Heroes – S04E15 – Close To You

Volume Five: Redemption

I wasn't excited for the return of Heroes last week but after the two hours were over I found myself looking forward to more. Funny how that goes.



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Here we go! Last week was more fun than expected.

  2. Yay! Heroes back to its proper time slow.

  3. There appears to be a reason that HRG is now single.

  4. Don’t trust her, HRG! She’s a cylon!

  5. Cylons are hot.

  6. Of all the ways to be woken up, having a moving tattoo mysteriously and painfully appear on your arm has to rank among the worst.

  7. The Fifth Cyclon! Of course, now it all makes sense!

    Not really, but it will be fun to see her again.

  8. iI wonder if this will be the last season for Heroes.

  9. @rodfa02: I would be unsurprised if it was renewed and I would be unsuprised if it was canceled.

  10. I had honestly had enough of Parkman. His character has no purpose.

    And that is a tragic haircut for his wife.

  11. @rodfa I doubt it a little bit. I think the next should be the last, though. They have narrowed everything down to allow the completion and focus.

  12. Sadly, I must concur with Conor. Parkman was once my favorite main character. No… he’s pointless.

  13. Hmmm… Bin Laden reference. Unfortunate. In a world with super powered government agents, he’d be dead.

  14. Man, HRG  is hitting low by mention their children.

  15. I will go against the grain and say that I don’t mind Mohinder. I like the dynamic that he brings to the table. Mad Science should be part of this story.

  16. @zombox  That’s a good point.  If it’s renewed, next season should be the last.  As far as Parkman, he is one of my favorites on the show, but his character’s potential was never fully realized.   The character (and the actor) has an Everyman quality I’ve always liked.

  17. @Conor I completely agree about Mohinder.

  18. With Leno’s 10pm show cancelled I think Heroes is guaranteed to come back to help fill that big void in their lineup or at least prevent a larger void from forming.

  19. All be are off with NBC right now — they need programming really badly, especially now that they have to fill 10pm again.

  20. OK I’m hopping in. Haven’t watched all season but…why not.

  21. I hate Mohinder. I’ll say it. He sucks. And his moralizing shite bothers me immensely.

  22. It’s just shocking and a little sad to see how far NBC has fallen in so short a time. Conor, do you think  the Comcast acquisition will help?  Comcast seems a better match than G.E. ever was.

  23. What’s the deal with Peter’s powers again?  He can only use one at a time, but he can still absorb as many as he wants?  Only now he has to physically touch them?  I can’t keep track of his situation. 

  24. Oh HRG. I love you when you’re a bastard.

  25. Here are the season viewership numbers so far:

    Episode 1 – 6.02 / 5.77 million
    Episode 2 – 5.82
    Episode 3 – 5.41
    Episode 4 – 5.64
    Episode 5 – 5.67
    Episode 6 – 5.86
    Episode 7 – 6.18
    Episode 8 – 5.35
    Episode 9 – 5.07
    Episode 10 – 5.17
    Episode 11 – 5.90
    Episode 12 – 5.30
    Episode 13 – 4.57

    That’s about in-line for what the show did last season.

  26. @Genghis He steals people’s power. He can only have 1 at a time.

  27. @Genhis: I think that’s correct — though they seem to play fast and loose with what Peter can and can’t do.

  28. Shoot! Shoot! For the love of god SHOOT!

  29. @Conor  Tell me about it!  They’re seriously messing with my man-crush.

  30. He’s basically Rogue, just one power at a time and he doesn’t take memories, to put it in comic book terms.

  31. @zombox: If he shot him he wouldn’t be able to find the carnival.

  32. @conor Maybe, maybe not. Could be that Sam’s power causes the disturbance that makes it so hard to find.

  33. Hiro’s getting a little tubby.

  34. Alright, Ando!  HA-DOU-KEN!

  35. I feel like the current part of the HRG plot is ‘busy work’. Unnecessary and not advancing activity. Also, not serving to develop character.

  36. I know it’s a writing device, but I’m really starting to tire of the idea that so many of these people who’ve been with the show since it started still have a hard time understanding and developing their powers.  Especially, when the bad guys always seem to do just fine and the good guys are like retarded about it.

  37. I mean, Parkman still looks like his brain’s gonna prolapse every time he pushes.

  38. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd….. Peter makes it happen.

  39. I’m disappointed by Parkman refusing to help, but on the other hand, he’s scared for himself and his family.

  40. Best intentions. Road to hell. You guys know the rest.

  41. Bad-ass!  That’s what I’m talking about! 

  42. ‘No time to explain my vague and confusing dream, must smash Cello immediately!’

  43. Red lightning.  I guess it’s…plasma?  Like Jubilee almost?  There’s another one of those convenient powers…

  44. See, what happened to the idea that Ando’s power was like an amplifier?  Not that it would’ve helped them recently.

  45. How many times have we seen this scene?

  46. Go Noah, its your birthday.

  47. Hiro: Cockblocker 5000.