Heroes – S04E16 – Pass/Fail

Volume Five: Redemption

Chances are we will get more Heroes next season now that NBC has blown up their primetime line-up. Sources inside NBC have been saying that more than likely it will be back for another season. Of course, the numbers continue trending down so nothing is set in stone.



You guys are on your own tonight, I've got other obligations that will keep me from the liveblog. Make me proud!

As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Evening lads. The episode of the lonely Sylar. Not terribly believable for a serial killer/sociopath.

  2. Hiro don’t fear the reaper.

  3. The Q now judge you…

  4. Sylar likes the fresh faces.

  5. Proffesor Sylar. Hah.

  6. Now we make the sexy time?

  7. When did Sylar get a psych major?

  8. Ouch. I bet that hurt like hell.

  9. Somebody’s going to get his heart broken…

  10. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming?

  11. Now we make the sexy time!

  12. That would be a bold move if Hiro were the one to really die…

  13. Getting just a touch meta with Hiro there.

  14. I hate the D word in sci-fi/fantasy. Predestination is such horse shit.

  15. Sweet zombie Jesus! He’s a walking fuel air bomb.

  16. Sort of a wacky, off kilter episode that ended on a strong note.

  17. I love that a whole 2 people commented in here this week. awesome.

  18. this was the best episode in a very long time.

  19. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before in these forums. I dropped the show before the Holidays. I turned it on and watched fifteen minutes and then changed the channel. I’m one to stick with a show even after it gets crappy, the sheer desire to know what happens is usually overwhelming. It doesn’t even pop into my head anymore as a thing, so I walked away.

    I’m wondering if that’s why there are so few comments or maybe something else was on. I’ll still check this post every week just to see if it starts getting any hype maybe Ill jump on again later. 

  20. well I’m one of the crazy Heroes fans who watch every episode (albeit usually online so usually don’t comment here) but I caught it on TV this evening. Really love tonight’s episode though I still don’t entirely get where this season is heading with just a few episodes left. Clearly Samuel is going crazy and doing bad bad things – but I’m not sure how all the threads will come together (yet I hope they do and that the show gets renewed). 

    The preview for next week hints at one way they may manage to make it really possible that almost anyone could be the person who dies – even the seemingly immortal Syler. 

  21. I just watched this ep. How does Mohinder get home without a passport or return ticket lol.

  22. Jeeezuz there are so few comments in here! I dropped this show nearly a year ago. Once every quarter I think about watching again (even though all the missing continuity would probably drive me nuts). But then I see threads on here of 20-some posts when they used to run into the hundreds (I think). I guess the show hasn’t really entered a renaissance or anything.

    First season was still awesome. Ali Larter is still hot.

  23. No one ever comments when Conor isn’t around. I carried his torch. Poorly.

  24. zombox I wouldn’t say poorly, I would say you strove on gallantly in a harsh environment and acquitted yourself well.

  25. This was a great episode! Hiro episode but not annoying and goofy as usual, but quite touching, especially with his dad and mom. Some weird lens flare or lighting effects going on and had to check the credits to see if JJ Abrams directed this episode :p