Heroes – S04E13+14 – Upon This Rock + Let It Bleed

Volume Five: Redemption

Just when I was really starting to enjoy the breal — Heroes is back! And with two hours, no less.



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I watched every episode this holiday break, excited to watch weekly now.

  2. I’m going to be in and out of the liveblog tonight. Got dinner to cook and eat.

  3. It begins, but I’m going to be starting late.

  4. Why did they have to fake out on mohinder’s death. I was really enjoying him being gone.

  5. Hello fanboys!

  6. Brain tumors am make you funniester!

  7. Is that why he’s talking in sci-fi movie/tv lines? The tumor? I feel like i really missed something.

  8. Samuel sicced his memory power or something guy on Hiro. He did….something to Hiro’s mind and he teleported off. Apparently that wasn’t supposed to happen and Samuel was pissed. It could have been a reaction of the guy’s powers with Hiro’s tumor, but that just a total guess.

  9. Don’t those things have locks?

  10. Everything he says is sort of a pop-culture code. Dr. Watson is Mohinder… Sancho Panza is a famous sidekick (Ando)…

  11. At least, that’s my running theory.

  12. I get that it all relates, it’s just a little forced. I used to be a huge flag waver for this show, but after discovering (and watching) a lot of great TV (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Mad Men, Dexter) while it was off the air, it’s just hard to be excited about it or forgive it’s shortcomings anymore. I’ll try and be good (and sorta avoid this thread) so as to not spoil other people’s enjoyment of the show.

  13. Good lord, no. This is not the best TV there is. Deadwood, Rome, Battlestar.. those all blow this show away. But its a decent show.

  14. @zombox: Agreed.

    This show has had a steady decline.

  15. One thing to note, though. All the shows that are noticeably better appear on networks with a lot less censorship requirements. If Heroes could have Deadwood-like maturity (thus attractinbg a more mature audience)… I think it would have opened up a lot more plot options.

  16. The puppetmaster guy has one of the creepiest powers.

  17. This whole season has a decidedly creepy tone. The first season was a fun mystery. 2nd and 3rd season were schlock action movie. This season is just sinister and creepy.

  18. This show is far…. far from the best. Whether censored or not it doesnt stack up against those shows. It doesnt really compete with network shows on a regular basis. That said this season has been the best, imo, since season 1. 


  19. Okay, I’ve finally caught up to live.

    So far, so good. Nothing really to complain about. The only character I can’t find myself caring about is the Siren Cello Lady. But they’ve used her well so far tonight.

    Everything else tonight — fun.

  20. Ah, the old "Cover Up The Death of the Famous Person With a Plane Crash" bit.

  21. Oh no, there’s not excuse for the crap writing of season 2 and 3. But they have limitations that shows like Mad Men, Rome, Battlestar, etc. don’t have to deal with. I don’t watch any other network TV… its all very tedious to me.

  22. I think that Samuel is bringing all of these people into his creepy circus family because he is planning on building a gigantic sand castle in that valley and he needs help.

  23. I feel like I’m fading in and out of this episode. Has anything really happened to move the plot forward?

  24. @Anson17: It’s unfolding indirectly with a lot of character exploration. Plot isn’t advanced in every scene of a story.

  25. @conor But castles made of sand, melt into the sea eventually…

  26. This has been the first episode in a long time where I’ve enjoyed watching Hiro.

  27. @coor Agreed. He’s humorous, but he’s still being properly heroic. Good writing.

  28. I am quite ejoying how Samuel’s sort of Irish accent comes and goes from scene-to-scene, even within a scene.

  29. Perhaps they are going to have Poison Manvy turn the valley into some kind of New Eden.

  30. I forget, they are in California, right?

  31. Florida according to Hiro.

  32. @conor. I know that. Usually I’m a big fan of character centric stories and slow plots. I just don’t feel like I’m learning anything about the characters. Maybe I’m just in a curmudgeonly mood tonight. I don’t know. Maybe this show has just run it’s course with me.

  33. Man, they really arranged that funeral pretty quickly. Didn’t the news *just* have the plane crash on TV the day before?

  34. That was a pretty good speech by Peter. If this were a real funeral I’d probably be emotional right now.

  35. @Anson17: I can certainly understand that. I wasn’t thrilled that the show was back tonight when I first started seeing the promos. But I’ve been enjoying this first episode.

  36. @conor. good point. That was one of the better funeral speeches i’ve seen on tv in quite a while. Good acting from Ventimiglia too. that look at the planes got to me for some reason. (oh duh… cuz he was a flier.)

  37. I bet Samuel listens to Morrisey.

  38. Wow… I just realized we went a whole episode without Sylar. That’s gotta be a first since season 1 right? 

     I’m all the sudden oddly excited for this chapter. BETTER MOOD! 

  39. I think I was okay with Sylar being off-screen for the time being.

  40. Schooled!

  41. This just makes me want to rewatch STAR TREK.

  42. My biggest problem with this show since season one has been the lack of direction. It’s been all over the place with no central story like we had in season one. I think that’s why I like the Samuel storyline because it actually feels like we’re going somewhere. Of course, that means that when we go away from the Samuel storyline I get restless.

  43. I definitely got a Dark Knight Two-Face feel from tore up Sylar there.

  44. @Conor. i shoulda been more clear. An episode without Sylar is far from a bad thing. I think this show kinda uses him as their crutch, when they’re not sure what else to do. I also agree with your thoughts on the Samuel story line. direction is exactly what Heroes needs. I just can’t put my finger on why that first hour rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe there just wasn’t enough Mama Petrelli in it for me.  

  45. Somebody’s on her way to the hardcore BDSM circuit.

  46. @Anson17: I wasn’t responding to you, we posted at the same time. 🙂

  47. Hmm. The Band-Aid scene is really interesting, but i don’t want it to go down the "I need to feel something" path again. Her character and cutter just don’t make sense together (at least for me)

  48. A character on Heroes finally admitted to having daddy issues! Its been a long time coming. I think they all do (Claire, Sylar, Mohinder, Peter, Nathan… I know I’m forgetting someone.)

  49. I see Claire more as the fat, invincible guy from Rising Stars  than Maggie Gyllenhal from Secretary.

  50. Hahaha — that was like the much shorter and less suspenseful version of the scene in THE UNTOUCHABLES when the hitman is sent to kill Sean Connery.

  51. That last comment was meant for before the commercial break. I hit SUBMIT and walked away and I guess it didn’t take.

  52. @Anson17: I think that a lot of the world’s problems can be traced back to daddy issues.

  53. HRG is no Sayid.

  54. @Conor: I hate it when you’re right. Which is often.

  55. In a stunning final twist to the season, Samuel is going to be brought down, not by the combined might of the Heroes, but by a sexual harrassment lawsuit.

  56. That’s soem he-vage.

  57. Careful alterna-chick, he tends to kill his ladies.

  58. Characters who try to ooutsmart or manipulate Sylar don’t tend to last too long on this show (unless they are part of the main cast, in which case they last longer than they should).

  59. @Conor: Do you think they just need to replace most of the main cast at this point? Or just thin the flock a bit?

  60. Peter is the one character who I like and then get bored by and then like again and then get bored by the most.

  61. @anson17 They significantly reduced the number of character threads this season. One of the reasons this season has had better focus.

  62. @Anson17: Yeah, what zombox said. One of the reasons I think this season is better is that they narrowed the focus from the previous unwielldy levels. This season there is basically Claire/Samuel/HRG/Sylar and Hiro and Peter/Cello Lady. Right now, Parkman and Mohinder and Tracy are pretty much off screen at the moment, which is good. I could do without Peter/Cello Lady at the moment with Samuel as the A story and Hiro working concurrently in the background as the B story. With the two of them coming together at the end.

  63. I don’t get why Edgar was coming after Noah. It doesn’t make sense.

  64. The return of badass HRG? Let’s hope.

  65. I feel like the workplace shooter wouldn’t be down for some rational chat right now.

  66. Okay, that was awesome.

  67. Shit, Conor. You were right again. That was a great way of ending that scene.

  68. Bravo Peter. Big balls. Bravo writers for ‘keeping it real’.

  69. I still say it was a mistake to make Peter and Claire brother and sister. There’s a reason why those two dated in real life, they have obvious chemistry.

  70. Peter is exceptionally emotional considering the distance he had from his brother for the last 3 seasons. Not that he wouldn’t love his family, but Nathan basically spent the last two years dicking him over repeatedly.

  71. Uncle and niece, not that that would be much better.

  72. @conor Uncle and niece actually, and I think the age difference always would have made that difficult.

  73. I just had to remind one of my friends that incest is a no go when she said they should just make out already.

  74. @zombox: Yeah, you’re right. I meant to type related. This is what happens when you liveblog while doing two other things.

  75. @Anson17: Right? It’s palpable.

  76. I can’t tell if I loved the "I would move mountains for her" line or if I hated it.

  77. Seriously? The worlds hardest, nastiest serial killer is afraid of dying alone? I call BS. The personality traits that lead to serial killer are generally strong anti-social tendencies, lack of empathy and a generalized immunity to fear.

  78. I feel like HRG should be more suspicious of super friendly Edgar.

  79. @zombox: They keep falling into the trap of trying to make Sylar sympathetic because he’s so popular. I hate that.

  80. I’ve liked Ray Park on this show. Its good to see him in a role without make up and where he gets to do more than jump around and fight.

  81. @zombox. It’s why I could use a little less Sylar. He’s a great villain. He makes a terrible anti-hero.

  82. @Devastron: And where he actually gets to talk.

  83. Agreed with both statements. I love Sylar when he exudes threat and malice. When he’s all self doubt he’s just an emo bully.

  84. Didn’t like the second episode as much as the first, but it was still a solid two hours. Next week looks good.

  85. Well, that’s an interesting preview…

  86. My new favorite game is going to be "Once HEROES Ends, How Fast Can I Change The Channel Before THE JAY LENO SHOW Starts"?

  87. They killed the wrong Petrelli.  Nathan had some moral ambiguity that could be somewhat interesting (a Civil War Tony Stark-ish "the ends justify the means" type of character).  Peter has just become increasingly annoying.  I’d like to see him get the ax but realize it’s extremely doubtful (since he has become one of the mainstays of the show).