybe Ray Park is shooting.

  47. The fake Multiple Man?

  48. Sylar and Parkman seem to have the same after effect that Peter Parker and the venom symbiote had.  Sylar is now immune to Parkman’s powers.

  49. Oh, Jamie Madrox guy!

  50. Yup it was him.

  51. There goes 2 hot chics of the show.

  52. Whatever happened to Claire’s healing blood? Does she not do that anymore?

  53. Hey, why not hold the gun in the hand on your not shot arm?

  54. @JesTr She had healing blood? When? Like Arc Angel?

  55. Oooo. Samuel set it up.

  56. Lucky for Samuel, the coup leader was killed in his attempted assassination! Diabolical!

  57. @conor Shooting with your off hand is hard to do. Very hard. In fact, shooting with one hand at all is a bit harder unless you’re using that old WW2 officer’s pose.

  58. @AztecLos: Yep, second season her and Kensei both could heal others with their blood.

  59. The dude was carrying Noah too, wouldn’t want to mess up that shot by shooting with your off hand.

  60. So now Samuel will mobilize his army.

  61. @zombox: Well, i imagine that when trying to save the guy you love from being carried away and the choice is off-hand vs. hand that cannot even support the weight of the gun, you’d give the off-hand a try, espscially on a TV show where the physics of shooting a gun don’t apply.

  62. I think only through transfusion then.

  63. WHoa they got a flame guy too.

  64. @conor The power of selective reality in our fiction. You can choose to see it as bringing suspension of disbelief back, or you can choose to say ‘But these dudes throw lightning?! WTF?’

  65. I honestly tune out when the Sylar/Parkman scenes come on.

  66. Okay, now I’ve tuned back in what with the tell-tale heart business.

  67. There goes Syler, but for how long?

  68. No effing way I leave Sylar down there alone. Powers or not. Also, no effing way Parkman is ever doing my masonry.

  69. @zombox: I know, right? Don’t you put a bullet into his head.

    Or ten bullets?

  70. Too bad for Matt that now Peter will come to Sylar’s rescue.

  71. I would not live in a house with a buried Sylar.

  72. Ah yes the classic guy behind the wall theme. But wouldn’t burying him or throwing him in the middle of the ocean be better? ANd here is Peter, soem how he got there fast.

  73. @AztecLos: He can still fly, can’t he?

  74. Speaking of Telltale Heart, sadly the Poe Toaster did not show this year.

  75. I the actress really deaf?

  76. @conor: No he absorped his mother’s power last episode. He can dream the future.

  77. @conor That should have gone with Nathan’s death.

  78. @zombox: Yeah, I saw that. Sad.

  79. Peter the the rescue of Syler.

  80. It’s weird Zac Quinto has played 2 character with 5 letters in thier names. Syler and Spock, both begin with "s".

  81. Darth Maul is gonna be pissed when he finds out what really happened.

  82. Oh is she calling The Haitian?

  83. He had a lot to say… he had a lot of nothing to say…

  84. And tune in next week…

  85. What they are is a lot of people who only own black, gray, and brown clothes.

  86. @conor it might be there version of costumes I guess.

  87. I would hope that if they get past this season they bring back Multiple mAn 2 as a regular as a good guy maybe.

  88. Im excited about the possibility of a huge showdown between the Carnies and the Heroes. Is that too much to ask?

  89. @comixfan: Budgets being what they are, probably.

  90. Pretty good episode.  Very enjoyable.

    I am still really bothered by my favorite power (TP) belonging to one of my least favorite characters (Parkman).  But at least he used the powers in an interesting (but repetitive) way.

    Also what Parkman did was more like ‘Cask of Amontillado’ as opposed to ‘Tell Tale Heart,’ but the differences are small.

    Claire is still a 17 year old who screws everything up (figuratively) 

    Little disappointed that Tracy is coming back, but I have liked her character more this year than last.  Maybe she will get even better.